Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Spotlight On Gloman

Hi everyone, Katie here.

Yesterday I shared my most intimate secrets with you from my Meet Katie tab. Today, the spotlight shifts to Gloman.

Ours is a both strange and special relationship. Sometimes I just call him the Other One. I know, I know, I should be grateful since he's the one that adopted me. He brought me home to surprise Glogirly on their anniversary.

But I'm a cat. Grateful is not in my vocabulary.

Glogirly calls him the Cat Whisperer.

Gloman has been trying to turn me into a dog ever since I was a kitten. Big dog person, Gloman is. I think he's watched a little too much Cesar Millan. So I play along. Just to mess with him really. I'll fetch. I'll come when he calls. When he's holding me, I'll stay and not squirm. When he asks me a question, I'll answer.

I'll even pretend to be interested in whatever

he's looking at on his computer.

Gloman can often be found looking into the business end of a Nikon. He's an extremely talented photographer and has (unknowingly) provided countless photos of my cuteness that have been featured on the pages of my blog.

He's got more lenses than I have cat toys.

And if I know only one thing, it's to keep

my distance from all photo gear.

No touch. Ever.

Since Glogirly lets me get away with murder, I figure it's safest to just make nicey-nice with the Other One.

And if all else fails, play the cute card.


  1. did you threaten him so he would write that on the board? BOL
    Benny & Lily

  2. He tries to turn you into a dog?! How would he like it if you tried to turn him into, say, a ferret?

    Seriously, I do not get these dog humans.

  3. The cute card works every time!

    Mom Paula

  4. Myself, I 'm not believe any one can turn us cats to be a woofie because We Cats has cattitude !!!! and That's the best !

  5. Good job pretending to be a dog to make Gloman happy, but we don't get *why* he wants you to be a dog. These humans!

  6. Score one for the cuteness card. I'd give him the dog, all right. I'd put the bitey on him just as a dog would do. HAH!


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