Friday, August 31, 2012

Internet Cat Video Film Festival Round Up

Hi everyone, Katie here.

Last night was the highly anticipated Internet Cat Video Film Festival at the internationally renowned Walker Art Center in Minneapolis. I sent Glogirly and Flat Katie to cover the event on my behalf, and was I EVER glad I did! Just LOOK at this crowd!  The Walker is reporting that over 10,000 people were in attendance!!!

Whoa, this kitty likes her fame, but I don't even like the cat sitter. So you can imagine how I'd respond a crowd this size!  Despite my recent PRESS COVERAGE, not a single person recognized Flat Katie. Ok, it was getting dark so I'll cut them some slack.

Glogirly and I were texting back and forth. She provided updates regarding people wearing cat ears. On the lookout for some REAL cats, she ran into my summer fling, Spaghetti Bob Registered Therapy Kitten.  Unfortunately, Bob was disappointed in Flat Katie. He prefers a more rubenesque girlcat. Someday we must meet in the fur.

As you know, I submitted a number of videos from my private collection for consideration in the event. When Glogirly got her paws on the program she perused the long list of videos looking for a familiar name. Sadly it was not to be.

So while Glogirly tried hard to enjoy the rest of the show, I plotted at home. What kind of revenge would befit an oversight of this magnitude?  Who must this revenge be directed at?

Sure, there were bigger names than mine. But come on, just how many videos of Maru can you possibly watch in a lifetime? Cute cat squeezes into diet soda box. Box gets stuck on cute cat. Cute cat slides around on floor in said box. Woo.

Just when I was about to rip the Keyboard Cat a new one, the garage door opened and Glogirly came racing up the stairs. She beelined it to her computer and was tap-tap-tapping away. Seems the Walker people put together a collection of Honorable Mention videos. All paws were crossed as we waited for the page to load.

AND THERE I WAS!!!!!!!!!!!  OMC! The Real Housecats Of The Blogosphere (season 2 episode 2) MADE THE LIST! I'm honorable! I'm honorable!

Ok, what's honorable? What? No prize? No guest appearances on Animal Planet? The phone hasn't even rung yet.

I guess I'll just have to lay my head back on my pillow and plot some more.

Glogirly here -
Not that Katie would tell you, but the Cat Video Film Festival was a smashing success!  HUGE crowd of people chanting, "CAT - CAT - CAT."  By the end I'm certain everyone's faces were hurting from laughing so much. It was extremely well done with the video clips all organized into fun CAT-egories.

And despite her "remarks," we're huge fans of Maru and Keyboard Cat. : )

The famous Henri won the People's Choice and the first "Golden Kitty Award" for Henri 2 Paw de Deux. If you haven't seen Henri before, you MUST!  

But the best part?  YOU can watch the whole program!  Just click these links:
Internet Cat Video Film Festival MAIN PROGRAM
Internet Cat Video Film Festival HONORABLE MENTIONS

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Campaign For A Cause - Blind Cat Rescue

Hi, I'm Snicker. Probably because I'm super sweet. Read my story.

Hi everyone Katie here.

Are you sitting down? Put aside any sharp objects and leave the hot coffee in the kitchen. I'm checking my sarcasm at the door today.

One of the coolest parts of running for Cat Ruler of the World in the Campaign For A Cause Contest is the Cause. Glogirly and I have chosen to support Blind Cat Rescue & Sanctuary of St. Pauls, North Carolina in this first-of-it's-kind contest. Today I'm honored and humbled to share just a little bit about this amazing shelter, the cats, and the people who love and care for them.

I'm Emily, here on the left. I was born a stray and the people who were feeding me 
saw that I had problems with my eyes. They asked for help. Read my story.

And I'm LT here on the right. That's short for Little Thing because I'm small. They also call me 
a non-stop purr machine. A LOT of people worked together to rescue me. Read my story.

Their Mission - Their Compassion
Blind Cat Rescue & Sanctuary was established in 2005 to answer a desperate need for a safe place for blind cats that were deemed unadoptable by regular shelters and were going to be killed simply because they were blind.

