Monday, October 31, 2016

Waffles' Great (and Magical) Pumpkin

WAFFLES:  Boss! The Great Pumpkin... it's really REAL!

KATIE:  Waffles, there's nothing great about that. It's a plastic pumpkin.

WAFFLES:  It's HUGE, Boss. 

WAFFLES:  And magical.

KATIE:  Well if it can make you disappear, it must have some kind of magic powers.

KATIE:  Waffles? 

KATIE:  Waffles? Where'd you go? Waffles?

KATIE:  Well who'd have ever thought that Halloween would be my new favorite holiday?

 About Today's Photos
When Glogirly came home with the big plastic pumpkin, it took Waffles all of 10 seconds to dive inside and hunker down. Katie has never been much a fan of enclosed spaces, especially enclosed spaces inside giant orange plastic pumpkins. But when Waffles looked like he'd never come out, she became pretty curious. We're certain she had no plans on joining him, but more likely was peering over the edge hoping for a little of that Great Pumpkin disappearing magic. 

Eventually the treats came out and then it turned into a big free-for-all. 

WAFFLES:  Hey Boss!  I got a catnip Greenie! What'd you get? Did you get something good?

KATIE:  Freeze dried chicken. 

WAFFLES:  We should totally trade.

KATIE:  In your dreams, Waffles. That's like trading a Reeses for a measly circus peanut. 

Happy Halloween, everybody! 
Stay safe and enjoy plenty of tricks and treats. And don't forget to keep the circus peanuts and Reeses cups away from the kitties! And Glogirly. Please keep those Reeses cups away from her too.

Friday, October 28, 2016

Battle of the Cute #FlashbackFriday

WAFFLES:  Hey Boss! Remember when I was small like this?  Everyone said I was SOOOO cute. 
The ladies, they'd go on and on and on and –

KATIE:  Waffles, there was plenty of cute here LONG before you moved in.

About Today's Photos
Today's photos date way back to December 2012 for Waffles and December 2005 for Katie. Hard to believe, Miss Katie is 11 years old. Some would call that a senior, but she begs to differ. And the orange crush, Waffles, is now 4 years old. 

According to Katie, the last 4 years have been the longest, albeit most interesting, years of her life. 

Truth be told, after 4 years of patty cake play fighting, Katie and Waffles show more and more signs of being comfortable around each other. Sure, Waffles has his annoying-little-brother-moments, but he also shows great respect for Katie. It's clear to everyone at the Townhouse that they're most comfortable when they have each other. And Glogirly. She makes for a great buffer.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The Best Medicine Ever

WAFFLES:  I'm on strict nurse duty on account of Glogirly's got a cold. 

WAFFLES:  Hey Boss! Can you bring us a snack? 

KATIE:  Who do you think I am, the pizza delivery guy? 

WAFFLES:  I was kind of thinking chicken. 

WAFFLES:  With gravy, right Glogirly?

About Today's Photos
Katie and Waffles have been sticking to Glogirly like glue ever since she came down with the mother of all colds a few days ago. They instinctively know when she's not feeling well and take turns being by her side. Occasionally they even let their nursing shifts overlap and Glogirly suddenly finds herself surrounded by kitty love. There's no better medicine.

WAFFLES:  About that chicken.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Man to Mancat Quality Time

WAFFLES:  Gloman and I spent the weekend doing man stuff on the computer. Like reading the news and photography forums and shopping for, you know... man stuff. 

WAFFLES:  I'll take two red dots and a wand toy. The orange one. With feathers.

WAFFLES:  Definitely feathers.

KATIE:  Feathers for me??? *It's about time* You shouldn't have. 

WAFFLES:  Uh oh. Better make that TWO wand toys with feathers. 

WAFFLES:  A smart mancat knows how to keep the Boss happy. Especially when she's looking.

About Today's Photos
Gloman was in Poughkeepsie, New York all of last week at the CIA. Just when we thought he was a real secret agent man, he informed us it's actually the Culinary Institute of America. And just when we thought that would mean he'd return bearing culinary gifts, he showed up with nothing more than a suitcase of dirty laundry.

