Monday, September 30, 2019

Nap, Nap, Nap, Everywhere a Nap

WAFFLES:  So Boss, just how many naps should we take today?

KATIE: As many as it takes, Waffles. 

WAFFLES:  But how many is that?

KATIE:  A lot.

WAFFLES:  Like a big lot or a small lot? 

KATIE:  Like a venti lot. 


KATIE:  You know, like Starbucks. Tall, grande, venti... Venti is the extra-giant size.

WAFFLES:  Duh, Boss. Starbucks is just going to keep you awake.

A Taste of Fall
It is officially fall in the mountains. We heard that the highway through our canyon was nearly stop-and-go with leaf peepers. Fortunately for us, we have a lot of our own trees and leaves to peep at right here at home.

The evenings are that wonderful chilly-crisp. Purr-fect for slippers and snuggling. That is after a long day of napping. (...if you're a CAT!)

Friday, September 27, 2019

A Very Brady Anniversary, Glogirly-Style

♩♬ ♬♩
Here's the story, 
of a cat named Katie.
Who was living with one very crazy boy.

He had orange stripes, like no other.
He'd always steal her toys.

Here's the story,
of a cat named Waffles.
Always busy sniffing Katie you-know-where.

He tried patty cake,
she wouldn't have it...
and put him up for sale.

''Til the one day when their girl said,
"here's some chicken!"
And they knew that it was much more than a lunch.
That these three would somehow form a purrfect cat blog,
That's the way we all became Glogirly's Bunch.

Glogirly's Bunch.
Glogirly's Bunch.
That's the way we all became Glogirly's Bunch.


Happy 50th Anniversary to the Brady Bunch!
Glogirly was a child of the 70s. Every Friday night, she sat glued to the big console television, waiting for that famous theme song to begin and to watch her favorite TV family. Maybe she was fascinated with the show because she was an only child and there were six Brady kids. Or maybe she secretly wanted to have long blonde hair like Marsha, Marsha, Marsha.

Television has certainly come a long way since the Brady Bunch (thank GOD!) But she still remembers every single show. And can kick just about anyone's you-know-what at Brady trivia.

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Window Watchers

KATIE:  Do you see what I see, Waffles?

WAFFLES:  You mean do I see you on the kitchen counter, Boss?

KATIE:  Seriously? We've got chipmunks & squirrels and hummingbirds & bees and you're more interested in me on the kitchen counter???

WAFFLES:  Well you're always meowing at ME to get off the counter.

KATIE:  Well look who's meowing now!

WAFFLES:  I'm not meowing. You're meowing

KATIE:  Do I look like I'm meowing?


KATIE:  And you tell me that I need to switch to decaf. 

About Today's Photos
The afternoon sun has been POURING in the kitchen windows making for great Chipmunk and Squirrel TV viewing. We've had so much squirrel and bird activity that even Katie has discovered the joys of our premium channel. 

Meanwhile, Glogirly is losing the battle on the whole "no cats on the kitchen counter" rule. 

WAFFLES:  Kitchen counter? What kitchen counter.

Monday, September 23, 2019

Return to Downton Tabby

LADY KATIE:  After 3+ years, the PBS drama Downton Tabby, I mean Downton Abbey,  has returned. And this time, to the big screen. The movie opened last Friday and it didn't take long for Glogirly to snag a ticket and settle into her theater seat with a bucket of popcorn. Don't worry, we won't be sharing any spoilers.

LORD WAFFLES:  I don't smell anything spoiled.

LADY KATIE:  Spoilers, Waffles. Not spoiled.

LORD WAFFLES:  I still don't smell anything. Except for maybe some of Mrs. Patmore's chicken.

LADY KATIE:  *sigh...always with the chicken*

LORD WAFFLES:  Do you still smell something, Boss? –I mean, Your Ladyboat?

LADY KATIE:  SHIP, Waffles. It's Your Ladyship. Not BOAT.

LORD WAFFLES: Well if you're a Ladyship, what does that make me? A Boyboat? A CATamaran?

LADY KATIE:  I was thinking more on the lines of a dinghy.

LORD WAFFLES:  Jeez, Boss. Are you sure this isn't Downton Crabby?

What do you get when you combine Downton Abbey, Petula Clark, and CATS?
To celebrate the return of Lady Mary, Mrs. Patmore's chicken, and the whole Downton gang, we've got a special song for you. For the longest time, Glogirly thought it was Downtown Abbey, not Downton Abbey. So now, every time she sees the word Downton, she can't help but think of Petula Clark's iconic song of the same name from the 60s.

*and a one, and a two, and a three... to the tune of DOWNTOWN by Petula Clark*

KATIE:  ♫♩
When you're a cat and life is making you crazy
you can always go –

Waffles is driving, better hold on tight,
Or you won't make it to –

Just listen to my song so settle down and make some biscuits.
But look both ways for coppers cause we wouldn't want a ticket.
How can we lose?
There's no traffic here,
We'll forget all our troubles, but watch out for deer.

