Thursday, August 18, 2011

Glogirly Greatest Hits - VOL. 3

Hi everyone, Katie here.

I had a bad feeling when she left this morning. I even ran down two flights of steps to watch her drive away. Truth is, I just wanted her to see ME. Just a little abandonment guilt to throw her way. You see, Glogirly spent the afternoon with one of her dog friends. I can smell these things before they even happen.

This time when she came home though, I didn't smell anything suspicious at all. No dog. No cat. Nothing. Glogirly's friend, we call her hoffy, just lost her little Corgi Girl. Her name was Miss T. Miss T and hoffy were best of friends. In fact they were a threesome just a few years ago before Tex passed away. Miss T and Tex did everything together. They loved each other very much. Too bad they were dogs, but not everyone can be perfect.

Glogirly and I poke fun at each other and aren't afraid to show our sardonic wit. But I'd really miss her if she went to human heaven and I KNOW she'd miss me if I went to cat heaven. (I can't say as much for Gloman.) Once when she was in Maine hiking up to a lighthouse, she tripped over a rock. Just before she shouted something not suitable for a family blog, she realized what it was. A small heart-shaped remembrance of someone's companion and friend. I hope she'll remember me someday as a Darn Good Cat. I also hope she can find a bigger and more impressive rock.


  1. Awww - M doesn't even like to think of the day when I will have to cross the bridge. It's good you didn't get mad at Glogirly for paying her friend a visit. That's so sad that she lost her Corgi.

  2. That is a cool rock. I am sure Glogirly's friends appreciated Glogirly's visit. The loss of a pet can be as devastating as the loss of a human companion. Corgis are good dogs.

  3. Ha..Ha..Ha..Should put your photo on da rock, You Rock girl ; )

  4. I'm gonna live to be 37 in human years so I'll prolly outlive the peeps. I believe they've provided for me.

  5. Those Corgi's are so cute! You are defiantly a darned good cat.


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