Friday, September 14, 2012

Cat Ruler Election CNN Exit Polls - FINAL DAY TO VOTE

Hello I'm Wolf Blitzer, here with the best political team in the blogosphere.

This is the last day to vote in the highly publicized, often controversial, Cat Ruler Of The World Campaign For A Cause Contest. Polls close at midnight tonight, PACIFIC standard time.

CNN's John King is here in the studio and Political Correspondent Candy Crowley joins us live via satellite from Minneapolis, Minnesota.

CANDY CROWLEY:  John, I'm here in Minneapolis, home town of Katie, one of six candidates in the Campaign For A Cause Contest & Election. I'm talking with voters on their way out of the polling booths to get a feel for which way the cats are leaning.

I'm here with Waffles, a registered nurse at a local animal hospital. Ms. Waffles, who did you cast your vote for today?

WAFFLES: Um, are we on TV?  Um, can I say hi to my boss?

JOHN KING: Ms. Waffles, which candidate did you support with your vote today?

WAFFLES:  Um, I voted for I mean Sparkles.

CANDY CROWLEY:  Thank you Waffles. Well John, that's one vote for Sparkle, the supermodel-author candidate from California.

CANDY CROWLEY:  John, this is Waffle-T, a local leader of the Minneapolis Motorcat Association. Mr T, who are you supporting in the election?

WAFFLES:  Um, Yo. Word.   

JOHN KING: Mr Waffle-T, which candidate had the most compelling platform for you?

WAFFLES:  Um, that would have to be Ka...I mean Austin. I'm originally from Texas so I'm just here to support the team. Um, Go Cowboys.

CANDY CROWLEY:  Ok John, that's one for Austin the candidate from across the pond in the UK. (rolls eyes) 

JOHN KING: Candy, who do you have with you now?

CANDY CROWLEY:  John, this is Professor Waffles, from the Department of Agriculture at the University of Minnesota. He's heading up the Catnip Crop Cloning Coalition. Prof. Waffles, who are you supporting in this critical election?

WAFFLES:  Um, Miss Crowley. Um, no I mean Ka.. no, um, I mean Brain.    

CANDY CROWLEY: Prof. Waffles, do you mean BRIAN?

WAFFLES:  Um, yeah. Brian. I think he's really smart cuz his name is Brain. 

CANDY CROWLEY:  Alright John, that's a solid vote for BRIAN, the altruistic cat who has managed to keep his name out of the tabloids and win over a piece of the academic community. 

 JOHN KING:  Thanks Candy. Very insightful exit polling. Let's take a look at what this means on my magic map.

We've got all six candidates on the left of your screen, each represented by their own unique color.
I'm seeing a tremendous amount of support for each candidate within regional pockets of the world. There is some messy overlap though, probably due to numerous multi-cat households who can't agree on who to vote for.

Wolf, even with just one more day of voting, it's simply too close to call.

WOLF:  Thank you, John. CNN is not yet ready to make any official projections. We suspect it will be a number of days before a winner can be determined.  I find it curious though how there are so many voters in Minneapolis named Waffles.


IT'S THE LAST DAY TO VOTE in the Campaign For A Cause Contest.
We hope we've made you laugh at our political antics and smile at our silliness. 
We hope we've touched your hearts by sharing with you the amazing kitties and people of Blind Cat Rescue.

Vote with your heart, all of the shelters are deserving. 
Glogirly and I ask that you think of Blind Cat Rescue when you click the box. 

"Please help the cats of Blind Cat Rescue & Sanctuary by voting for Katie in the Campaign For A Cause Contest. Remember, love isn't something you see with your eyes." - Homer, Blind WonderCat 

Voting polls open 9/11-9/14
One vote per person


  1. Sheesh, that Waffles is dumber than my human. I bet he's going to be sitting in the unemployment line for a good, long time after this campaign is over!

  2. *sigh* Rumblemummy says she'll hire Waffles after the campaign is over. I think she's in love.

  3. Does Waffles have a blog? We are partial to Gingers here and that is such a sweet face.

    Into the homestretch now!!

  4. Hahaha! Genius :) Waffles is a keeper! We say Vote for Waffles! :P

  5. We love Waffles! Can't wait to hear more of you adventures with him as a sidekick.... er... intern.

  6. Great review of all the candidates. We have voted but we are not telling who we voted for. May the best cat and shelter win.

  7. Just to funny :)
    Me too think it will take DAY`S to determine who is the winner ??!!
    Have a pawsome weekend !

  8. We voted! We were wondering if Waffles has a blog too!

    The Florida Furkids

  9. Mom wants to cuddle Waffles...such a sweetheart face!

  10. We be rolling on the floor here! Waffles is just a character! Maybe we've been selling the wrong platforms?! Vote for WAFFLES and Blind Cat Rescue. YES WE CAT!

  11. Waffles... one more thing before you hit the unemployment lines... to be fair to cats that live on the West Coast, the contest will end at midnight, PST. Better get damage control out quick before the media catches wind of this!!

    Such a funny post today! Thank you for being part of the campaign, Katie and gang, it has been a pleasure.

    Deb, Dan, Zee, Zoey, Mia, Peanut, Rolz, Harley, and Jazz

  12. Did I just get a get my news from a capybara? LOL.

    Hey Katie. We are wishing you the ultimate luck in this contests.

    Huggies and Cheese,


  13. everee one runned a grate campaign N each N everee shelter deserves ta be picked; best fishes two ewe katie; high paws N head bonks...ouch...ta blind cat rescue;...N may everee kitteh; N pup two, finds ther forever home......heerez ta a awesum week oh end....peace out N rock on =^..^= N due ewe noe therez a a trooly reely big BURD....on yur page.... :0

  14. Mommy is HOT for Waffles.

    Um, did that sound right?

  15. Lol, Waffles, you're acting like a real politician :)

  16. Odin is glad the campaigning is over and sends Katie his best wishes. He is now looking forward to the Pettie Awards to cheer on Cat Wisdom 101, nominated for Best Cat Blog.

  17. Your post just made my day!It will a privilege to vote.

  18. We like waffles too! And we'll miss wolf blitzer mol! Best of luck, we wish every cat could win!

  19. You have the Press eating outta your paw dear Katie! Good luck!

  20. What?! Waffles is an imaginary character? Oh no, I was chuckling and reading through comments and now am heartbroken! We wanted to hire him for our fundraising campaign!

    We voted!

  21. Waffles, dude. Look out for those bossy tux girlcats. We boyz are just sayin'...there could be WORSE places than the unemployment line. Yanno what we mean...?


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