Thursday, September 6, 2012

Team Katie Caught In Breakfast Scandal

Hello, I'm Wolf Blitzer.

Earlier today yet another campaign scandal has thrown Team Katie right in the center of the spotlight. Anonymous tipsters have uncovered surveillance photos of Katie and campaign intern, Waffles, at a well-known dining establishment.

Two cats resembling the candidate and campaign intern can be seen seated in a south facing window booth. Campaign Manager, Cathy Keisha has released a statement confiming Katie and Waffles the intern did indeed dine at the above pictured restaurant.

The poor quality of the surveillance photograph has made it impossible to tell what the two were doing in the diner or what they ordered. This entire incident raises obvious questions of abuse of power and inappropriate contact with a campaign staffer.

Here with me now via satellite is Katie.

WOLF:  Thank you for joining us, Katie. CNN has confirmed that you and campaign intern, Waffles, were seen and photographed inside a local dining establishment. How do you respond to the allegations of impropriety and inappropriate contact with a campaign staffer?

KATIE:  Wolf, now listen to me. I did not have breakfast with that cat, Waffles.

WOLF:  Katie, how do you explain the surveillance photo evidence showing you and Miss (or is it Mr?) Waffles at the now known dining establishment?

KATIE:  Wolf, I repeat, I did not have breakfast with that cat, Waffles. This has clearly been blown way out of proportion. I ordered a cheeseburger and Waffles had the chicken ceasar salad. There was no maple syrup exchanged at our table.


We hope you're enjoying our political spin. There's more silliness on the horizon, in fact you never know what political landscape Katie might find herself in the middle of. We think laughter is food for the soul. Some may say even tastier than salmon...or in the case of today's post, a cheeseburger. 

But the message behind our mischief is not a laughing matter. Please help us help the amazing cats of Blind Cat Rescue & Sanctuary

Please come back tomorrow for a VERY special post dedicated to Homer the Blind Wonder Cat and Blind Cat Rescue! 

voting runs 9/11-9/14


  1. FaRADaY: Suuuuuure. Betcha you didn't INHALE the smell of that chicken either.

    Allie: *deep breath* THE HILLLLLLLS ARE ALIIIIIIIIVE-----"
    *grabs FaRADaY & drags him off*
    FaRADaY: *yelling* We're ON to you, Miz Chicken Breath!

    Maxwell: *sigh* Good thing I'm deaf. Vote Sparkle.

  2. I think eating at Waffle House scandalous enough - what about being environmentally conscious and dining al fresco on mice instead of stopping at some big human and corporate-run restaurant chain with mediocre food?

    I intend to have periodic meetings with my constituents and I will serve cricket and moth refreshments. This is a low cost, healthy and inexpensive way to reach out. Not to mention tasty.

  3. this is what you get from reporters mud slinging

  4. Whoa! The pawpawrazzi must think their mudslinging will spoil your chances, Katie. Hmm.....I'm still undecided on who to vote for. Can we vote twice? har har har *evil laughs*

  5. But Katie, surely you and your team are entitled to breakfast as long as there wasn't a post prandial cigar involved!! Sheesh!, lol

  6. Thankyou for coming to share MoMo's birthday. Always good to hear from old furriends.

  7. Oh, come on Wolfie... a cat's got to eat.
    Do I smell maple syrup?

  8. Oh no, Katie!! Shoelaces yesterday, now possible syrup today... This is outrageous! And just how old is this "Waffles" character that is working for you?

  9. *Official voice* *reading* Katie and Waffles WERE in Waffle House but they were holding a strategy meeting. They wanted to go some place other than headquarters just in case headquarters was bugged or wormy. Since no one GOES to Waffle House, it was quiet enough to get some work done. Really, Wolf, don't you have any REAL news to cover.

  10. Very smart not to use syrup on a cheeseburger Katie! :)

  11. Lord help waffles...

    say it iznt sew katie...

    knot CHICKN ceasar salad....

    knot BURD !!!!!!

  12. Dear Katie,
    Me KNOWS that yous would never ever be involved in anything scandelous! Mes will vouch for yous if he calls and asks!
    PS Can yous make sure the pictures of Austin from Real Housecats out takes, don't get released?

  13. Isn't "Waffles" part of a breakfast?

  14. Katie I don't know if the world is ready for the combination of you and your campaign manager - CK. he he Between you two my sides are sore from laughing. Oh = I love Blind Cat Rescue. Good choice and I'll be supporting you.

  15. Hey, I hear the waffles are really good Waffle!

  16. Looks like you have been seen Katie but no reason why you can't go to Waffles. Really. Keep up the good work.

  17. What ? No maple syrup ??!!
    I know that you american´s use Maple Syrup to and on efurrything :)

  18. Uh oh. First shoelaces, now waffles! What other kinds of trouble will there be? Pasties? Oops!

  19. At least Katie didn't "waffle" with her answer!!

    The Florida Furkids

  20. two didn't enjoy a "cigar" afterward did you????

  21. Katie, Katie...when will you learn!
    Benny & Lily

    Pee S. ( have syrup on your chin)

  22. We are not convinced that no maple syrup was exchanged!

  23. We would like to be entered into your drawing for the Homer's Odyssey Book. We love your blog! :)


    Baby & Katie

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