Sunday, October 31, 2010

Never Let Them Hear You Hiss

Hi everyone, Katie here.

I knew this day would come. I've been on my toes for weeks in anticipation of this silly holiday. The holiday that seems to be all about candy and cat ears.

So this time I was ready.

When Glogirly tried to taunt me again with her cat ears disguise, I took it all in stride. Sure, I wanted to hiss. I wanted to show a little claw. But you know what they say - Never let them see you sweat. Or in my case - Never let them hear you hiss.

I've been playing along all day. And I must say, I enjoy watching her work so hard to trip me up.

Better luck next time, Glogirly.

And Pee. S. to Katie Lite: I'm still watching.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Katie Lite, I'm Onto You

Hi everyone, Katie here.

Katie Lite, last seen with Glogirly in Sandpoint, Idaho is suspected to have absconded to the Chicago area. For those of you just joining me, Katie Lite is the sneaky imposter that was seen galavanting around Idaho with Glogirly while my girl was away on business. I can define their relationship only as suspicious and Katie Lite's motivation as questionable.

If you've been keeping up with my reports, you know that Katie Lite disappeared suddenly from Sandpoint, Idaho. Foul play is suspected. And, if you read between the lines, the authorities are pointing an accusatory finger at ME for crying out loud. Like I had something to do with it or something.

Stupid tabloid rags.

I've been snooping around on Facebook and have now obtained compelling evidence that Katie Lite has indeed fled to Chicago. She arrived in her Kayak sometime last weekend. Kayak. Can you believe it? What self-respecting cat would ever consider a kayak as an appropriate mode of transportation?

Opposable thumbs?
I've got your opposable thumbs. Right here.

Furthermore, I believe she has befriended an unsuspecting Chicago family in hopes of blending in. These poor kids have no idea who they are dealing with. She's even trying to hide her scary ears underneath that silly headband.

Left to right: Unsuspecting son,
unsuspecting daughter, Katie Lite.

Katie Lite, I'm onto you.

And I'm watching you.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Katie Lite Missing

Hi everyone, Katie here.

This just in - The Daily News is reporting that Katie Lite, notorious stand-in cat for Katie, is missing. Katie Lite was last seen yesterday with Glogirly in Sandpoint, Idaho. Her sudden disappearance is being described as both shocking and suspicious. Authorities are investigating and suspect foul play.

According to Glogirly, she and Katie Lite went out for a late night stroll along the shores of Lake Pond Oreille. Suddenly they found themselves in a very shady part of town. Glogirly: "One minute we were mewing and laughing, laughing and mewing, the next minute she was gone."

Last known photo of Katie Lite.

In a shocking twist of events, a local Sandpoint cat, Miss Mavis, has come forward claiming to have information that authorities hope will crack the Katie Lite case wide open.

Local Sandpoint Cat, Miss Mavis

Miss Mavis has reported having seen a suspicious cat, obviously from out of town, stalking the streets of Sandpoint. Miss Mavis is said to have witnessed this outsider cat rushing away from Katie Lite's last known location. Authorities claim Miss Mavis had her iPhone with her and managed to snap off a partial photo of the outsider cat leaving the scene.

Actual iPhone photo taken by Miss Mavis.

Since the Katie Lite story went public, Miss Mavis has received threatening emails and Facebook comments. Local law enforcement believe these threats have originated from a Minneapolis cat's IP address. Fearful for her own safety, Miss Mavis has declined any further comment.

Miss Mavis: "NO COMMENT"

This outsider cat is described as black & white, small in stature with a distinguishing mustache marking on her upper left lip. Sandpoint authorities are seeking any information that might help in locating and apprehending the outsider cat for questioning.

Police Sketch Artist's Rendering of Outsider Cat

Friends, I have NO IDEA as to the identity of this outsider cat. And I think it's just so sad that we may never hear from Katie Lite again. My heart goes out to the family...yadda-yadda, whatever.

Miss Mavis, you better watch your back.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Katie Lite

Hi everyone, Katie here.

This just in - Troubling news from Idaho. Very troubling indeed. I have been replaced.

