Wednesday, September 12, 2012

NVR Miss Litter Box Giveaway - Cat Ruler Of The World Edition!

WAFFLES:  Um, Boss? I'm trying to dig through this litter like you told me, you know for the campaign and all?

KATIE: Yeah, so?

WAFFLES:  Um, Boss? I can't get the litter to go outside the box.

KATIE: That's because its a NVR Miss Litter Box, Waffles.  It's designed to keep the litter INSIDE the box.

WAFFLES:  Um, Boss? I thought you told me to go OUTSIDE the box.

KATIE:  THINK. Waffles. I told you to THINK outside the box.

CATHY KEISHA: CK here, Team Katie Campaign Manager Extraordinaire.  I'm here today with an exciting giveaway offer for one lucky reader!

One of the pawsome sponsors of the Cat Ruler Of The World Campaign For A Cause Contest (jeez..can we shorten the name of this thing already?) is the NVR Miss Litter Box Company. The nice people at NVR Miss have donated a special Cat Ruler Of The World Edition litter box to give away to one of YOU!

Waffles, tell the nice cats about this pawsome litter box.

WAFFLES:  Um, thanks C, I mean Miss Keisha. The NVR Miss Litter Box is a favorite of our kitty friends.

> It has a cat-friendly, center entrance that allows for easy in-N-out.
> The shape provides a cue for kitty to turn sideways.
> And um, the high walls keep everything, um... "contained."
> It's 22" long x 15" wide x 11.25" high
  (remember, I'm a photoshop cat, so my head is REALLY big...this box is plenty big, even for CK)

CATHY KEISHA: But wait! There's more!

WAFFLES:  Um, that's right. For every Cat Ruler Of The World Edition litter box purchased, the nice NVR Miss people are donating 10 whole green papers, I mean dollars, to the winning shelter! This special edition litter box is white with pretty grey marbling running through it. Each one is as unique as the kitty using it. But we're not going to show a kitty REALLY using it.

You can visit their friendly website to learn even more about it. And if you "borrow" your human's plastic card thing, you can buy one of your very own.  Just think, every time you, well you know...every time, you can think of the awesome kitties that you've helped by purchasing a NVR Miss Litter Box, Cat Ruler Of The World Edition.

KATIE:  Thank you, Waffles.

WAFFLES:  Um, Boss? How are cats supposed to enter the giveaway?

KATIE:  Just leave a comment letting Waffles know that you'd like to be included in the random drawing. Make sure we have your email so we can get ahold of you. Sorry, but the giveaway is for US and Canada cats only. Deadline for comment entries is 9/14, midnight EST. (same as the voting deadline!)

CATHY KEISHA:  Remember to make sure Waffle's has your email. Don't make me come find you.


Don't forget to VOTE in the Campaign For A Cause Contest.
We hope we've made you laugh at our political antics and smile at our silliness. 
We hope we've touched your hearts by sharing with you the amazing kitties and people of Blind Cat Rescue.

Vote with your heart, all of the shelters are deserving. 
Glogirly and I ask that you think of Blind Cat Rescue when you click the box. 

"Please help the cats of Blind Cat Rescue & Sanctuary by voting for Katie in the Campaign For A Cause Contest. Remember, love isn't something you see with your eyes." - Homer, Blind WonderCat 

Voting polls open 9/11-9/14
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  1. Hey, I like to think outside the box sometimes while I'm thinking I...uh...go outside the box. I'm wondering if I might like a box that will keep me and my thoughts in the box.

  2. Hello! Bad cat Henry and I would love to be entered in the drawing for this awesome litter-containing box for litter.

    My email address is

    Thanks, cute cats!

  3. Katie, CK and Waffles,
    We'd love to win the NVR Litterbox as mom was reading it's important to change the litter box every couple of years.

    Thank you for your posts which makes mom smile which is badly needed in a world where the negatives outweigh the positives.

    Cat rescue and education is the hardest work she's ever done. Overturning decades of myths and misconceptions is no catwalk. But it's a labor of love.


  4. We sure could "use" a box like that!
    You know where to find us if we win :)

  5. oops email is

    Christine for RiverfrontCats

  6. One of my kitties sometimes misses the box, so this would be perfect! Please let me wins!

    thecatguy at fourwhitepaws dote net

  7. Hi Katie and Glogirly, we're returning the kindness by visiting your bloggie and we voted for you of course. Good luck.

  8. Great box! Mommy was just thinkin of buyin us one of those. Enter us, please. Yous can reach us here:

    Pee Ess - Good Luck Katie!

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. If there is ever a competition for winning a date with Miss Katie or Miss CK please make sure it is open only to New Zealand residents.


  11. Very interesting litter box. Unfortunately, we can't be entered into the draw but we want to wish everyone else, the best of luck!

  12. We would love to enter because Harley is a very energetic digger and scatters litter everywhere!

    Good luck with your campaign, too! I'm off to vote!

  13. That's a cool box...Wally sure could use it since he always is digging to China in there.

  14. Love this review of the NVR Miss - definitely the most creative one I've seen! Don't enter us in the giveaway, we already have two of these fabulous litterboxes. Best litterbox ever!

  15. Wow! Our huMom was just talking to us about our "thinking" outside the box! We think that she might prefer we keep things more contained. Maybe winning a NVR Miss Litter Box would help.

