Friday, August 5, 2011

Thought For The Week

Hi everyone, Katie here.

It's Friday. Time for some deep thought. Glogirly says that's not all that's getting deep around here.

I don't know the key to success, but I know
the key to failure is trying to please everyone.
-Bill Cosby

The key to MY success is pleasing ME.
That's how I roll.
I'm a cat.


  1. Yep, that's MY key to success too, Katie!

  2. Hey Katie - I'm with you. I'm into pleasing myself too.

  3. Excellent thought for the week, Katie, and absolutely true.

    BTW, it's nice to see you posting again...We've been lurking. :-)

  4. Love those silos of you. Wish TW knew how to do that. Pleasing myself is how I roll too.

  5. Yes, I think you have definitely unlocked the secret to happiness!

  6. Well, that's for you... Good learning in life. Nice photos of yours.

    Cassy from Guitar Lesson DVD


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