To some, the term 'rescue' is cool.  As current and trendy as 'green.'  Drive a Prius, recycle regularly and adopt a rescue. But to those who know firsthand, rescue is anything but glamorous.  Alana Miller, the amazing woman behind BCRS explains, "It's about comforting a scared cat whose owners abandoned him at the shelter after living together for 10 years. It's about holding a young animal's head as they take their last breath when it has been determined that their previous owners abused them so badly they can't be saved."

"It's about restoring hope and dignity to creatures for whom no one else cares about."

"The responsibility is big but the returns on our emotional investment are greater. You cannot place a value on the look of contentment that comes when an animal is clean, exercised, warm, fed and safe for the first time in its life."

Hi I'm Rudy. I a sweet little guy that was born blind. They say it took a village to rescue me. Read my story.

The Inspiration Behind Blind Cat Rescue
When I asked Alana how the idea for Blind Cat Rescue came to be, she told me about her friend, Gwen Cooper and Homer the cat.  Many of you have probably heard of Homer's story. Gwen turned it into the bestselling book, Homer's Odyssey - A Fearless Feline Tale, Or How I Learned About Love and Life with a Blind Wonder Cat.

Before Gwen wrote her book, she and Alana talked about who might read a story about a blind cat. They agreed, if Homer's story saved just one cat, it would make a difference. Homer's story has done much, much more. "Gwen has made a tremendous difference in the lives of blind cats. She's managed to change the mindset of if you're blind, you're dead." She's opened minds and opened hearts. All this has had a significant and positive impact on Alana and Blind Cat Rescue.

Just yesterday I connected with Gwen on Facebook. I'm hoping to do a very special post about her and Homer next week, so stay tuned!

Hi, I'm Miracle, a big fluffy orange miracle! I'm FIV+ and was moments away from being euthanized
when a shelter worker called Blind Cat Rescue hoping to save me. Read my story.

And I'm Fred. I'm blind and FIV+. I love to be touched and I'll follow you everywhere. Read my story.

A Lesson For The Human Race
Since 2005, the year I was born, Blind Cat Rescue & Sanctuary has provided safety, love and hope to more cats than I can count. This both warms and breaks my heart.

Glogirly tells me often how lucky we are, how much we have, how our lives are full.  When she was growing up her mom and dad tried to teach her about humility and generosity. They taught her to reach her hand out to the kid in school that was different or awkward.  They taught her to love those that didn't know love.

It's really not all that different, is it? I think that's why Blind Cat Rescue has touched her heart in such a profound way and why we have chosen to support them in this amazing contest.  The human race has much to learn about how they treat and care for each other, especially those that are hurting, lost or just different.  Imagine the world if everyone treated each other with the same respect, dignity and compassion that BCRS shows the cats in their care.

Hi, I'm Chester. I was found as a stray by some nice people that asked (ok begged) BCRS to help me. Read my story.

On The Web
Glogirly and I first discovered Blind Cat Rescue on Facebook.  We love seeing the daily updates and photos of the cats. They take the time to thank every single donor whenever they receive gifts from their WISH LIST, often with photos or videos of the cats enjoying those donations.

Frequently there are contests BCRS is entered in to win food, supplies, even grants for their shelter. They do a great job of reaching out to their Facebook friends and making it easy to help. 

Monthly visitor days are documented with smiling photos of visitors getting their fix of kitty love.
Please LIKE them on Facebook. (Sorry, there's no love button.)  

Through the power and reach of Facebook, BCRS has helped find homes for hundreds of blind kitties from coast to coast.

Blind Cat Rescue also has a powerful website that enables them to share their message and mission. Every single cat has a link with their name, photos and a brief history of how they came to be at the shelter.

How Can You Help?  
Currently Blind Cat Rescue & Sanctuary is caring for 92 cats whose age, medical condition, temperament or other special needs make them even more precious to them. They hope you feel the same. BCRS is a private, non-profit organization and receives no government funds. They raise every single penny themselves from caring people like you.

