Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tongue In Cheek

Hi everyone, Katie here.

Do you love your tongue? I love my tongue. It works quite well for me on so many levels.

I drink with it. I eat with it. It's my washcloth, shower gel and comb all rolled into one. It's always with me. Always clean and ready to go.

Glogirly could learn a thing or two from me and my tongue. She spends a fortune on all her grooming needs and trust me...none can't hold a candle to my tongue. I don't need to replace my tongue when it runs out. I don't have to plug it in, turn it on or untangle messy cords.

Not only does my tongue suit my physical needs, it's there for me intellectually as well. When I'm feeling sarcastic, it's there. Witty, why of course. It's always sharp and ready to rumble...so to speak. Tongue in cheek.


  1. You're a multi-tasker and an efficient one at that!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  2. We kitties have the best grooming tool ever!

  3. Mama would love one, but it would look a little funny on a human!

  4. Wonderful Job, Katie !!!!
    and your photos are so clear, I can see every details on your tongue. Great Captured !!! Well done, Mommy !!!

  5. Whoa - you has a really long tongue too. I'm sure it does a super job.

  6. Hello chérie!
    Thanks for sharing your beauty secrets!You are a doll!
    Luna - wE LOVE LUNA

  7. You are a very eco furendly girl!!!=^Y^=


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