Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Waffles Wednesday: How to Pack a Cat for #BlogPaws

KATIE:  Sheesh, Waffles. You sure don't know how to pack light, do you?

WAFFLES:  Um, Boss... a celebricat needs LOTS of cootie-mints.

KATIE:  You mean accoutrements???

WAFFLES:  That's what I said. Cootie Mints.

KATIE:  I guess Glogirly's lucky she managed to squeeze in a change of underwear. 

So in case anyone else is crazy enough to travel to Vegas with their cat, how about we tell everyone about all the stuff Glogirly schlepped around for you?

1. The Waffle Wagon
Stroller with detachable carrier for public appearances. License plate optional but awesome.

2. Sleepypod Air Carrier
The Cadillac of carriers for air travel. Comfortable, stylish and oh-so-Waffles.

3. Gigantic Suitcase
For all my mancat supplies. No girly stuff allowed.

4. Standard Sized Litter Box & Litter
Just like home, a kitty's got to feel comfortable getting down to business.

5. Portable Litter Box
A small plastic storage box with a lid, just in case of airport emergencies. Don't forget the scoop!

6. Wand Toy & Feather

7.  And More Toys...
Catnip Tickle Pickle, Nip Nibbler Fetch Toy and the elusive Red Dot.

8. Blanket & Towels
Blanket for the cold airplane floor & towels for potential messes. Not that I'd EVER make a mess.

9. Harness & Leash
I never go out without them! 

10. Damp Pet Wipes
Just in case of an accident. I never needed them, but Glogirly insisted we have them.

11. Drinking Fountain
Sounds fancy...but it took me a long time to use my litter box and Dr. Anna, one of the vets attending BlogPaws, recommended a fountain to make me *go.*  It worked!

12. Yummy Travel Bowls
Sleepypod's 3-piece dining set to eat and drink on the road in style.

13. Calming Aids
Feliway Comfort Zone diffuser and spray. Spirit Essenses Stress Stopper. These are absolute MUST HAVES.

14. Food & Treats
Be sure to eat the same food and treats you're already used to. New stuff is fun, but familiarity is important when the world around you looks so different.

15. Lint Roller
Ok, so this isn't REALLY for me...

...and be sure to leave enough room in your suitcase for the cool stuff you'll want to bring home.

Winner Announcement Coming Soon!


  1. Meowm says she remembers traveling to her hometown with Junior one year. She had to pack tons of extra stuff too, but not as much as Glogirly...ans she was that helped. But we bet it was nice for Glogirly to have Waffles to snuggle with at night!

  2. I've never travelled with kitty cats, but I have done a few bundergrounds and travelled with bunnies.. and that looks like a similar collection of STUFF. (They always had a least twice what I did!)

    I found one thing that helps me AND the buns travel is "Rescue Remedy" a lot of pharmacies carry it, a little spritz on humans (I put it on the back of my neck and massage it in) or between the ears and back a bit on buns or cats helps :)

  3. We only travel around town with Molly Mew. I think you can add world traveler to your resume!

  4. OMC Waffles, we don't know if there was ANY room left for Glogirly! That's a bunch of cootie-mints!

    This must mean you are a celebrity now. Right?

  5. There was hardly room in the room for the humans with all the WaffleWare.

  6. Waffles! You certainly do know how to travel in style!

  7. As the Limo driver for Miss Coco I can vouch for all this AND, the Devine Miss C has separate trunks for her 10 dresses, asundry hats and a special crush proof carrier for her wigs. I was amazed and honored.

    Thank Cod Ms Stella would never travel. Oi vey!
    T W

  8. I'm glad Glogirly decided to take you Waffles. It is a lot more work but it makes special memories for your Mom. Plus absence makes the heart grow fonder so I am sure Katie was happy to see you come back home ;)

  9. Jeez, Waffles! Did anyone else get to bring any luggage on that plane, or did yours fill the entire cargo hold? I'm glad Glogirly realized YOUR needs were paramount! Who cares what she was wearing--I don't think any of the Blogpaws attendees looked at anyone but YOU anyway!

    And mega-congrats to Glogirly and Katie and You for the double awards!