Here's how YOU can make a difference.
  • Go SHOPPING! Just pull out the plastic and shop the BCRS Wish List for everything from food and medicine to toys and litter. It couldn't be easier. 
  • It's election year. Please consider casting your vote for homeless animals by making a generous gift to Blind Cat Rescue & Sanctuary.
  • Sponsor a BCRS cat with a monthly donation commitment.
  • Honor a loved one with a Tribute Gift.
  • Matching Grants. Many large corporations will match your donation. 
  • Leave a legacy in your will.
  • Real Estate gifts.
  • Life Insurance planned gifts.
  •  (Visit BCRS Donation page for details.)
Every donation, no matter how small, will make a difference in the lives of these cats.

...and finally, The Cats!
I asked Alana if she could share with us just one message, what would it be? With a smile in her voice, she was very quick to respond. "Blind cats don't know their blind. They just know they're cats. They jump, they climb, they chase bugs. They're brave and fearless." That's something we can all learn from.  They eat, purr and love just like any other cat. Please, don't hesitate to give a blind cat a home. They'll enrich your lives, surprise and inspire you.

These are just a few of the Blind Cat Rescue kitties. You can meet ALL of them here.

"The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated."

The prizes in this contest are life changing and life sustaining for the shelters involved. I can't begin to describe the gratitude in Alana's voice when she explained to Glogirly and I how much this contest means to her and the cats of Blind Cat Rescue. They know how hard many families are struggling.  It's not easy finding the money to make donations to causes and organizations you really believe in when you're worrying about groceries and rent. Winning the Campaign For A Cause Contest will make a tremendous difference in the lives of these brave and loving cats.

YOU can make a difference! 

Vote Katie & Blind Cat Rescue
Voting begins on 9/11 at Zee & Zoey

Prizes for winning rescue organization:
*WINNING SHELTER – 5000 nutritious meals from Halo and to the winning shelter and 1000 meals to all runner up shelters, 2000 pounds of absorbent, natural whole-kernel corn litter fromWorld’s Best Cat Litter and 25 Trial Kits for each shelter to give away to new cat owners who have adopted a pet, a $250.00 financial donation and two cases of  any choice of odor product, stain & odor product, or litter spray to the winning shelter and a spray bottle odor assortment to runner up shelters from Zero Odor, a $250 financial donation from PetPlan Insurance, an exclusive offer from NVR Miss Litterbox – for each limited edition “Cat Ruler of the World” litter box purchased, $10.00 of the proceeds will be donated to the winning shelter, and, a special offer from Zee and Zoey themselves – for each copy of their book purchased, The Chronicles of Zee and Zoey, $5.00 of the proceeds will be donated to the winning shelter!!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

UPDATE UPDATE! My Photo IS In The City Pages!

Hi everyone, Katie here.

Last night when I wrote and posted my Above-The-Fold-Famous | International Cat Video Film Festival article, I had not yet seen the ACTUAL City Pages paper. So this morning (after Glogirly FINALLY got up) I pushed her out the door and said, "Get to the coffee shop!  HURRY!!!!! Get your paws on some City Pages!"  I don't often talk, so she knew I meant business.

This kitty is seldom (ok, never) wrong. But last night, when I wrote that there were no photos of me in the article, I hadn't seen the print version. Puzzling yes, since KATIE is the first word of the article, right under Ms. Erika Wolf's byline. Well guess what?!

Here I am in FULL COLOR!  Right smack dab on the front page of the article. Me and my salmon pasties and everything!

If you're just tuning in, check out my earlier Above-The-Fold-Famous blog post.
You can check out the whole City Pages article here. (but alas, you won't see my picture unless you have your paws on the real thing.)

Ok, I gotta go find my salmon pasties. Might have to let Flat Katie wear them to the film festival.

Above-The-Fold-Famous | International Cat Video Film Festival

Hi everyone Katie here.

I'm just too excited to let this Wednesday be wordless.  Tomorrow night hundreds, maybe THOUSANDS, of people will gather on the lawn outside the internationally renowned Walker Art Center in Minneapolis for the first ever Internet Cat Video Film Festival.  Glogirly and Flat Katie will be in attendance and all paws are crossed that a clip of one of my videos makes it to the BIG screen!

