Monday, August 22, 2011

Upstairs Cat Downstairs Cat

Hi everyone, Katie here.

I have Glogirly and Gloman right where I want them. On separate floors that is. I am Upstairs Cat. I am Downstairs Cat. I am Katie, master of my townhouse.

Downstairs, I am Gloman's cat.

I will come when he calls. Answer when he asks. As much as it pains me, I will allow him to pet me and even, dare I say, hold me.

There is but one thing I am NOT when I'm downstairs. I am not Glogirly's cat. I will run when she calls. Give her the ears when she talks. I will not allow her to pet me, and certainly not EVER hold me. Oh but she tries...and I do love it when she tries.

Upstairs, I am Glogirly's cat.

When she heads up the stairs, I know there is a 98% chance she's going to bed and a 2% chance she's going to make the bed. Either way I'm a winner. When she's in bed, I'm in bed. Sometimes we even share a pillow. Sure, Gloman is often there, but I just ignore him.

I'm very strategic in my approach to human relationships. The whole Downstairs-Cat-Upstairs-Cat thing keeps me right where I want to be. And it keeps Glogirly and Gloman right where I want them.


  1. In my house, the upstairs is where the living room and my office are, and I am mostly an upstairs kitty! Downstairs is where my human's boyfriend's music and computer room is, and as often as not, the dog is down there. She is mostly a downstairs dog. And I like it that way.

  2. Katie this is a way to get extra attention by shifting attention depending on where you are. I would love to try stairs, but that would mean being outside as I occupy the 2nd floor of an apartment.

  3. There is only one floor here so we can't do that. You're pretty smart to control both floors like that.

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  4. I become a differently behaved cat once 'the bed" is involved, too. If Mom goes upstairs, I am there in a flash. As you say, there is a 98% chance she is going to bed.

  5. You certainly are the mistress of your domain!!

  6. You are about as fickle as I am sweetie. I'm M's boy as long as she plays with me. When playtime is over, I'm all daddy's boy.

  7. I like a cat who's in control! Every human has their place >^,.^<

  8. I'm always an upstairs cat since we live on the 4th floor. Next stop: the roof. You get some great strategy as far as Glogirly and Gloman. You rule!


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