CHORUS:  ♫♩ 
Let's go DOWNTON!
Things will be great when we're DOWNTON!
No cooler place for sure,  DOWNTON!
The dinner gong's ringing for you.

LORD WAFFLES: Did you say dinner???

Original background photos:  Downton Abbey for PBS Masterpiece

Friday, September 20, 2019

Waffles and His Chicken Hat

Yesterday was Talk (Meow) Like a Pirate Day and we just couldn't let this week pass without looking back at Waffles and his "chicken" hat. And it just wouldn't be complete without a song, of course?! We hope you enjoy it!

WAFFLES:  Hey Boss! How do you like my new chicken hat? 

KATIE:  Waffles, that's a pirate's hat.

WAFFLES:  I didn't know pirates ate chicken. No wonder they're so awesome.

KATIE:  Waffles, that's not a chicken on your hat. It's a parrot. And he's not your lunch.

WAFFLES:  So, he's my dinner?

KATIE:  You can't eat a parrot, Waffles. He's supposed to be your friend. Your matey. Your comrade. Your–

WAFFLES:  Cool, so we can hang out and talk about girls and stuff. Maybe do some karaoke.

KATIE:  Oh no–

Somewhere, beyond the sea ♫♩
Somewhere, waiting for me ♫♩
My chicken stands on golden sands ♫♩
And watches for cats that are hungry ♫♩

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Bathing Besties

WAFFLES:  Hey Boss? Want me to help you get between your toes?

KATIE:  Thanks but no thanks, Waffles. I know where that tongue of yours has been.

WAFFLES:  What do you mean? My tongue is right here.

KATIE:  Whatever. Just keep it to yourself. We are NOT going to become those cats that bathe each other. 

WAFFLES:  How about those cats that bathe together???

Maybe Someday... NOT
Glogirly has always held out hope that one day Katie and Waffles would become the kind of besties that bathe each other. Well, it's approaching 7 years since Waffles joined our furry family and it's safe to say the whole bathing each other thing is just never going to happen.

Oh, Waffles has certainly tried! But like we said– Never. Going. To. Happen. LOL!

Monday, September 16, 2019

Waffles Phobia

KATIE:  What are you looking at, Waffles?

WAFFLES:  Where'd you get the blue pod, Boss?

KATIE:  None of your beeswax.

WAFFLES:  But I thought you didn't like pods and boxes and stuff, on account of your closet phobia. 

KATIE:  That's claustrophobia, Waffles. 

WAFFLES:  And you don't like closets either. 

KATIE:  I like closets just fine, Waffles. What I don't like is getting LOCKED inside them with you

WAFFLES:  What about bathrooms? Did you like it when I locked us in Glogirly's bathroom? Or do you have bathroom phobia too?

KATIE:  More like WAFFLES phobia.

WAFFLES:  Is that even a real thing?

KATIE:   More real than you know, Waffles.

About that pod...
Though Katie has never been a fan of enclosed spaces, shut doors, or even boxes, she loves just about any kind of pod. Probably because they're perfectly sized for ONE. Of course, whenever Katie is lounging in her pod, Waffles takes that as an open invitation to test out how TWO cats might fit inside.

Whatever Katie has, Waffles wants.

Katie's Kivikis Cat Cave is no exception. It's hand-felted from 100% sheep wool. Ours is sky blue, but there are a variety of other colors available on Amazon. It's very soft, thick and cushiony. And for now, it's all Katie's. ...Emphasis on "for now."

This post contains an Amazon Affiliate link which 
means we will receive a small commission if you 
click from our site and make a purchase. 

Friday, September 13, 2019

Anniversary Wishes & Thank Yous

WAFFLES:  Happy Anniversary, Boss! How 'bout a kiss?!

KATIE:  That would be a big NO. 

WAFFLES:  But isn't everyone supposed to kiss on their anniversary and stuff? 

KATIE:  A). It's not our anniversary.  B). We're not everyone.

WAFFLES:  Sheesh, Boss. I got all dressed up and everything. Are you sure–

KATIE:  Waffles, it was Glogirly and Gloman's anniversary. Not ours. We're not even married. 


KATIE:  That's it. I'm outa here.

Thank You SO Much!
Glogirly and Gloman want to give our friends and readers a BIG thank you for all the wonderful anniversary wishes and comments here on our blog and on Facebook.

Everyone had a wonderfully relaxing weekend with so much love to go around.

On Sunday of this week, their actual anniversary day, they celebrated at one of their favorite restaurants in Denver.    Late in the afternoon, a big thunderstorm made its way through the mountains. Just before they left for dinner, this happened -

A Double Rainbow Anniversary

Right outside our windows off of our back deck, was a HUGE rainbow. And if that wasn't glorious enough, a second rainbow appeared. They were so close we could almost touch them.

If rainbows had a name, these would be called Glogirly and Gloman.

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Katie & Waffles on 9/11, the Day Our Hearts Stood Still

This post appeared on our blog on September 11, 2016. We reread it last night, hoping to find the right words to share with you today. But we realized the right words were already here. We hope you don't mind us republishing Katie and Waffles' conversation about the day our hearts stood still.

