Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Waffles Wednesday: Kitty Dragon Slayer

WAFFLES:  Check it out, Ladies! I'm a knight in shiny armor! The Boss told me to put on my armor suit so I could slay some Dragon Kitty Cocktail. I told her she should do something about that morning dragon breath and yeah, THAT went over well.

The Boss also said there's lots of jousting going on over at the mike's® HARDER contest site. Especially on my Dragon Kitty pages. But you know what? It doesn't matter on account of I have everything I need right here. 

I've got Glogirly. She brings me chicken. 

I've got the Boss. She lets me joust with her. 

I've got a soft bed to sleep on, 
wand toys to chase,
& a cat tower that lets me touch the sky. 
...oh, and a sword. A really cool sword. 

Haters gonna hate.  But that's okay, because I've got YOU!
 ...Babe ♫ ♪

We're trending in the top 5 with BOTH of our can designs! 

Let's make Dragon Kitty Cocktail for REALS! The competition is fierce...there are LOTS of really great designs. HUGE thanks to everyone who's already voted.
(You can only vote once for each can design.)

Psssst! When you're voting, be sure to slide the "voting slider" all the way over for the maximum number of votes!

Googie Cat Bed Giveaway!

This is SO cool! We're giving one away to a lucky reader and donating ours to the shelter cats at Feline Rescue.

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  1. Um... The woman is singing again...

    "Waffles the magic dragon, lived by the sea..."

  2. I just cannot stop laughing at how awesome Waffles in Shining Armor is!! I always figure that if the haters are hatin' on me then for awhile they are giving other people a break! Poor lil internet trolls. Gratitude and joy is all I ever feel on this page so hate on haters nothing can stop Katie & Waffles from sharing the love!

  3. @Chey... LOVE Puff the Magic Dragon...

    Waff the dragon kitty, ♫♩
    lived for his treats.
    And chased the red dot round and round,
    beneath his tall cat tree... ♩♫

    Any takers on the next verse?

  4. @Michelle Wolff sweet you are. We are so happy you feel joy when you come here. And silliness.

  5. Waff the dragon kitty
    lived for his treats
    in the townhouse with Katie
    and the GloPeople

  6. You look super manly in your knight's armor! Will Katie let you rescue her?

  7. The fact that haters hate just makes them more pathetic, it does that make you less awesome. Add that they are hating on a cat..... well....

    Nice jumping Waffles. Does looking at you count as my physical exercise?

    No writing from me today. I have heard of this Puff song, but I don't know it, and for some reason my head sings Rudolph the rednosed reindeer when I read your text. Christmas in July? Time to log off!

  8. Keep on, keepin on, Waffles!
    We love you!

    Happy Wednesday!

  9. Whenever my human sees one of the nasty comments on one of the Waffles designs, she always checks out the person's profile to see what kind of art they do... and usually don't even have ANY designs at all! What a bunch of dumb armchair critics.

  10. Don't listen to the haters!!!! They don't understand us!!!! That suit of armor is PAWSOME!!!!!!!!!!! We love your dance too!!!!!!!

  11. Oh, the haters are just jealous that they aren't a famous therapy kitty like you!

  12. Knight Waffles, you're just pawsome in your armor ! Young Pixie is all moved ! Don't listen to haters, talent and humor are your sword for jousting ! Purrs

  13. good job Waffles and Katie - just be above the haters (or cut them down with your imaginary sword)

  14. Waffles, we think you look mancatly, no matter what you're wearing. And a little armor doesn't hurt. :)

  15. Some people just ain't worth the skin it took to make 'em, MomKatt says. You just cut 'em down with that PAWSOME weapon of yours and the haters will soon shut up!


  16. They're just jealous because they didn't think of putting a cute cat on the can. Cats sell stuff!!

  17. We all have a little kitty dragon slayer in us! Finding the hater's comments very funny and entertaining. MOL

  18. This is truly the cutest darn post. Whenever we think Waffles can't get any more adorable, you come up with something even more amazing. Continued Good Luck in the new contest. We love you all and can't ever express just how happy we are to have your support and to have you as our furiends. XO, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo with hugs from Mom Janet

  19. Life is good. Ridiculous comments are ridiculous.

  20. WOW! I am shocked at how rude people are being over there! I just went and read through a bunch of comments (and left one of my own) and I just don't understand why people even take the time out of their day if they hate the designs so much....I mean really....
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  21. "Waff the dragon kitty,
    Loves his chicken too.
    He gives his love to everybuddy,
    And they all love him too.."

    You are my knight in shining armor Waffles..I told those haters..what do you want..Glogirly to draw a cartoon like everyone else..her designs are the only thing original entered!!
    If I was in charge of that contest..any person entered who cut down or was nasty to another entry would be eliminated..

    Now you get out there and fight for the win Mancat..You are our hero!

  22. Supposed "anonymity" of the internet makes (stupid) people feel really BIG & BAD. When in reality it shows them to be small and weak. Waffles we love your armour and we have to agree with the Kitties Blue you always come up (with Glogirl's help) such sweet ideas. Don't ever lose that quality. ♥Waffles♥

  23. Sorry there are some rude comments. They are just jealous of how cute Waffles is.
    Sue B

  24. You're right, pals. Haters gonna hate.

    Seriously, they must be jealous and insecure to post those kinds of comments...

    We voted for you (of course)!

  25. Waffles in armor is the best thing I've seen all day!

  26. Those pathetic haters are just jealous of your success Waffles,

  27. Pfffft. Waffles the DragonSlayer, we loves you. So pay no mind to them haters, they just don't have loves in their hearts.

  28. Waffles, you make me smile every day. You, Katie and Glogirly. I love your blog posts, I love all your videos and your contests--both where we vote for you and where we enter to win.
    If there are people out there making unkind comments, they need to get hobbies. Seriously. Who could dislike the three of you?
    We aren't going to enter the cat bed contest because we have lots of catification stuff happening here in the warehouse apartment (any DAY now...) but we can't wait to read about the lucky reader who wins! And the shelter kitties will be so happy to receive theirs!
    You keep playing and stealing chicken, my adorable handsome man cat.

  29. Don’t pay it no mind, Waffles. That gif thing makes you look like P-Kitty from my posse. Haters jealous cos you got game.

  30. Waffles, we just can't stop laughing at you. Those are some fantastic dance moves you have pal.

  31. We can't believe the comments and rudeness going on over there! So pathetic for them. We are Waggles and GloGirly supporters and have voted for both your can designs!! Good luck!

  32. Faraday: Mooooom-m-m-m-m-m! I wanna knight suit toooo!!!!!!


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