Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Rolling Rolling Rolling

Hi everyone, Katie here.

You know, I don't think I'm ever going to fully understand the girl humans. I'm beginning to see why the boy humans gave up on this long ago. Today Glogirly went to the hairstylist for a "dry run" on her party hairstyle. She's going for that old Hollywood glam look with her Party Outfit and her hairstylist friend thought the best way to recreate this coif was to do it the old fashioned way. With a wash and a set. The thing is, he apparently curled her hair around a whole bunch of cat toys. What the... ?

Look at these ultra-cool cat toys. Imagine how fun
they would be to whap around the hardwood floors.
Waaaay better than some stupid ball.

Now look what the hairstylist did to Glogirly. Holy cat! She must have two dozen of those toys on her head. Now that's just plain crazy.

And do you think she brought even ONE
of those cute little rollers home for me?


Well I made it clear that after she has her hair done for the
real party this Friday, I want my very own set of rollers.

On second thought, maybe that's not such a good idea...


  1. I can sooo remember those horrible things. Katie is right, they're only fit for cat toys.

  2. Oooh, they sure look like fun cat toys! But my girl humans doesn't have them either *pouts*

  3. HEHE
    We can play with it
    but we have not so long hair meow.. meow..
    only play !!
    Kareltje =^.^=

  4. Katie, you look SMASHING with them rollers in your furs! And we really hope that maybe, just maybe, GloGirly will snaek one home for you! That would be super~groovy! Our mom used to use one of them metal curling thingies, but as of late, has taken to using a flat thing that makes her hairs all straight and stuff. Beans...just don't get 'em.!

  5. Ha Ha! I enjoy those toys quite a bit! I have actually taken the sticky part off of the round part but I don't recommend it. Not so much fun then.

    Purrs Banshee

  6. Our Mom says she used to have those cat toys. We wonder why she got rid of them. Moms are silly sometimes.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  7. We wish you would've taken a photo after you got your hair set! Or are you waiting for the big unveiling? Can't wait!

    Hugs & Purrs,
    Nico (w/ Austin & JayJay)

    ps - we think Glogirly should steal a few of those toys for you!

  8. They look like the funnest cat toys of all!!

  9. You are so funny, Katie. But I agree, those things would make great toys.

  10. Now I don't have to give the kitties any real toys, I can just give them my mother's curlers to play with! Cindy

  11. Hmmm ... well they do look fun ... as long as we don't hafta have them in our furs!

  12. They look like lots of fun. Our mum says she remembers them from long ago.

  13. Haha! We think you'd look better whapping them than wearing them, Katie!!

  14. Maybe you could ask for some rollers for Christmas. But don't let your mama near your furs with them!

  15. Uhm, we think that you came to the right conclusion for the situation☺

  16. Our Mom remembers when her older sisters used to roll their hair. One of them used empty frozen orange juice cans!

    I think bringing you home one roller wouldn't be too much to ask. xoxo

  17. Mama sometimes uses those, too. She won't let us near them! Why do the humans have all the fun?

  18. You don't needs those Katie you look glamorous already! My moms has some but they are all smooth so not much funs! I love the vibrant colors of them though good for whapping!

  19. Nanny's grandma used to sleep with this things.
    I thinks she still does. I'm giving an award.


  20. Katie, you don't need any of that human girl stuff....we think you are perfect just the way you are. xxxxxxxxx

  21. Hello my sweet friend Katie!
    I love you the way you are because you are smart,sincere, intelligent,gorgeous and cute and you do not need change anything in your fur,I mean your hair.

    Anyway that was a funny idea, I loved your picture with those fashion stuffs!
    ( your mommy is skilled at collages and pictures!)

    And...mommy Léia and I agree that Glogirly is lovely, she has such a wonderful smile and splendid eyes!She is cute!
    And...she is brave because we are not sure if those stuffs in her hair could hurt, it is so different!

    However that expert in hairstyle know what can work better in this case, so that...I would try it as well, or better mommy Léia would try it! LOL

    Now we are really curious to see "after"all this work! :)

    Love you girls!

  22. I've seen those toys many times. Mom has pink ones and yellow ones and sometimes, if I'm lucky, she drops one on the bathroom floor and I get it!! The best part is, once I roll them around the floor and they get full of cat hair, she doesn't want them anymore so I get to keep them.

    Your friend

  23. Oh Katie, the picture of you in those little curlers and cape made me LOL!

  24. Absolutely right! You NEED your own set of rollers!

    PS: In French they are called "bigoudis" (pronounced BIG OODY). Go figure...

  25. We think we know how those toys are supposed to work: the girls put them in, and the cats pull them out. Should be a fun game.

  26. Oh, those rolly things look fun. And you are so funny with them in your furs!

  27. Just don't bat them around while they are still in Glogirly's hair. He-he!
    Luv, Lucy (Woof!)

  28. We think you're better off leaving those toys to the humans, although you look very cute in rollers, Katie!

  29. Oh my goodness! For some reason my mom thinks it's a good idea because she's laughing herself silly at that last photo of you Katie!

  30. You look so grown up with the curlers in your fur!

    My mom used to have some of those!

  31. The animation on our blog is Photoguys little project. Every day he adds something to it. And you are welcome to play with it too. He as stored the original (imageready/photoshop) file on:

    And if you and Glogirly want it in a different format or without some of the layers, just email us at

  32. Yep, cat toys, those are. Tommy says she knows GloGirly will be splendid after she gets the cat toys out of her head. I'd like a set--maybe we can share, Katie?

  33. The buyers for the stores are gonna think a wash & set is back in style when all of a sudden the cat blogosphere buys up all the curlers!!!

  34. HI Katie
    You are right about those funny things in GloGirl's hair. We think that they would make fab toys too. But Katie, I wanted to see the "after" picture of you once your curlers were removed.


  35. How hysterical!!! LOL! I just love your since of humor Katie!!!

  36. Have fun at your party GG, you'll look perfect. Katie if she comes at you with rollers... run.

    Oh and in case she thinks being a glamourpus invoves those scary cat ears - be on your toes.


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