Waffles had some serious catching up to do with him. Five whole days without their pre-breakfast and post-dinner lap time is almost more than he can handle. So there was a lot of what you see in today's photos going on over the weekend. And plenty of naps. And KFC. Original recipe.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Final Residential Cat Debate: Katie v. Waffles

MODERATOR:  Welcome to the final 2016 Residential Cat Debate. The political pundits have been buzzing since the last cat debate with viewer polls indicating Katie overwhelmingly outperformed the furry orange showman. Her prowess and preparation clearly paid off. Despite Waffles' lack of experience and polish, he continues to charm crowds with his off the cuff meows, quips and improvisational song lyrics.

We're ready for a spirited discussion between two cats with strikingly different viewpoints and opinions. We kindly ask that you refrain from cheering, chortling or heckling. 

WAFFLES:  Who, me??

MODERATOR:  Except for right now as we welcome cats, Katie and Waffles.

WAFFLES:  Woot! Woooot! *unintelligible chortling* ...The crowd goes wild! Yesssss!

KATIE:  Seriously, Waffles. Cheering for yourself???

WAFFLES:  Wait! I'm not ready. I have to get my scratcher, um.. I mean my podium ready. Where's the snacks? Aren't there supposed to be snacks?

KATIE:  Waffles, get back to your podium. This one's mine.

WAFFLES:  Does your podium have snacks? Because mine doesn't. Aren't we supposed to have snacks?

KATIE:  Waffles, forget the snacks. The readers want to hear us discuss the issues. 

WAFFLES:  Hey, Mister Moderator Guy, I have an issue that needs to be discussed. My podium doesn't have snacks. 

WAFFLES:  Doesn't this thing work? Hellooo, can anyone hear me? Hey, where'd the moderator guy go? 

KATIE:  Something tells me he's not coming back. 

...there you have it. The debate has ended before it even got started. Despite the lack of thoughtful discussion, tomorrow's polls will likely show that Katie won while Waffles tweets about the lack of snacks. 

Democat, Republicat, Independcat...
No matter which side of the litter box you lean towards, we bet you'll be glad when this election cycle is over.

WAFFLES:  Which side of the litter box do you lean towards, Boss?

KATIE:  MY side, Waffles.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Cats, Hats, Pirates & Parrots #WafflesWednesday

WAFFLES:  Hey Boss! How do you like my new chicken hat? 

KATIE:  Waffles, that's a pirate's hat.

WAFFLES:  I didn't know pirates ate chicken. No wonder they're so awesome.

KATIE:  Waffles, that's not a chicken on your hat. It's a parrot. And he's not your lunch.

WAFFLES:  Is he my dinner?

KATIE:  You can't eat a parrot, Waffles. He's supposed to be your friend. Your comrade. Your–

WAFFLES:  Cool, so we can hang out and talk about girls and stuff. Maybe do some karaoke.

KATIE:  Oh no–

Somewhere, beyond the sea
Somewhere, waiting for me
My chicken stands on golden sands
And watches for cats that are hungry

About Today's Photos
Glogirly's been on a wild cleaning and organizing binge. Our apologies to the garbage and recycling guys. Those bins were so heavy this week she could barely roll them to the curb. She took special care in organizing our cat closet. Yes, we have our own closet. It's filled with all sorts of samples we've received and written about. Everything from calming collars to wand toys, catnip to scratchers. And a drawer full of decorative harnesses, Santa coats, and ... shudder... Halloween costumes.

Katie refers to it as "Waffles' Drawer."

Monday, October 17, 2016

High on Sunshine

 *John Denver ear worm alert*
WAFFLES:  Sunshine, on my cat tree, makes me happy.   ♫♩

WAFFLES:  Sunshine, in my eyes, can make me wild.  ♫♩

KATIE:  Sunshine, on my fur, looks so lovely.   ♫♩

WAFFLES:  Sunshine almost always makes me high!   ♫♩

KATIE:  Waffles, if sunshine makes you so high, what are you doing down here? 

Tree Dwellers & Ground Dwellers
Athough some cats gravitate to the highest spot in the room one minute and hunker down low to the ground the next, most show a definite preference for one or the other. With the occasional leap onto the kitchen counter exception, Katie is a much more of a ground dweller. As far as Waffles is concerned, the higher the better. As luck would have it, their opposite preferences help to make life in the Townhouse more harmonious. 