WAFFLES:  What are you thinking about, Boss?

KATIE:  I'm just thinking about how lucky we are, Waffles.

WAFFLES:  Really? Did we win a prize or something? 

KATIE:  You could say that. 

WAFFLES:  Did it come in a nice box? You know, like one that I can fit in?

KATIE: No Waffles, what we have doesn't come in a box. 

WAFFLES:  No box???

KATIE:  Waffles, the things that really matter don't come in boxes. Things like friends, family, freedom. Most of all, love.

WAFFLES:  I love YOU, Boss. And Glogirly and Gloman and chicken. Oh, and wand toys too! Definitely wand toys.

KATIE:  Waffles, long before you were born, even before I was born, our country suffered a terrible tragedy. Lots of people, animals too, lost their loved ones. Nearly 3,000 people died. And all because of things like intolerance and hatred.

WAFFLES:  Intoler-what? I don't know what those words mean, Boss. 

KATIE:  That's ok, Waffles. I hope you never do. 

In honor of those who lost their lives, and those who live with that loss.
We will never forget.

Monday, September 9, 2019

Happy Anniversary to the Couple that put the GLO in GLOGIRLY

WAFFLES:  Hey Boss? 

KATIE:  Waffles?

WAFFLES:  What's it like to be an old married couple? 

KATIE:  How would I know, Waffles?

WAFFLES:  Because you're old and we're a couple?

KATIE:  Watch it, Waffles. You're on thin ice. 

WAFFLES:  Ice? But it's not even winter yet. 

KATIE:  Yesterday was Glogirly and Gloman's 17th wedding anniversary. THEY'RE the only couple around here. You and I are not a couple. Got it?

WAFFLES:  Are you sure? Maybe we could elope or something.

KATIE:  Waffles, we can't elope.

WAFFLES:  You mean like melons?

KATIE:  *sigh*

WAFFLES:  Is a wedding anniversary the same as a Gotcha Day? Did they gotcha each other? Like from the shelter?

KATIE:  I'm pretty sure they didn't get each other at the shelter. They met by chance though, on a doorstep.

WAFFLES:  They got YOU at the shelter though, right? Isn't it your Gotcha Day too? Will you tell me the story again, Boss? Will you?

KATIE:  Fine, Waffles. If you promise to behave. No food stealing, no fur sniffing and no meowing back.

WAFFLES:  Got it, Boss. Food, fur, meow.

Once upon a time...
KATIE:  I bet you didn't know that this is the photo that started it all. It was the picture we used on our very first blog header way back in 2009 when I started every blog post with, "Hi Everyone, Katie here."

I was an anniversary present. A nice man with kind brown eyes and a deep voice adopted me for someone he said was very, very special. This special someone had no idea what he was planning. It was going to be a HUGE surprise. He'd been hinting around ... telling her that he was working on her anniversary 'kit.'

She was thinking maybe a kit for washing her car, or a kit of accessories for her iPod or something.

Little did she know, 'kit' was short for kitten.

It was love at first sight.

Gloman's given Glogirly some very special anniversary gifts over the years. He's always really creative and silly about how he gives her presents. Sometimes he'll hide cards by her toothbrush or tucked inside her makeup bag. One year he hid a beautiful watch in the refrigerator next to the milk and butter.

But the most special gift of all was a little black and white kitten with a purple bow around her neck and a tiny little tag that read, "Happy Anniversary."  

The Story Behind the Story
Over the years we've shared the hopelessly romantic story of how Glogirly and Gloman met. And how they came to be Glogirly and Gloman. If you're new to the blog and like a sappy love story, turn off the Lifetime channel and click the story link below. If you already know the story and want to read it again, well that's your problem. 

Their story is proof that love is everywhere. 
And when you least expect it, love might just tap you on the shoulder.

This post was previously published September 8, 2017 on GLOGIRLY and has been edited.

Friday, September 6, 2019

Catdaddy INCOMING!

WAFFLES:  Today's the day, right Boss? 

KATIE:  Right, Waffles. Gloman arrives early this morning. Did you get him a present?

WAFFLES:  You mean like a rainbow crinkle ball? He likes to play fetch, you know. What'd you get him, Boss? Another hairball?

KATIE:  Very funny. I'm going to shower him with my love. That's my present.

WAFFLES: But Boss, you don't like the shower. 

With Gloman, Everything is Pawsible
Ok, maybe not cats-in-the-shower-pawsible, but when Gloman comes to visit, the sun is shining, the birds are singing, and everything is right in our little corner of the world.

Gloman is coming home to Colorado to celebrate Glogirly and his 17th wedding anniversary. The big day is Sunday, so on Monday we'll be sharing the story of how they met. Again. We've probably read it more times than Waffles can count. But it's a love story that makes us smile. And it's a story that, had it never happened, would mean there'd be no Katie, no Waffles, and no Glogirly. 

Have a wonderful weekend, friends. We'll see you on Monday. 💕