Friday, October 15, 2010

Katie Lite Missing

Hi everyone, Katie here.

This just in - The Daily News is reporting that Katie Lite, notorious stand-in cat for Katie, is missing. Katie Lite was last seen yesterday with Glogirly in Sandpoint, Idaho. Her sudden disappearance is being described as both shocking and suspicious. Authorities are investigating and suspect foul play.

According to Glogirly, she and Katie Lite went out for a late night stroll along the shores of Lake Pond Oreille. Suddenly they found themselves in a very shady part of town. Glogirly: "One minute we were mewing and laughing, laughing and mewing, the next minute she was gone."

Last known photo of Katie Lite.

In a shocking twist of events, a local Sandpoint cat, Miss Mavis, has come forward claiming to have information that authorities hope will crack the Katie Lite case wide open.

Local Sandpoint Cat, Miss Mavis

Miss Mavis has reported having seen a suspicious cat, obviously from out of town, stalking the streets of Sandpoint. Miss Mavis is said to have witnessed this outsider cat rushing away from Katie Lite's last known location. Authorities claim Miss Mavis had her iPhone with her and managed to snap off a partial photo of the outsider cat leaving the scene.

Actual iPhone photo taken by Miss Mavis.

Since the Katie Lite story went public, Miss Mavis has received threatening emails and Facebook comments. Local law enforcement believe these threats have originated from a Minneapolis cat's IP address. Fearful for her own safety, Miss Mavis has declined any further comment.

Miss Mavis: "NO COMMENT"

This outsider cat is described as black & white, small in stature with a distinguishing mustache marking on her upper left lip. Sandpoint authorities are seeking any information that might help in locating and apprehending the outsider cat for questioning.

Police Sketch Artist's Rendering of Outsider Cat

Friends, I have NO IDEA as to the identity of this outsider cat. And I think it's just so sad that we may never hear from Katie Lite again. My heart goes out to the family...yadda-yadda, whatever.

Miss Mavis, you better watch your back.


  1. Katie, we KNOW you are totally innocent! Srsly.
    Katie Lite prolly sauntered off with some direputable Tom, and she'll show up in a week, with a smirk on her face and a tummy fulla kittens...happens all the time.

  2. Woah, that police photo is mighty bootiful... I hope they find that kitty!

  3. Heh-heh... good riddance, I say!

    My lips are sealed.

  4. Katie, we can't help but smile knowing that Katie Lite is missing...hehehehe....

  5. Well, that Katie Lite had it comming......

  6. A fun, creative post!...Happy weekend, Katie!...xoxo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  7. what a great post! so happy you are back Katie! hope you had NOTHING to do with that crime! ; 0

  8. You're being framed I say!! You need an attorney at claw!

  9. I know it isn't you because you look nothing like the police sketch. They need to keep looking for the perp.


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