Thursday, August 11, 2011

Spotlight on Glogirly

Hi everyone, Katie here.

Today I'm finishing up my introductions with Meet Glogirly. Our relationship, like mine and Gloman's, is a strange and special one. I pretend to prefer Gloman. When he calls me I come running. When Glogirly wants to pick me up I run the other way. When Gloman talks to me I mew and chatter back. When Glogirly talks to me, I often give her the ears.

But it's all a game. I really do love her. Just don't tell...I've got a reputation to maintain.

MEET GLOGIRLY, a.k.a Debbie. Enjoy these 10 interesting factoids about my girl that you may not know.

#1 Shy

She's extremely shy but tries very hard to act like she's not.

#2 Favorite Color

Glogirly doesn't have a favorite color. There are so many beautiful colors, how could she ever choose?

#3 Family

Although she's an only child, Glogirly has LOTS of family. She was adopted (like me) as a baby by the most wonderful parents. Sadly they are no longer with her, but she very recently found her birth family and has been welcomed with open arms. That's her mom and dad on the left. They are the ones that adopted her. And that's her birth mom on the right.

#4 Cupcakes & Cookies

Her mom was an amazing baker and Glogirly followed her footsteps into the kitchen. She's famous among friends and family for her over-the-top cupcakes and paper thin sugar cookies.

#5 Apollo 11

Glogirly's dad was an incredibly humble and gentle man. Most people had no idea how many amazing places his career took him. He worked inside Mission Control at Nasa in Houston during the Apollo missions. He oversaw the super-computers that maintained communication contact with the astronauts. He was right there watching the big screen as Neil Armstrong took that first step. Glogirly's birthday is July 19. In 1969 she asked her dad if the astronauts could walk on the moon a day early, on her sixth birthday. Well, they still walked on the moon on July 20, but that didn't stop her dad from making her feel special every single day.

#6 Diabetes

Glogirly was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes last New Years Eve. Since then she has lost over 80 pounds by changing the way she eats and exercises. Ok, so the major change in exercise was to go from NOT exercising TO exercising. Sadly, this all has affected #2 on the list. But she still loves baking for others. Rest assured, the Christmas sugar cookies are not in jeopardy.

#7 College Job

Glogirly worked her way through college as a model and modeling instructor. She went to the University of Minnesota and has a B.S. in Design. And we all know what B.S. stands for.

#8 Party Girl

She LOVES planning and throwing parties. It's required that all of her parties have a theme and marketing campaign. Her favorite part is designing a clever and unexpected invitation.

#9 Piano

Glogirly took piano lessons as a child for six years. When she became a teenager she quit because it wasn't cool. In 2000, on a whim she went to a psychic. He told Glogirly that her mom always loved it when she played and that she should play again. On another whim, she bought a piano and started taking lessons again. She's been studying piano at the MacPhail Center for Music in downtown Minneapolis for ten years now. She's no concert pianist, but her teacher and friends say that she has a very intimate and emotional connection to the music she plays. It moves them. She likes to think that's because of her mom. Don't worry though, she's not some wackadoodle psychic network fan.

#10 Gloman

Glogirly has the most wonderful best-friend-partner-husband she could ever imagine. They met by chance 14 years ago and that day changed her life forever. She still pauses and whispers to herself, "WOW...I'm the luckiest girl on earth."


  1. Those are great things to learn about Glogirly! Thanks for sharing them!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  2. cool post...goodjob keeping her guessing how you REALLY feel
    Benny & Lily

  3. For being about a human... that was a pretty cool post!

  4. That was very interesting indeed, Katie. I'm sure, though, Glogirly would like a little hint as to how you really feel about her! It might mean extra treats!!! >^,.^<

  5. We loved reading those--especially number 10!

  6. She sounds interesting; not dull and boring like TW. I like the astronaut part and TW likes the cupcake part. MOL

  7. Your Glogirl is a special girl indeed and I loved reading all those lovely things about her. I am so glad that she found her soulmate.. Hugs GJ xx


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