Thursday, March 27, 2014

Top 10 Litter Love Notes & #PreciousCat Litter Giveaway!

KATIE:  Recently I had a chance to test drive some new litter – Dr. Elsey's Cat Attract by Precious Cat. The name says it all. Apparently *someone* is now more than a little attracted to MY litter box.

WAFFLES:  *fierce concentration* 


WAFFLES:  Uh, yeah?

KATIE:  You're going in my box, AGAIN???

WAFFLES:  Boss, I'm not going in your box. I already went.

KATIE:  Sheesh. Brand new box, brand new litter, all pristine and beautiful. Now look what he's done.

WAFFLES:  Thanks, Boss. Nice litter.

Why is Waffles So Attracted to Cat Attract?
Of course, uncovering the mysteries of what lies between those pointy orange ears is no easy feat. But once I had a chance to try out Cat Attract for myself, it was pretty clear this was no ordinary litter.

I asked Waffles to help me list the top 10 reasons we're so impressed with Cat Attract. After long negotiations, we agreed that I'd be in charge of 1 thru 9 and Waffles would top it off with #10. So, here we go!

1:  DUST?
What dust? 99% dust free, this is the un-dustiest litter we've EVER used.

Even Waffles doesn't leave a popcorn trail of litter.

No crazy perfumes, no funky smells. No chemicals or deodorant. In fact, Cat Attract is blended with a natural herbal attractant, ideal for enticing cats with bad litter box habits back to the box.

Super tight clumps mean a super clean box after scooping.

Even after Waffles uses it.

Tiny granules feel nice on tender toes. Also an excellent way of attracting litter box-challenged cats back to the box.

Though I still wish Waffles would stick to his OWN box.

Great training litter for kittens and annoying orange teenage cats.

Saves lives??? The number one reason cats are surrendered to shelters is because of bad litter box habits. Cat Attract brings cats back to the litter box by smell and helps owners correct this kind of unwanted behavior. Fewer cats in shelter = Lives saved.

KATIE:  Ok, Waffles. Your turn. 

WAFFLES:  *rolling drums* ... The top 10 reason I love Cat Attract is because: 

...heh, heh, heh.

KATIE:  Should have seen THAT one coming a mile away.

One lucky GLOGIRLY reader will receive a 20 pound bag of Cat Attract to try out for themselves! ...well actually, for their cat to try. Although the prize can only be shipped to a US address, readers outside the US can enter to win for a friend or US shelter. The Cat Attract giveaway, across all participating blogs, is limited to one winner per household. Winners must be 18 years of age. Winners will receive an email to provide delivery instructions. Prize delivery can take 6-8 weeks.

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WAFFLES: She doesn't talk much here on our blog.
KATIE:  I sure hope she doesn't screw up.

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  1. We use the regular Dr. Elsey's litter, it would be cool to try this one.

  2. No litter wars? Katie is getting soft on Waffles! ;-)

  3. We're using their regular litter right now for the first time and love it!

  4. No Dust? No Tracking? That sounds too good to be true. I have got to enter for a chance to win because those two things are a bone-zillion reasons to buy it!
    Waffles you cracked me up again and Katie your face was priceless.

  5. I love Cat Attract!! We can't afford it all the time, but it is the nicest litter. I was declawed (before I got mommy), and this is the softest bestest litter for my footies! It really clumps well and smells nice longer that other litters. I want more!

  6. We just rescued a new kitten. First kitten we've had that didnt take to the litter box immediately. She would go in the bathtub so we had to put the box in there and gradually move it out as she started using it. This might actually help reduce her "accidental" trips to the bathtub when people forget to shut the bathroom doors.

  7. with 5 farm cats I can use all the litter I can get

  8. 4 cats track a mighty amount of litter. I would love a trackless litter!

  9. Litter ? What is litter ? Oh, yes, we remember : it's those funny granules we liked to take out of the box and scatter everywhere when we were young indoor kitties ! Mum would have loved a trackless litter ! Now we go outdoor and fertilize the field. Purrs

  10. Sounds like something I'd like to give a try!

  11. Wow!!!! That sounds like some great stuff!!!

  12. Hmmm... may have to try it out. My kits use "Worlds Best Cat Litter" but the idea of zero tracking would be heaven!!! :)

  13. We're pretty good about using our boxes. We use the regular Dr. Elsey litter and love it.

  14. Mommy says it would be wonderful if we didn't track litter all over the place. She would be even more thrilled if we didn't sling it out of the box. ~Socks & Scylla

  15. This litter sounds great. I've tried many brands over the years, but haven't found one that's perfect for our three cats. Maybe this will be the one!

