Saturday, May 17, 2014

TV Trip: Get Cat Smart

WAFFLES:  Hey Boss! Check out my cool secret agent car! Does it make me look SMART???

KATIE:  Waffles, you're supposed to call me '99'... you know, short for Agent 99?

WAFFLES:  So if you're Agent 99, how come I'm only 85 and a half? Shouldn't I be at least 86?

KATIE:  Waffles, you're one shoe-phone short of a full 86.

WAFFLES:  Huh???

KATIE:  You're ringing, Waffles.

WAFFLES:  You mean like bells and stuff?

KATIE:  No Waffles, your SHOE.

WAFFLES:  Huh???


WAFFLES:  Um, hello???  Um, password???  Hey Boss, what's the password?

KATIE:  Pussycat, pussycat, where have you been.

WAFFLES:  I'm right here, Boss– I mean 99.

KATIE:  No, Waffles. That's the password.

WAFFLES:  Where have I been???

KATIE:  Waffles, give me the shoe.

WAFFLES:  Sheesh, this secret agent stuff is confusing.

KATIE:  *rolls eyes*  Kaos isn't the ONLY chaos around here. 

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  1. Maxwell: when momma says "the name is Smart. Maxwell Smart" in that funny voice... that's probably not good, is it....

  2. We think you both are wonderful agents, no matter what number agent you are!

  3. You two are cracking me up. Where's your phone booth?

  4. We kinda thought in all that groovy gear Waffles has that he already has a shoe phone!

  5. Um Waffles... I don't feel very safe from Kaos right now...

  6. Waffles, We thought the Waffles Wagon was a sweet ride, but we bet you'll be attracting a lot of lady cats with your red convertible. Sometimes it helps to be just a little "thick" when spying is your business. Hope efurryone at your house has a terrific weekend. XO, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  7. Vewy cute.

    Luv and hugs and Kitty Kisses ♥♥♥


  8. Katie, I'm surprised you haven't invited Waffles into the Cone of Silence!*

    * See, occasionally we DO know a vintage TV show!

  9. So funny. Have a great weekend.
    Sue B

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  11. Hi kitties blue; so true about being "thick"! Some of the best agents appeared to be quite clueless: Pink Panther, Columbo, and Ango-man. Heh heh. Ango-man is my own orange menace ;-)

    Sweet Katie, the boy will get better. He's still a young teenager-no match for a Mistress of Mystery and Mentalist Manipulations such as yourself. And I know the red car is YOURS! All beautiful tuxie ladies know a red ride complements their appearance the best!

    Happy Caturday you two lovable kitties. Now make time for kisses to Glogirl and Gloman. <3

  12. Oh looks like you might be the only smart one there. ;)

    (No offense, Waffles.)

  13. Haha, Sparkle. I was going to say Katie probably wishes for Waffles to spend plenty of time in a Cone of Silence!

    Get Smart was one of my favourite childhood shows.

  14. MOL! Waffles, why are you wearing red pumps?!?

  15. Waffles, is that your shoe phone or Glogirly's? Not that we don't support your right to dress however you want, but heels aren't good for your paws, you know.

  16. You brought back lots of cool memories! MOL Agent 85 1/2! Teehee

  17. Love that red car - about as cool an accessory as a cat can get!

  18. Waffles!!..I know that Secret Agents
    have some great cootie-mints..(snicker)..but red high heels Waff?? HAHAHA!

  19. Very cute and imaginative. Love it!

  20. Ah, Waffles. You make a good Agent 85 1/2. You don't get any more respect than the original 86. But we think you two are funnier.

  21. Whew, I need cat agent Smart after visiting everyone on the blog hop. Red looks good on you but are you secretly a cross-dresser ;-)

  22. Smart is not a word that should be associated with Waffles, Katie.


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