Sunday, May 4, 2014

Love Bites & Chicken Nibblets: Sampling a #PawNatural Smorgasbord

Hi everyone, Katie here.

It's been a regular smorgasbord at the Townhouse lately. Waffles and I have been taste-testing the Only Natural Pet line of food and treats. Formulated by a holistic veterinarian, this completely natural line of high and pure-protein food & treats is designed to meet the specific nutritional needs of us meat-loving kitties.

Freeze Dried All Meat Chicken Bites
Our paws-down favorite of everything we sampled is the freeze dried chicken treats. Both cats and dogs can enjoy these little hunks of chicken-y love. And Glogirly feels really good about the quality of the healthy ingredients. Or rather, ingredient.

No, you don't need your eyes checked. There's just ONE ingredient in these tasty treats: Chicken Breast.  Even WAFFLES can read this label!

Taste Testing the Daily Diets
When we first learned about Only Natural Pet's natural cat food options, we were VERY curious to check them out. You see, they don't make canned food. And they don't make traditional kibble either.

Freeze-Dried Chicken Nibblets
The Freeze-Dried Raw Chicken Nibblets are very small bite-sized nibbles of pure protein. They're never cooked, heated or steamed and provide many of the benefits a raw diet offers but in the convenience of a nibblet.

Waffles is enjoying the nibblets as a breakfast and dinner topper. As with any new food, it's important to introduce it very slowly, mixing it with what we're accustomed to eating. Be careful not to overfeed. The freeze dried nibblets are 180 calories per ounce, which for Waffles and I is all the calories we're allowed for a whole day. So as more nibblets are added, it's important to decrease the amount of your usual food.

MaxMeat Air-Dried Chicken Morsels
The Max-Meat Morsels are flatter and denser than the nibblets. Made from 90% free range meat, raised without hormones or antibiotics, Max Meat makes great high-protein meal topper or a meal in itself. 

This was my favorite of the three daily diets Waffles and I sampled. I prefer it as a topper with my usual food. Like the nibblets, I have to watch calories. The 1.5 ounce scoop that comes with the food dishes up a 178 calorie serving. That's my daily allotment right there. When I eat it as a topper, I need I need to watch my intake so I can watch my figure.

EasyRaw Turkey Dehydrated Cat Food
We were particularly curious to try the EasyRaw cat food. Like the freeze dried, it combines many of the health benefits of a raw diet with convenience. Glogirly just adds water and a few minutes later, breakfast is ready. She can also prepare it up to four days in advance. Unlike the other two foods we tried, this one provides moisture as well...another great benefit.

Unfortunately Waffles and I have not taken to this food as quickly as we had hoped. With just a little bit mixed in with our usual food, we gobble it all up. But if the switch is too fast or too much, we're not interested. Like most cats, we're creatures of habit and change comes slowly. Because the EasyRaw is so different than what we're used to eating, I think a very gradual transition is the way to go.

Of course, Waffles doesn't understand the concept of GRADUAL.

Easy-to-Open, Easy-to-Store
...maybe a little TOO easy! All of Only Natural Pet's foods come in handy resealable packages.
Best to keep them in a not-so-handy place. *wink:

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  1. We haven't seen any of these before nor have we tried any of this brand, but we love freeze dried chicken and turkey so we'll be on the look out.

  2. Oh No Waffles you cheeky boy!sounds like a great option for food one the transition has been done,xx Rachel

  3. Waffles, what did you again ? Purrs

  4. Yep wees like da fweeze dwied chickens tu. And ONP also has a Meowday pwogwam whewe deys giv yous 10.00 tu spend on anyfin' evew yeaw on yous Meowday. Enjoy.

    Luv and Hugs and Kitty kisses ♥♥♥


  5. The freeze dried chicken treats were a big favorite at our house, too.

  6. Are you sure Waffles did that? He looks very innocent.
    I'd love to bring some of the chicken treats to the shelter to make friends with the more upset cats.

  7. Waffles, they must be manufacturing extra pink crime scene tape just for you and your escapades!

  8. Those treats sound perfect - only one ingredient?!? PAWESOME!

  9. Some cat really liked those treats! We're interested in trying this food too. The mom will look for it.

  10. Those look really yummy!

  11. Oh dear! Well you just made me realize I left something on the counter and I just went and put it up! MOL

  12. Waffles, Louie shares your propensity for chewing food packets! I have to be very careful about what is left out on the counter. That food looks pawsome!

  13. Thank you for a balanced and interesting review. We respect your honesty and think we would find the treats truly tempting!

    We agree about the food with water - it's a gradual thing and very much a kitty personal preference - gradual is the way to go especially if the food is much healthier and the additives non existent!

    Harvey, Miranda and Silver.

  14. Those chicken bites look and sound tasty. I see they get the paws up from you Waffles.

  15. Waffles you didn't do that. Did you?
    Sue B

  16. They look good but I guarantee I wouldn’t eat them.

  17. MOL Waffles!
    Dad puts all food away the instant it hits our home. Wonder how he learned to do that MOL
    Dad makes us treats out of Chic-Hen but I would like to try these Katie


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