But according to the local news, I'm already famous!!!  Today the Minneapolis City Pages (that's the cool newspaper of the Twin Cities for you foreigners) published a front page article about the festival... and guess what the FIRST word of the article is?  KATIE!  That's right kitties, I'm not only above the fold, I'm right under the byline.

A very nice reporter named Erika Wolf (no relation to dogs) talked with Glogirly a few weeks ago about the festival. Here's what she wrote about me:

Internet Cat Video Film Festival Purrs Into Minnesota 
By Erika Wolf
Katie Glovatsky lives the glamorous life of a breakout reality-show star. She and her fellow cast members Zoey, Hakeem, and Callie spend most nights traveling by limo, swilling martinis, dancing on tables, and dodging the paparazzi. She knows the bouncers at the hottest clubs, including the Glitter Box, and she always receives VIP bottle service, though she secretly would rather drink milk than Moet.
Her days are spent getting her beauty rest, soaking in the sun, and grooming her jet-black hair — truly her crowning glory. Every so often, she'll go for a run or chase a ball around, but mostly she tries to save her energy for the nightlife.
What most of her fans don't know, however, is that Katie Glovatsky is painfully shy. In fact, when people come over, she scurries under the sofa.
"Katie is not a very social cat," says Debbie Glovatsky, a Minneapolis-based blogger who created a series of stop-motion YouTube videos called "The Real Housecats of the Blogosphere."
In 2009, Glovatsky was curious about social media, though she had very little experience with it. She wanted to start a blog, but wasn't quite sure how to begin until her husband said, "Why don't you have Katie introduce you?"
Glovatsky began writing in what she imagined was Katie's voice — sarcastic and sassy. She quickly discovered that the internet was teeming with people similarly inspired by their own cats. Soon, Glovatsky began creating videos using photos of Katie accompanied by an entourage of her online friends' cats. Before long, Glovatsky was attending cat-blogger conventions.
Glovatsky is self-aware enough to realize that this all might make her sound a little odd.
"I had no idea when I started to write in the voice of my cat that there were others."

Ok, so Ms. Wolf didn't publish any photos of us...
UPDATE: WRONG!!!  Just got my paws on a hard copy of the City Pages and I'm on the front page in FULL COLOR! You can check out my official update WITH PHOTOS here. 

Check out the rest of the article here: Internet Cat Video Film Festival Purrs Into Minneapolis

And if you need your Katie-video-fix, visit the GLOGIRLY YouTube Channel to watch one of your favorites.

Glogirly, Flat Katie and I look forward to giving you a full report on the festival.

Don't worry. Waffles & Cathy Keisha will be providing additional security for me at the film festival. 
You can never be too safe.

Please come back tomorrow (Thursday) for a VERY special post dedicated to 
Blind Cat Rescue & Sanctuary -
the shelter we are supporting in the Campaign For A Cause Contest.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Cat Ruler Of The World Campaign Debate

Hello everyone. I'm Wolf Blitzer. And you're in the Situation Room.

The Blogosphere has been buzzing ever since last week's announcement of the Cat Ruler Of The World Election. Five cats from across the country and even one moggie from across the pond are in a rabid race to rule the world. This first-ever Campaign For A Cause Contest, organized by celebrity cats Zee & Zoey, has turned into an internet sensation, boasting lavish prizes for readers and shelters alike.

The Sensational Six. Cat-tidates for Cat Ruler of the World Campaign For A Cause Contest.

Today we turn our attention to the first cat-idate debate.

The Controversial Topic: NAPS

With me today is one of the six cat-idates, Katie. Katie is charming, witty and has a unique ability to connect with... does this say DOGS?

Katie has agreed to defend her position right here in the Situation Room. She joins us via satellite from her Campaign Headquarters Townhouse.

WOLF:  Hello Katie, thank you so much for joining us today.

KATIE:  Wolf, you look like dog. This is not what we agreed to. Where's John King?

WOLF:  Katie, election officials announced earlier today that all six cat-tidates have aligned on the cat versus dog debate. Everyone finally agrees that cats are smarter, better looking and far more equipped to rule the world. Today's debate topic is now "Naps."

