Thursday, September 27, 2012

Design Scene - DO NOT CROSS - An Extreme Blog Makeover

Hi everyone, Katie here.

If you're just tuning in, you might want to rewind and quickly catch up on the previous 3 days of our adventure. We've DVR'd them for you:


*toot-toot* *toot-toot* (bus horn blares)

BUS DRIVER:  You're bloody going the wrong way, you Yank! 

KATIE:  Sheesh. They don't know how to drive. They meow with silly accents. Keep calm and carry on my fluffy-

WAFFLES:  Um, Boss? The PGS thingy says you're sposed to turn left.

KATIE:  We're here. Waffles, you grab the Macbook, and I'll get the Design Scene tape up. We've got to move fast.

WAFFLES:  Um Boss? Then what?

KATIE:  Just make sure no one crosses the line. No cheesy clip art. No comic sans font. 


KATIE:  Ok, Waffles our work here is done. 

WAFFLES:  Um, Boss?  Is the mergency over then? 

WAFFLES:  Yes, Waffles. Another cat has a brand new GLOGIRLY DESIGN look. The blogosphere can breathe easy tonight. 

KATIE:  Be sure to pay our good friend, Austin, of the hilarious (CAT)achresis, a visit. He'll be happy to give you the nickel tour. And you don't even have to swim to get there. Cheerio!

WAFFLES:  Cheerios? Um, do you got milk too?


  1. We guessed right! We can't wait to see it. Glad you kittehz made it safely. Be careful on your drive/float back home. xoxo

  2. Good job! Now I just have to win the lottery

  3. well done Katie a great new look and a job well done.xx Speedy

  4. Hahaha! "They meow with funny accents" :~} We most certainly do!

    We LOVE the makeover and now I suppose we will start having to use words and things and be a bit clever like!!!
    Cheerio and all that ;)

  5. Another wonderful design!! I also enjoyed the story leading to the new look.... I would have never guessed where you were going!!

  6. Great job Katie! One more blog down and the rest of the blogosphere to go! ;-)

  7. Whoa! Great work! Bet Austin wasn't a pain to work with like I am. MOL! Love Waffles holding the Mac.

  8. Love Austin's new look. Er Katie, maybe you should invest in a private jet.

  9. ewe did a grate job on austins site katie N waffles....awesum !!!

    N we wood like sum toast, sausage links oh patties, sum bacon, a few ham hunks, toss in a pizza and sum root beer on R cheerios pleeze

  10. Tally ho, what, what! Jolly good new look I say!

  11. That was a close call with the bus! We love what you did for Austin!

  12. Wow, that was some adventure! But you did a great job. Lovin' Austin with the spectacles!

  13. Ahhhhh, hello! Dogs could have Glogirly designs too ya know
    Benny & Lily

  14. Awesome job! Austin has never looked better or more erudite.

  15. I didn't know where you were going either until I read Austin's blog today before I came to yours. You did an AMAZING job, (as always)

  16. Fabulous work as usual. The new look works. Your talent is amazing.

  17. I say! That is a spiffing job you did on Austin's makeover.
    Toodle pip old chap. What ho!

  18. You did an awesome job over at Austin's!!!

  19. We suspected you were going to England to visit THE Austin. Great job! Can't wait to see more--Actually, Riverfront Cats is due for a redesign too!

  20. Okay, Katie - Mommy sez you're the only one outside her work environment who knows that comic sans gag. She MOLed a lot at that!!!


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