Friday, March 7, 2014

Edgar's Attic Has a Brand New Playhouse – Celebrate With a Special GLOGIRLY Discount!

Hi every buddy, Waffles here!

How do you like my pancake with syrup? It's filled with some of the finest catnip around and it's DELICIOUS!  It's from our friends at Edgar's Attic. The Boss and I wrote about them a few months ago and they were so impurr-essed with us that they hired GLOGIRLY DESIGN to give them a Brand Makeover.

Edgar's Attic creates beautifully handmade felt cat toys, fills them with catnip, and finished them off with a sprinkle of whimsy. Ninja's, mustaches, pancakes....even sock monkeys. These sweet toys are filled with smiles.

Edgar is the kitty and inspiration behind Debra Hussey's adorable Etsy Shop. Although he has his angel wings, he continues to look over and inspire Edgar's Attic & Playhouse. 

LOOKEE!  The Boss isn't the ONLY kitty in the Townhouse with a mustache!

In addition to a new logo and fresh face for their Etsy shop, Edgar's Attic has a brand new look for their Facebook page too! We'd be ever so grateful if you'd stop over to like them and say hello from us! Like Edgar's Attic on Facebook HERE.

To celebrate their new look, Edgar's Attic is offering a special 20% DISCOUNT on all orders from their Etsy shop through March 20, 2014! could have a nice pancake of your very own. Maybe with a side of bacon & eggs!  (yes, there's a bacon & eggs toy!)

All of the toys are reasonably priced between $5 and $10. Just visit Edgar's Playhouse on ETSY and use promo code GLOGIRLY20. 

Are you itching for a new design? 
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  1. Waffles like pancakes. The woman keeps chuckling about that...

  2. Now those are some adorable toys!

    Happy Friday!

  3. Glogirly does most excellent work. No pancakes required.

  4. Rags is notorious for stealing pancakes! Must be a ginger thing.

  5. We LOVE our Edgar's Attic toys that we got a while back! They are REALLY fragrant - and a whole lot of fun! BTW, Glogirly did an AWESOME job on their design.

  6. Waffles and pancakes in the same sentence is just so wrong!!! MOL Love the design :)))

  7. Cool design, Glogirly! We hope for Katie's sake that Waffles doesn't overload on nip!!!!!

  8. That pancake is the cutest thing possibly ever. We think that Waffles with a nip mustache is a dadashing sight!

  9. They should make a waffles toy. The new design is so cute -as playful as catnip!

  10. Waffles and pancakes (with nip!)….what could be better?!?

  11. Very excellent design for Edgar's Attic! The troops say they want pancakes, too, so I'll stop at Edgar's and get them some!

  12. Those pancakes look delicious. Great makeover for Edgar's Attic. We like it.

  13. We love Edgar's Attic! And we love the makeover!

    We bought a number of nip toys when Edgar's Attic had a moving sale recently. :)

  14. Coco's sissy, Pookums would love these toys! Great job!

  15. Those are great looking toys. Love the makeover!

  16. So cool guys! Have a pawsome weekend!

    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  17. Great looking toys (and great looking Etsy and FB Design)! Mes just catching up after my hiatus, um Katie, is Waffles being on the blkog way more than yous, or is it just this week?

  18. You should had that pancake Tuesday on National Pancake Day. TW got free pancakes at IHOP.


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