Especially at breakfast and dinner. Waffles eats his meals high atop one of the cat trees, while Katie enjoys private dining in the powder room. This keeps Waffles the speed eater from horning in on Katie's dish and it also keeps Katie away from Waffles' food... what's left of it. 

Waffles and Katie are both avid window watchers. Birds, neighbors, leaves and squirrels... it's even better than satellite TV. Waffles likes the view from way up high and Katie likes it from down low. 

There are exceptions though. That's what keeps things interesting!

Where do your kitties like to dwell? 

Friday, October 14, 2016

Katie and Waffles Holding Paws - #FridayFlashback Shocker

WAFFLES:  So Boss. We've been together now for about elebenty seven years.

KATIE:  Actually, it's been 3 years, 8 months, 13 days, 6 hours and 11 minutes. But who's counting?

WAFFLES:  That's what I said. Elebenty seven years.

KATIE:  Fine. Elebenty whatever. So just how long are you planning on keeping your paw there? Because for the record, mine was here first and yours is encroaching.

WAFFLES:  But when a boy cat and a girl cat go out for elebenty seven years –


WAFFLES:  Yeah, Boss. You know. Like going study and stuff.

KATIE:  You mean going 'steady'? We are NOT going steady, Waffles. Nevermind all the obvious reasons I'd never go steady with you... I'm old enough to be your–

WAFFLES:  Grandmother?

KATIE:  Wow, didn't see that one coming.

About Today's SHOCKING Flashback Photos
You should have heard Glogirly squealing when she took these photos last year.

Katie and Waffles HOLDING HANDS??? 

Call CNN!
Call Entertainment Tonight!
Call Jackson Galaxy!

Waffles has always been (and still is) fascinated with Katie. Unless he's sleeping very soundly, he's constantly aware of her every move. If she's laying in the sun, he'll get as close as he can and do the same. If she's playing with a toy, he sits fixated, waiting for just the right moment to engage. On the one hand, he's like a pesky little brother, horning in on her space and her fun. But there are many times he actually shows incredible restraint, watching intently but letting Katie have her space and her fun.

Today's photos are some of Glogirly's all time favorites. She remembers this moment like it was yesterday. Waffles slowly walked up to Katie while she was lounging by the window. He gingerly sat down at the edge of her pillow and started meowing. Long, extended meows. Louder and louder. Slowly he reached out with his right paw towards her. He carefully set it down on top of her paw and then slowly shifted it so it rested next to hers on the pillow.

And then came the stare down.

This was one of those moments Glogirly would pay just about any amount of money to be able to read their minds.

And in case you're wondering...
These are actual, untouched photographs. NO photoshop trickery was used. For real.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Waffles and his Ceiling Safari Adventure #WafflesWednesday

WAFFLES:  I'm going on safari. I hope I'll be back soon, but you never know. Safaris can be dangerous you know. So if I don't make it back, please give all my chicken drumsticks toys to Glogirly and my KFC gift cards to Gloman. Oh, and give my catnip pickle to the Boss. 

Ok, here I go.

WAFFLES:  I KNEW it... Boss! There's monsters in the ceiling. They sound HUGE.

KATIE:  Pretty sure that's Glogirly.


KATIE:  No, upstairs. 

WAFFLES:  In the UPSTAIRS ceiling???

KATIE:  NO. She's just doing laundry. Why would she be in the ceiling? 

WAFFLES:  Maybe the monsters clothes are dirty.

About Today's Photos
Today's pics were actually taken back in February of last year. But earlier today, Glogirly had the ladder out to change some of the smoke alarm batteries. Every single time she stepped away, even for just a few seconds, Waffles would climb to the top of the ladder and just sit there like it was his throne.

When she was done with the changing of the batteries, she folded the ladder up and leaned it against the wall. Waffles still managed to climb it, but it was so steep he couldn't get down.

Pretty sure Katie was hoping he'd never come down. Not to worry though, Glogirly came to his rescue. Again and again and again.