KATIE:  Fine. As long as we're clear on who's smarter and better looking. So where's John King?

WOLF:  John is busy playing with his magic map. Can we get started, Katie?

WOLF:  Katie???

KATIE:  Sorry Wolf, I was sharpening my claws.

WOLF:  Katie, how do you respond to critics who would say that it is impossible to rule the world with any credibility if you nap over 16 hours a day?

KATIE:  Wolf, that is an excellent question. I say, how can you NOT trust a world leader who knows the key to success, happiness and world domination is a well-planned nap?  Just look for example, at the great nappers of our time: 50 cent, Eminem, Ice Cube...

WOLF:  Katie, those are rappers, not nappers.

KATIE:  Fine. How does this grab you? Thomas Edison, Leonardo DaVinci, John F. Kennedy, Eleanor Roosevelt. Some of the greatest minds and leaders of our time. All nappers. I read it on Huffington Post, so you KNOW it's true. Well guess what? I'm certain that each of these great nappers didn't just stumble onto the whole napping thing on their own. They COPIED it. And they didn't copy it from their Uncle Fred or their dog Fido, they copied it from a CAT. Ok, I didn't read that on Huffington Post, but I'm sure it's gotta be true.

WOLF:  Those are some pretty impressive names you're dropping, Katie. But what about you?

KATIE:  Well Wolf, how good of a napper are YOU? Can you do the grocery shopping, cook the dinner and clean the dishes all while you're napping?

WOLF:  Katie--

KATIE:  Can you earn a salary, pay your mortgage and fix the garbage disposal all while your napping?

WOLF:  Katie--

KATIE:  Can you manage an award winning blog, make cat videos, and Photoshop your way out of a corner?

WOLF:   KATIE, this interview is not about me--

KATIE:  Nor should it be, because you're a DOG. And as you know, Wolf, cats are way more interesting.

WOLF:  Ok Katie. I think we get the message. Any parting comments?

KATIE:  Wolf, Cat's are masters of human manipulation and control. Everything MY humans do, every single day, is all for me. Can I help it if I'm able to accomplish all this and still nap over 16 hours a day? Don't judge me. Vote for me.

Don't forget to visit Zee & Zoey to see all-cat debate AND enter to win some fabulous prizes!  Official voting begins on September 11 and you only get ONE vote, so choose wisely. (fyi...Wisely = Katie)

The shelter Glogirly and I are supporting is Blind Cat Rescue & Sanctuary of Norwalk, CT. Please show the kitties some love and LIKE Blind Cat Rescue on Facebook.

Tune in on Thursday for a very special post dedicated to the cats of Blind Cat Rescue.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Katie Names Cathy Keisha Campaign Manager In Cat Ruler Race

Hi everyone, Katie here.

In a press conference earlier today I announced the appointment of Cathy Keisha as my Out-In-Left Field Campaign Manager.  Assisting CK in her responsibilities is Campaign Intern, Waffles.  Glogirly remains my Campaign Advisor back at Townhouse Headquarters.

(Cathy Keisha)  "Yo ::taps mic:: Is this thing on??? Thank you. I'm thrilled to be a part of Team Katie. As a Katie Kitty, I'll be leading our campaign's catnip-roots efforts to reach every kitty at every corner of the globe, Twitter and Facebook.  
I'd also like to acknowledge our very worthy opponents and each of the deserving rescue organizations they represent. Katie, Waffles and I are absolutely giddy with excitement to be supporting BLIND CAT RESCUE & SANCTUARY in the Campaign For A Cause Contest. Please come back on Thursday when Blind Cat Rescue will be featured in a VEY special blog post!
I can say that with a Katie administration there will be chick-hen in every pot, salmon in every dish and clean litter in every tray.  A very special thank you to Katie, for showing confidence in this ghetto kitten with a dream. YES WE CAT!"

Waffles comes to us from the other side of the tracks. Waffles will be taking care of CK's day-to-day.  ...fetching Catbuck's, scratching on doors and handing out flyers.

Don't forget to tune in tomorrow at Zee & Zoey's Election Headquarters for the first Cat-idate Debate.