  16. You can never have too many litterboxes. We would like to enter the contest. Wow if it would help Scylla be less messy it would put a :>) on the Mom's face.

  17. Litter boxes are so interesting aren't they? I, and this must be kept a secret, really don't like it when the mom starts cleaning it. It isn't that I don't like it clean but I just don't like her messing around with my things.

  18. Hey Waffles, count us in! Sure looks nicer than one of our boxes. . rj_schweitzer @ yahoo. com (without the spaces of course!)

  19. Yo Katie! You cut out the part where I tell them the dimensions. TW says it looks really small. Best of luck to the winner.

  20. That's a great litter box! We could use that here, because SOMEkitty can be a very energetic digger...

  21. Please don't enter us in the giveaway, but we wanted to let you all know how great this box really is. Our boy, Rolz, was an infamous tailing lifting, spray on the wall kind of cat... charming, huh? Anyhow, ever since we began using this box, we NO LONGER have the problem.

    We are honored NVR Miss participated in this contest and we encourage everyone to take out the plastic so that a worthy shelter can get some green!!

  22. We love our NVR Miss boxes. The company is a big supporter of Cat Wisdom 101. Please don't enter us but do spread the word.

  23. My cats would love a NVR Miss litter box. Then they wouldn't have to listen to me crabbing as I clean up the 6 pounds of litter they knock on the floor ;)

  24. Wow. That is very cool. With four Farm cats it would be most helpful.
    We put our vote in.
    kaiminani at gmail dot com

  25. Meowm would love for us to have this. Please enter us in the drawing.

    juniorbabee AT hotmail DOT com

  26. interesting take on thinking out side the box Katie

  27. Maxwell: Dude. Allie needs this. For real. She's - uh - ENTHUSIASTIC.

    Allie: MAX!!! You do NOT say that about a lady! Now I'll never be able to show my face outside the house AGAIN!

  28. Of couse I cannot enter, but somebody will sure dig that prize!

  29. We are not sure Waffles can be trusted with admin stuff seeing he has an IQ of a prune!! ;) Austin has the whole garden as his litter box and he still mamages to miss! lol

  30. Ooh, ooh, ooh! **dancing and waving paws** Jan says we just have to enter this cause one of us needs it.

  31. Hi Sweet Katie.

    I always missed so mommy got me a hodded one. I would love to pee out in the opend up box again. xoxox

  32. I'd love to be included in the giveaway!
    jednc @ hotmail .com

  33. We'd love to win this litter box.

  34. We'd love to win this litter box! And we voted too!

  35. Waffles, you are just a unique individual. Our Scooter does her best thinking inside the box, and will not even start thinking if a human can see her.

  36. Hey, guys, it reminded me of the top cover of my litter box upside down..:) I am happy to entertain any commode with high walls that keeps my treasures in and nosey posies out!!

    So, Waffles, sign me up!! JRMparishcat (at) gmail (dot) com


  37. Thank you for the chance to win one of those wonderful boxes. My kitties give you purrs and xo xoxo. Please enter us.

  38. Awwwww wonderful Waffles - you're so adorable!! Yay for Ms Katie and this fab litter box! Take care

  39. I think I think better inside the box :)

    P.S I will have vistor number 30.000 pawing in on my blog sometime tomorrow and will have a PARTY and giveaway and my mom is going to pay 50 Cents per/comment/person/blogg and the money will go to our local catshelter that needs help with a kitty with a broken leg.


  40. Dear Katie,
    As soon as me saw these on Zee and Zoey's blog me went and ordered one of the special ones. Me loved the fact that they is sending $10 of the price to shelters and Mommy wants to see if it stops me from flinging litter all over.
    Me is getting one so yous can leaves me off the list!

  41. The 4 cool cats here would love to win the cool new NVR Miss Litter Box!
    Of course we voted for Katie & Blind Cat Rescue first!

  42. The mom would like one of those! She whines about having to clean up litter but we think she should be happy we use the box!

  43. I so love my litter box so we do not want to enter just saying that Waffles has been a laugh riot in his role in your campaign

  44. Mom really wants us to win this box because she says she's sick of sweeping up litter when our brother 'rooster-tails' it out of the box (he gets some good distance 3-4 feet!), mom's email is . We voted and our paws are crossed for The Blind Cat Rescue-3 of us have eye problems, so we really want them to win!!! Thank you, this entire campaign has been fun and informative-we all loved it!

  45. We need one of these for the downstairs litter box --- Skeezix has gotten into the habit of wiggling his butt and peeing over the side -- last weekend we had to replace the rusted hinges on the laundry room cabinets because of his errant trajectory.

  46. Hi, Katie. We always enjoy your stores and the neat things your mama does with your photos. Purrs!

  47. Oh goodness one of those looks like the answer to our Mr Jinx high aiming problem!
    Good luck Katie.
    ✿•*¨`*•. ♥Abby♥Boo♥Ping♥Jinx♥Grace♥✿•*¨`*•.

  48. OMC! I don't think we did enter. Katie - you are my #1 girlie living in a townhouse in Mpls (sorry needed that disclaimer, you know "just in case"). Me lubs you but I would also really love a new box because "apparently" I miss sometimes...


    send mail to my secretary at deezoo88 at yahoooooo

  49. We just got a new kitty so I would love to be entered. Thanks for the awesome giveaway :)

    fattybumpkins at yahoo dot com


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