Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Hi everyone, Katie here.

Glogirly's sure been running alot lately. And I don't mean to the pet store to buy me food and gifts. She's been RUNNING-running. Over the summer when she was ignoring my blog, she ran her first 5K.

Glogirly In Pink At Her First 5K Finish Line

This Saturday she's running the TC 10K. For those of you not in the know, that's the Twin Cities 10K. For those geographically challenged, that's the Twin Cities of Minneapolis & St. Paul, Minnesota.

So at 7:30 this Saturday morning, Glogirly and a few thousand other crazies are going to run a 10K course that winds through historic Saint Paul neighborhoods and finishes at the state capitol. I don't get it really. Why would anyone want to run outside when there's a perfectly good staircase to run up and down, twirl around on, right here in the townhouse.

On the flip side, I'm quite flattered by the name of the race. Not the TC part. The 10K part.

(a.k.a. 10 Katies)

Still, no one asked if they could name the race after me. I sure hope this doesn't mean I'll be denied royalties and publicity.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Shower Caddy Terror

Hi everyone, Katie here.

Now that I'm back in the blogging game again, one thing is for certain. I have much to say.

So many grievances. So many challenges. So many intruders, annoyances and infractions against me and my domain. Glogirly began her new job back in May. To say she travels (a.k.a. abandons me) is an understatement. If it weren't for my resourcefulness and resolve, Cod only knows what would have come of me. There are simply too many harrowing events that have occurred during the last few months to list. But I simply cannot keep quiet about the incident I choose to call "Shower Caddy Terror."

First, a little background. I have my own bathroom. It's tastefully decorated and appointed with all the necessary amenities.

My Bathroom

Glogirly converted a walk-in shower into a lovely little stall for my litter box. The curtain provides privacy while I take care of my daily "needs." She has covered the drain so as to not create any litter clogs. The shower enclosure allows me to dig with fervor yet avoid spraying the entire bathroom with litter. She says clean up is much easier for her. I say she should clean up a bit more often. But that's a whole other story.

The Caddy

In an effort to have a place for everything and everything in its place, Glogirly hung a shower caddy inside my enclosure to house my litter essentials. Ziplocks & garbage bags. Paper towels, Dawn & Windex. Air freshener & my scoop.

Those of you that have read my most recent blog post know that the townhouse is currently under siege. Construction, scaffolding, and men with tool belts slinging sledge hammers into the side of our home all the live long day. Often, the pounding was so hard, the whole townhouse shook. I'll give you one guess what happened to the above mentioned shower caddy. That's right. It flew off the shower head and landed right on top of my box. Blocked the whole thing.

Exhibit A: Pre Trauma

Exhibit B: Post Trauma

Glogirly was off in Idaho someplace. Gloman was home but oblivious.

For what seemed like a month, I was forced to do my business whilst balancing my little kitty feet atop the metal rungs of the shower caddy. I had to do #1 AND #2 right through the metal grate. And I couldn't even reach my litter to bury. How embarrassing is THAT!

It was Gloman that finally discovered my plight. I could tell he was biting his lip to keep from laughing though. I heard him on the phone with Glogirly too. There were a couple awhhhh's, then laughing and cackling. I'd like to see THEM balance barefoot on top of the equivelant of a chain link fence while squatting over THEIR toilet!

Fortunately Gloman did eventually come to my rescue...but only after much inappropriate laughter.

I have questions, many questions.

What if I had been IN my box when this whole thing came down? What then? Would they have found me dead under a shower caddy? Buried in my own...? How would the obituary read? What would be engraved in my headstone? I'd be an embarrassment to cats across the globe.

Beware Of The Evil Shower Caddy

Thursday, September 23, 2010

My Townhouse, My Life

Hi everyone, Katie here.

I know. Don't even start with me. Certainly you must know it's not my fault. My girl suddenly gives up a life of servitude to me (a.k.a. "unemployment") and takes up a job. A job! The nerve. All the salmon in the world can't make up for this mess.

Well I believe she's finally crumbling under the pressure. My fans, Cod bless them, are a persistent bunch. We've been receiving countless emails asking if all is ok at the townhouse. Are we well? Are we still alive? Are we going to blog again?

We are well.
We are still alive.
We ARE blogging again!

But alas, all is not well at the townhouse. Just look at the place! We've been sealed up like leftovers in a zip-lock bag all summer long. I can't even see out my windows. I have no idea if the bunnies are still alive and kicking outside. I can't even make out the birds.

See that scaffolding? Imagine having to eat in front of noisy, smelly construction workers who are standing right outside the kitchen windows. Right outside my dish for crying out loud.

Why the mess and destruction? Mold. I don't even know who or what Mold is. I'm still a cat you know. But according to glogirly and gloman, this Mold-guy is the one responsible for stealing my summer bunny and bird viewing away. Strange men in work boots coming and going...I swear, I haven't gotten a moment's rest.

Thank Cod for the internet or I'd have nothing at all. Except for now. I have my blogging friends and fans again.

That is if you'll have me.