  16. Maggie is open to hearing all things Kitty Kat as we will be bringing our itty bitty Huckleberrie kitty home when he's old enough. This litter sounds great! Now...what litter box style to get?

  17. MomKatt is SOOOO sick of dust from Tidy Cat litter! We're going to try this stuff!


  18. Cat Attract worked beautifully for my sister when she brought a wild, neighborhood street kitten into her house. I'm sure Thunder would like to give it a try.

  19. Well, I am in Canada but I would love to be able to donate it to a friend or shelter somewhere. So I am entering! Great giveaway!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  20. Never heard of this brand..would love to try it!

  21. Mom bought a huge bag of this after reading about it on another blog, but since we had a big supply of our usual litter, she also bought the additive that can be put in any other litter and that stuff works as well. We'd been having some inappropriate peeing because of territorial issues. We are very happy with this product and give it 32 paws up. Hope we win some litter. XO, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  22. Even if I don't win the giveaway, I'm anxious to try this litter. I love the non-tracking aspect.

  23. Litter sounds like an improvement over what we currently use. My Tommie is a champion pee-er with his kidney disease. I'd like to try this.

    On a different note: Waffle's Eyes

    Golden as syrup in the sun,
    Golden as King Midas' touch,
    Golden as Waffle's eyes.
    Warmed by the glow.


  24. You’re a Genius! I might as well delete my review. I can’t follow this one. Need. More. Litter.

  25. No dust is a big plus.
    I will never understand why people dump their cats when they develop litterbox problems. The bunny is 11 and a half, and I've had to clean his butt more times than I can count over the years. It's not something I enjoy, but it's necessary. Anyway, sounds like a good litter!

  26. If I would win, I would send the litter to the Shadow Cat Sanctuary in Texas.

  27. With three cats I go through a lot of litter. Would love to try something new.

  28. This litter sounds wonderful. I hate the dust from all the other litters I have used. Will hae to look for this at the pet store if I don't win this.

  29. Oh gosh yes - I am so in on this - Please!

  30. Oh Waffles!
    We read your interview on Cat Chat and would like to make a request. After you return from Blog Paws for those of us unable to attend could you do a post or two about your tips and suggestions on taking better pet photographs?

  31. Love #10. LOL. I would love to have my kitties try this kind of litter.
    Sue B

  32. No dust?!? That sounds great. I'd say that is by far my #1 complaint about the litter we use.

  33. We love this litter! We only use this brand.

  34. Mom says it sounds great, no dust and no tracking! But most of all she is interested in your box Katie...OMC she's silly. What she wants to know is, if that is a boughted kitty box, or if your Glogirly cut down another container?

    The sides look almost high enough for Saku to not be able to kick out all the litter, MOL

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  35. Hi Eileen!
    It's called a NVR Miss Litter Box. We have THREE and it's the only litter box we use. They are PAWSOME!!!

    Just Google NVR Miss and you'll find it.
    If you decide to get one, say hi to Harold for us!

    : )

  36. Raffle Copter won't load for me...tried and tried and tried...Oh well.

  37. I entered! I do have a kitty kat friend who actually wanted to try this stuff
    Lily & Edward

  38. I would love to win my cats love getting boxes in the mail. sometimes they like that better than the prize.

  39. We would really like a truly dust free litter, both mom and one of our brothers has respiratory problems. This sound like it passed all the Waffles and Katie tests! Raine buzzyngabe(at)

  40. We would love to try this litter. Our Mom would love to have litter that is super clumpy, non dusty and doesn't get tracked all over. Love, Cali, Andy, Tater and Shelly (C.A.T.S)

  41. 5 Squeedunk Cats means lots of litter. We would love to give a new brand a try, when it's one that offers so many benefits. We've entered and tweeted and liked and all that stuff.
    Thanks for sharing your review, it's always helpful!

  42. Two of my cats are having litter box issues and this sounds like a just what I need. I'd seen the brand before, but never even thought about using it for my situation.

  43. I've used this before; it has a very nice texture.

  44. My old kitty seems confused about the litter box so this might help...


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