Monday, July 28, 2014

Ground Control to Waffles: We Have a Winner

WAFFLES:  Uh, hello Boss? Come in, Boss?

KATIE:  I read you, Waffles. What's your 20? Over.

WAFFLES:  20? What do your mean? Like chickens?  I haven't seen 20 chickens, have you?

KATIE:  No, Waffles. Not CHICKENS. Your 20 is your location. Where are you? Over.

WAFFLES:  How come you keep saying 'over'? We're just getting started, aren't we?

KATIE:  Waffles, hurry up and get down here. We've got a winner to announce. Over.

WAFFLES:  Did somebody win a chicken dinner? 

KATIE:  Waffles! Last I looked, KFC was not a sponsor of our blog. So enough already with the CHICKEN. Over.

WAFFLES:  You can never have enough chicken, Boss.

KATIE:  *sigh* Over.

Winner, Winner, Splendid Beast Awesome Oil Painting Winner!
Congratulations to Nancy Blue Moon and her kitty, Rascal. They are the lucky winners of our Splendid Beast giveaway!

Rascal, Nancy's beloved tabby-buddy, has been missing for a few months now. Though Nancy is heartbroken and misses him terribly, she prays he was taken in by someone who just might see one of the many ads and flyers she's posted. Nancy describes her Rascal as a sweet kitty that can win you over with just one look and a tiny meow.  Oh, and it looks like he's a napping champion too.
We're keeping them both in our thoughts and pray for Rascal's safe return.

Splendid Beast is Helping Shelter Cats
Our friends at Splendid Beast are making a difference in the lives of harder-to-adopt pets in the most unique and beautiful way through their Splendid Friends program. Currently they're working with Minnesota's Feline Rescue, a shelter near and dear to our hearts. Every two weeks, they choose an older or special needs cat who's been waiting to be adopted. 

The hope is that the portrait will help the shelter to promote adoptions, especially of those cats, who for one reason or another, are harder to find homes for. Then when the cat is adopted, their portrait goes home with them!

Nadya's photo by KrisKreativ

Who Decides What Kind of Portrait They'll Paint? 
YOU DO! They post the cat's photo on their Splendid Friends website and Facebook page, along with a selection of costumes and backgrounds. Then you get to choose which painting template you'd like to see them in.

You'll also be able to read about the cat, learn their story and what makes them so special. Right now they're featuring Nadya, a Mother-of-the-Year cat we introduced you to on our blog just a few months ago (here.) Be sure to stop by Splendid Friends and choose the painting you think is just right for Nadya!

The Space Cadet & His Special Offer
When the man in brown shorts rang the bell just a few days ago, we had no idea that Waffles the Astronaut was coming in for a landing. Glogirly is OVER-THE-MOON with delight! Splendid Beast's "Space Cadet" is just one of 24 fabulous painting template choices they offer. 

YAY! The 15% GLOGIRLY discount is extended through July 31. Just use promo code: WAFFLES & SHOP HERE.

Special thanks to Tom & Ben of Splendid Beast for sponsoring our fantastic giveaway and using their  amazing talents to help shelter pets find homes. 

We received our custom oil paintings at no charge at no charge from Splendid Beast. We also received a small fee to cover the time it takes to photograph the paintings, write the review and administer the giveaway.  Receiving the paintings and the fee did not influence our article or anything we say.  We only feature products and services on GLOGIRLY that we love, believe in and use. All sponsored posts on GLOGIRLY will always reflect our honest and unbiased opinions. ...and if you haven't guessed by now, we LOVE Splendid Beast.

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  1. Congratulations Nancy! and more than anything we hope Rascal comes home SOON.

    Like NOW RASCAL!!!

  2. Oh Congratulations to a very lucky winner!

  3. I can't think of a better winner. Congratulations, Nancy...and purrs and prayers that Rascal comes home to you soon.

  4. Surely all our concatulatory purrs will guide Rascal home...

  5. Purrin' for Rascal's safe return. Purrin' and purrin' and purrin'.


    PS. Waffles, that's a great picture of you. Did you pick it out or Katie? purrs

  6. I hope that Rascal comes home. It is hard to miss a kitty friend.

  7. Concats to them! Sending purrs that Rascal comes home soon.

    We love Astronaut Waffles!

  8. Concatulations to the lucky winners ! Purrs

  9. Concatulations to Nancy and I am purring lots that Rascal comes home!

  10. Concatulations to Nancy!!! Sending purr prayers fur Rascal's safe return!!!!

  11. Concatulations to Nancy. We're crossing our paws that Rascal comes home very soon!

  12. Concats to the winner! Hoping Rascal finds his was home soon.

  13. Now there is an idea - Some kitty blogger should try to get KFC or Popeye's to be a sponsor - I know a lot of kitties who would be all over that...

  14. Congrats to Miss Nancy...and we purr that Rascal finds his way home soon!

  15. I pray Rascal comes home soon.

  16. What a lovely random choice for a winner. I am so glad that Rascal will be immortalized in such a whimsical way. Great portrait done of Waffles! Just period!

  17. There couldn't have been a better winner :)

  18. Oh, I hope Rascal finds his way home real soon!

  19. Congrats to Nancy. I hope your kitty comes home soon. Hugs.
    Sue B

  20. Congratulations to the winner - and I sure hope her kit-cat comes home!
    Waffles, I think you might need a course in radio communications...

  21. Waffles makes the purrfect Space Cadet. Concats to Nancy Blue Moon. We will be purring and praying for Rascal's safe return. It's been known to happen that they show up after a very long absence. XO, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  22. Thank you everyone for your concats and purrs..This has been a very hard time for us..Rascal is loved so much..We have not given up hope..Thanks to Waffles, Katie and bring such fun and joy to people every day..I am so proud to see my boy on your post today..And last..Thank you to Ben and Tom..your paintings are so amazing and lifelike..I can't wait to see my Rascal in be able to look up at the wall and see his beautiful face every day again will be a sweet comfort to me..Now if I can just choose which costume I want!!!! MOL

  23. Oh no! I will be praying for his safe return :( so sad...
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  24. Concats, Nancy! We are sad to hear Rascal is still missing :(

    Waffles painting is perfect!

  25. Ooooooh - a SPACE CADET! That is soooo cool! And concats to Nancy and we SO hope Rascal comes home soon!

  26. Concatulations to Nancy, that's one pawesome prize!

  27. Concatulations to Nancy! What an awesome prize. :)

    We are purring that Rascal comes home soon.

  28. You and Katie are hilarious, Waffles. But you need to study up on sassing her back!

    These are fantastic paintings!

  29. Love your portrait, Waffles. Very cool!!! Concatulations to Rascal. We hope he finds his way home soon! Sending purrs and prayers his way and his mom's way.

  30. Congratulations to the winner. What an awesome prize they are getting.

  31. Concats to Nancy. Purrs and Prayers that Rascal will be reunited with her soon.
    Marty and Mom


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