Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Basket Of Goodies

Hi everyone, Nurse Katie here.
It's Gloman Week at the townhouse. He's a little under the weather so I'm devoting my blog to him this whole week.
Today it's all about goodies and gifts. What do treats have to do with treatment? Well besides everyone being nice to you when you don't feel good, you often get TREATS. A ginormous gift basket arrived for Gloman at the townhouse. It's bigger than ME. In fact, it's scale required me to physically circle the basket in order to inspect the contents.

Do my eyes deceive me?
What's THAT between the beef jerky (too salty for my taste)
and the bananas (I don't do fruit)?
See that little purple lid?

These babies are mine.
All mine.


  1. Oh Katie you are hilarious. Slip Gloman a Pounce. He will feel much better
    Benny & Lily

  2. How cool that you got treats in Gloman's basket! That building was super cool too!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  3. who was that from?? GLOGIRLY?!?

  4. @T
    No! The goodies came from Gloman's work friends. They obviously know who to impress. ; )

  5. Katie, make no mistake, you're going to EARN those treats taking care of Gloman!

  6. I'm glad the nurse got some treats too, Katie! I know you are working very hard to take care of your male human.

  7. What a lovely gift! I do think the pounce is meant for Gloman though!

  8. Nurse got treats too, That's so nice : )
    Hugs and Purrs more

  9. Mama says she's feeling unwell and needs those Sausalito cookies--can send them over? ;) That's a cool building!

  10. Longaberger! Mommy has lots of those.

    Katie, you better watch those treats to make sure Gloman doesn't eat any...you know, in a fevered daze or anything.

  11. Wow - dat is some nice prezzie. Even better, dat box will be empty at some point and maybe you get to hide in there.

  12. I was gonna say what "T" said, who in the world is that from? Inquiring minds want to know! lol

    I have seen that basket building before! Isn't that the Laggenburger (or however you spell it or whatever it is called) basket building? The people who make those baskets!!!

  13. Pounce on those Pounce, Katie! Sorry I haven't been able to comment. TW is finally catching up. Maybe she'll even let me blog soon. I think she had too much fun.


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