  10. They let you take a Red Dot on the plane?? I *knew* I was getting hosed by TSA...

  11. Even with all that cool stuff, I don't think you could get me to travel anywhere! I'll leave that to my human.

  12. Waffles, you don't travel "light," but the Cat Scout among us, Mauricio, is wondering where your first aid kit is? Mom says that you were a definite highlight of the Conference; though, you weren't out and about too much. She wishes you had been at the dinner to help Glogirly accept those well-deserved awards 'cause then our mom would have been sitting right next to YOU! Hope you have settled into you regular routine, and that Katie wasn't too disappointed when you arrived home. XO, Lily Olivia. Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  13. You really know how to travel, Waffles! But we think we'll stay home ...

  14. That's way too much cooties for us. We don't think we're going to be traveling any time soon, but you did it like a champ.

  15. I'm happy to see that Stress Stopper was among the travel supplies. It's the best calming remedy I know of.

  16. That is absolutely the coolest cat traveler ever! Thanks for sharing. Amazed that your mom can fit all that in there! Glad you were one of the Stars!
    Marty and Mom

  17. Wow, Waffles! How cool that you had you're own suitcase. You sure know how to travel.

  18. Eventhough we are dogs, we were fascinated with the list of supplies a cat would need at Blogpaws. I think we like the water fountain the best!

  19. Impressive pile of cootie-mints. Would Waffles want to travel again? Would Glogirly?

  20. Yep.....gotta have all the essentials.

  21. You sure pack well anyways! haha!
    Have a great Wednesday!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  22. We're sure glad your mom thought to bring all the right cootie mints for you. :-)

  23. BOL we thing the woman needs a vacation
    Lily & Edward

  24. I want a Waffles Wagon! It looks super cool, and I look pawesome in orange. It just needs to be an itty bit bigger to fit me.

  25. Meow Waffles you do travel in style. I wonder if GloGirly is just a wee bit tired after lugging you and your stuff around.

  26. Waffles we wanna hear if you liked those sweet TSA agents. MOL

  27. WOW, just like traveling with a baby I guess. Waffles you are a lot of work for Glogirly, but oh so worth it. M would love to go next year to Nashville and is thinking about it. She'd love to meet you there if Glogirly could even possibly think of bringing you again.

  28. Mammas Baby boy,thats what you are,xx Speedy

  29. Wow, Waffles, you know how to travel with style ! We're speechless ! We imagine that Glogirly took the same stuff, but for human : how on earth did she pack her litter box ? Purrs

  30. Do they sell "cootie mints" at Walmart Waffles?? You look so handsome posing with your awards!!

  31. Allie: *eyeroll* and they say boys travel light....

    Faraday: HEY! Lay off the Bro!

  32. Wholey Cod Waffles, that is a lot of stuff. I can't see Mummy taking me on holiday if my suitcase is going to be bigger than hers! Xanthe xxx

  33. Mouses that's a lot of stuff! Good thing there was some room left for YOU.


  34. Ah Glogirly, there's no "number" for Waffles. Maybe he could be #16. Can't be #1, that's Katie, right???

  35. We never realized celebricats needed so much stuff, but it all makes sense, 'cause you're a STAR, Waffles! :)

  36. We HEARD about all your cootie mints, but it is much more impressive to actually SEE them! How ever did they have room on the plane for anyone else??

  37. Wow Waffles you might need an assistant soon. Your pretty famous now.
    Sue B

  38. I ax for all that stuff when I have to go to the vet. MOL! Except the drining fountain.

  39. That's a lot of stuff, Waffles! I hope that you had a good time at BlogPaws. It was great to meet you! You are a real sweetheart. Tell Glogirly I said Concats on her new awards :)

  40. Truffles is filing this blog post away for possible future reference :)

  41. WOW Waffles! For a chap you certainly don't travel light!!

  42. You certainly don't pack light, do you, Waffles? But all of those things really are needed! Thanks for sharing this - Sophie will be going to BlogPaws with Mom next year, so she will need this list for when she packs!

  43. Impressive, very impressive Waffles! I like how you travel in style!!!

  44. Wow I'm surprised you didn't hire your own plane for all that stuff - or is that next year? Well done on your awards


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