For the behind-the-scenes scoop, you WON'T want to miss my exclusive interview tomorrow with CNN's John King right here on

Sunday, August 26, 2012

No Rest For The Wicked

Hi everyone, Katie here.

While my opponents are taking it Easy-On-Sunday, I'm plotting preparing for Tuesday's big debate.

Don't miss Super Tuesday's Cat-idate Debate at Zee & Zoey's Election Headquarters.

Be sure to come back HERE for my exclusive interview with a major cable cat news network on the same day. Hint: Three letters. Begins with C. Ends with N.

John King and I are tight. I love his magic map.


Saturday, August 25, 2012

Saturday PhotoHunt - Chocolate

 This one's for all you bunnies out there. 

Disclaimer: No cats, real or chocolate, were harmed in the making of this photo. Glogirly's hips on the other hand... 

Friday, August 24, 2012

Beary Good Friends

Hi everyone Katie here.

You'll never believe the cool package that arrived for me at the Townhouse recently. It came ALL the way from The Cat From Hell!!!  And look...that's Miss Nellie on the box!

Miss Nellie's human heard through the grapevine that Glogirly had never tried Black Forest Ham.  Seriously? She's eaten everything else under the sun...I can't imagine how she'd miss the ham. So when a package arrived at the townhouse all the way from Miss Nellie, I just KNEW this was going to be good.

Um, Miss Nellie?  This is not Black Forest Ham. Ah... it's in a jar. It smells nothing like ham or any other meat. Nope, doesn't smell like fish either. And, Miss Nellie?  ...the label, well it says Black Forest JAM.

So Glogirly is all excited over this jar of sticky, smelly stuff. She's putting it on ice cream, on biscuits, on french bread. Still no ham in this equation. There's another jar marked 'apricot, pepper, onion & garlic jelly.'  It says it's supposed to be good ON ham. Still, I must ask: WHERE'S THE HAM?

Glogirly and Gloman are gaga over these jars of jams and jellies. Miss Nellie's human's company, Beary Good Stuff, specializes in hand made preserves made in small batches with the freshest fruits and vegetables. Glogirly says your humans really should stop by their Beary Good Stuff Website to check out ALL the good stuff!  Just don't go looking for ham.

They don't have ham.  

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Take Your Cat To The VET Week

Hi everyone, Katie here.

Well this is a real slap in the face, isn't it. Welcome to the roller coaster of my life:
  • Glogirly abandons me to go on a fishing trip. Boo.
  • I scare the cat sitter. Yay.
  • The cat sitter scares me. Boo.
  • Glogirly returns with salmon. Yay.
  • I find out I'm not already Cat Ruler Of the World. Boo.
  • I find out I'm nominated for Cat Ruler Of The World. Yay.

Now I'm told it's National Take Your Cat To The Vet Week.

What the?

I've NEVER heard of Take Your Cat To The Vet Week.

May as well be Take-Your-Cat-And-Trap-Them-In-A-Small-Locked-Box-And-Bring-Them-To-A-Smelly-Stainless-Steel-Room-Guarded-By-Evil-Syringe-Toting-Monsters-Dressed-In-Armpit-Length-Protective-Gloves-That-Smell-Suspiciously-Of-DOG Week.

Taking your beloved kitty to the ::shhhhh, vet:: is a really big deal. Unfortunately many humans find it so difficult to lure us into our carriers and get us to the vet for that dreaded visit that they only take us in when we're sick.

National Take Your Cat to the Vet Week was created in 1999 by Feline Pine to educate the public about the importance of regular veterinary care for our feline companions. Did you know that cats are the most common pet in US homes at over 74 million compared to 70 million dogs? (source: AVMA) Yet on average, cats go to the vet less than half as often as dogs.

I know, I know... there's a little part of me that thinks we're doing just fine. But I want to be happy, healthy and around for a long, long time to pester Glogirly. And I KNOW she wants me to be around for a long time too. The jury's still out on Gloman.

Rumor has it that I'm going to be making one of these trips soon. At least I can have a little fun living up to my reputation at the vet. Hey vet techs -- Get those gloves ready!