Word on the street indicates Glogirly has been seen hanging out with an imposter. A poser. ...a...a-nother CAT!

I'm all touched that Glogirly obviously misses me. Who wouldn't? But come on. Katie Lite? Katie Lite (a.k.a. Dawn) is a friend and colleague of Glogirly's. They've been "working" together out in that crazy Idaho place for what seems like a hundred cat years.

My suspicion meter is high. VERY high. I don't know about you, but this does NOT look like WORK to me:

Katie Lite and Glogirly.
WORKING at the Lake.

Katie Lite again.
Nice wide-mouth bass, Katie Lite.
...apparently Katie Lite's palette is not
sophisticated enough to appreciate Salmon.

Champagne. Can you believe it!
I'm seething.

Nice tail, Katie Lite.
You are an embarrassment to cats across the country.

Glogirly better not have any long-term plans with this Katie Lite. She had best leave Katie Lite back in Idaho where she belongs. The townhouse...correction, the WORLD is only big enough for one Katie.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Hello, Glogirly?

Hi everyone, Katie here.

My girl is still gone. She's still in that Idaho place. Still. But at least I've finally got Gloman back. I was getting a little worried, rationing food and all. He arrived home at the townhouse today. Cleaned my box. Topped off my food. Refreshed my water. Even played with my new toy. I don't mind sharing, but about letting ME play with my new toy!

Then he totally redeemed himself. We got to call Glogirly. I even got to mew into the iPhone. I could hear her giggling. I could also see Gloman roll his eyes. But I know he misses her too. I'm pretty sure she told him to kiss me. I'm not sure I like that idea. And neither is he.

She's coming home next Friday. Until then I've Photoshopped myself onto a park bench looking across big Lake Pend Oreille towards Sandpoint. That's where my girl is sleeping tonight.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Idaho, She's Gotta Go

Hi everyone, Katie here.

All those comments for Glogirly's 10K run were so nice...they really touched her heart. But you can stop with the warm fuzzies already because I must tell you that I have been abandoned. Again.

Ever since Glogirly started working again, things have just not been the same for me. I can always tell how bad it's going to be by the size and quantity of the suitcases she heaves out of the closet. The number of shoes she packs is also a good indicator as to the length of my abandonment. And trust me, that girl has got a lot of shoes.

Finally, when my BIG food dish comes out, I know I'm in for some quality "ME" time.

So she's off to that Sandpoint place again. Idaho. It's practically in Canada you know.

That's Sandpoint on the bottom. I'm standing on the long bridge over Lake Pend Orielle. (Sounds like Lake Ponder-Elle.) Ok I'm not really standing on the bridge. Glogirly says it's a really long bridge. She ran over it again and again when she was training for her 10K.

Apparently she's not coming home for two whole weeks. I'm not sure how long two whole weeks is, but the shoes say it's a long time. I'm expecting lots of Salmon when she returns.

For now, I'll just be sitting here.
Waiting patiently for my girl. And the salmon.

Monday, October 4, 2010

10K Proof

Hi everyone, Katie here.

Well Glogirly actually made it through the big 10 Katies run last Saturday. It was very cold and very early in the morning. Since Glogirly doesn't have the luxury of a beautiful fur coat like mine, she was forced to wear her down parka to keep her toasty until the race began.

Stretching is important. I'm her stretching coach.

The TC 10K started in front of the Minnesota State Capitol. That's in Saint Paul. Glogirly had to wait patiently without her parka on for the race to begin.

Waiting in the cold.

Once the pack took off, they wound up the street to the Saint Paul Cathedral. The route took them through the beautiful neighborhoods of Summit Avenue lined with pretty fall colors and then back again to the Capitol.

Glogirly says that little hill leading up to the
Cathedral may as well have been Mt. Everest.

Finish Line Phew!

Glogirly said the most beautiful part of the race was the finish line. It took her 62 minutes and 39 seconds to run 10 Katies. I mean 10K. Or rather, 6.21371192 miles. Sounds like way more than 10 Katies to me.