Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Push My Buttons

Hi everyone, Katie here.

You-know-who (a.k.a. the Orange Menace) is obsessed with pushing my buttons. You've seen it many times. He just pushes and pushes and pushes some more.

Well I've got some NEW buttons to to share. And THESE you can push as many times as you like and I won't even whap, hiss or glare at you.

Glogirly was so inspired by all of your great feedback on our new GLOGIRLY DESIGN website that she decided we needed a little makeover of our own here. She really cleaned the place up. ...except for the fact that she left Waffles Too and changed my blog's tagline from "Tails Of A Cat & Her Girl" to "Tails of TWO Cats..."

Fine. I'll try to not dwell on that.

Click MeWhat she DID give me were some super cool new buttons! Go ahead, you can push them if you want.

She gave me new kitty-shaped social media buttons for all my friends to click and follow me with. She gave me all new (and pink) sidebar buttons so it's easy to find your way around and discover new stuff. There's a secret surprise for you when you hover over them too.

Even our new sidebar badge is a button that does cool stuff when you hover over it. Click it and it brings you to a page that tells all about me, Glogirly, Gloman... and yes, even Waffles Too.

She said we're going to start offering cool custom buttons on our GLOGIRLY DESIGN site.

So go ahead...push my buttons.


We still need your votes in the 1800PetMeds Photo Contest!
'What Would Your Pets Do If They Had Thumbs?'
• Voting is through Facebook, so you'll just have to log in once and then it will remember you.
• You can vote once everyday...not that we expect you to. But maybe you can't help yourself.
• Voting ends on Mar 31.

AmazeCats Next Top Cat Competition
Please vote for Katie and all her kitty friends in the Next Top Cat Competition!
The top 32 cats will be featured on the next deck of AmazeCats playing cards!  ...don't you want a full house of Katies??? (Glogirly, you should be SCARED.)
• Voting is super easy, just a click.
• You can everyday vote for as many cats as you want through Mar 29.

We're celebrating the launch of our cool new GLOGIRLY DESIGN Website with some very COOL prizes, including Glogirly Bucks!
• Giveaway closes Mar 30 @12:00am EST.


  1. What cool buttons!!! We think Glogirly did a good job!

    The Florida Furkids

  2. Looks great and we'll push buttons!

    Pee Ess - we voted and have a happy Tuxie Tuesday, Katie!

  3. They are very cool buttons. I will have to save my $$ and maybe get some for Pricilla

  4. I love the secret surprises when you hover over them!

  5. Dang! Your mom is da man! err. well, whatevs.

    You guys is takin over the whole interwebs! Just a small request, when you start running alla interwebs please don't make alla everything pink. Dat would be cool. Thanks!

    Ms. Stella O'Houligan

  6. Those buttons look awesome, Katie! It has been fun going around the Cat Blogosphere and seeing all the posts about your giveaway! A LOT of kitties really want to win!

  7. We love the buttons andare following you now! Purs!

  8. Looking good, looking very good. Nice one! Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  9. Wow, your site looks great, Katie! We love your new buttons.

  10. Love the hover over the badge animation thingy! Pawsome.

  11. Hey, I've been a fan of the blog for a while, and was wondering if you would be interested in checking out my shop at Spreadshirt. I'm interested in selling cat-themed clothing and accessories and am trying to get the word out among cat-lovers :)


  12. we had WAY fun spinnin de side bar button katie but think waffles N yur mom shuld haza turn at turnin two...ore like everee one can turn at de same time; ore ewe can turn thisa way > N waffles can turn thisa way < N yur mom can turn thisa way ^ ...kinda like sharin a seat on de roller coaster N stickin yur pawz up in de air when it goes down hill at 745 MPH

  13. Your site looks awesome! Super cool pink shade. Love it!

  14. We love your makeover, cool
    Benny & Lily

  15. We're going to start pushing some buttons!

  16. I had a button once but now it is under the fridge!

  17. I'm going over to push some buttons. We do like your new site.

  18. Brilliant!!! Katie, did you sew those buttons on yourself?? ;)

  19. Glogirl did good!
    Definitely give her a treat! :)

  20. Maxwell: Wowzers! Mom's impressed! She knows how to do that in Dreamweaver on a self-hosted site, but has NO CLUE how to do it in blogger.

    Allie: oh and that whole "push my buttons" thing? I can so relate. *sighhhh*

  21. It's a Katie face! I just pushed them all, not I'm going to push some voting buttons!

  22. Hee hee i love that pic! Fab buttons

  23. So glad to see that you changed the blog heading to include Waffles too, it is FABULOUS!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE THE BUTTONS! and the new look!

  24. Grreat Buttons!
    Mes loves to push your buttons!


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