Friday, June 29, 2018

There's a Cat in my Toy Box

WAFFLES:  Boss, I'm bored. 

KATIE:  Waffles, how can you possibly be bored? You've got a whole bin FILLED with toys. All you've left me with is this one measly fish. 

WAFFLES:  Fish? What kind of fish? You mean like Filet-o-Fish???

KATIE:  Nice knowing you, fish. This is not going to end well for either of us.

About Today's Photos
Like so many cats, Waffles is fascinated with boxes, bags, really anything he can climb into. So much so that the best part of his toy bin isn't the rainbow fuzzy ball or the catnip filled drumstick, it's the bin itself.

Unless of course, it's a toy Katie happens to be paying attention with.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Does This Make my Tail Look Big?

WAFFLES:  What do you think, Boss? How does my tail look? I bet the ladies are going to LOVE this.

KATIE:  I don't know how you mancats walk around with those things.

WAFFLES:  Bwahahaha! Just like you do, Boss. One paw in front of the other.

KATIE:  Thanks, Waffles. That's ever so helpful.

WAFFLES:  No problem, Boss. And if you ever want any pointers on posing for the ladies, just let me know. 

About Today's Photos
Glogirly was sitting on the floor looking for her lens cap when she looked up and saw Waffles striking a pose on the red chair. When she zoomed in tight, she couldn't believe how gigantic his tail looked. Waffles may indeed be proud of his magnificent tail, but in these photos, it's all camera angle. 

Monday, June 25, 2018

Table? What Table? The Big Pine Pollen Cleanup

WAFFLES:  We're not sitting on the dining room table. 

KATIE:  Clearly.

WAFFLES:  We're sitting on the dining room chairs.

KATIE:  All seating is fair game. 

WAFFLES:  So then why's Glogirly telling us to get off?

KATIE:  She's confused. Probably all that pine pollen dust she's been cleaning off the floors has finally gotten to her.

WAFFLES:  Look out, Boss! Here she comes.

KATIE:  Table? What table? 

WAFFLES:  Yeah, what the Boss said.

About Today's Photos
Pine pollen season is a big deal here in the mountains. Every June, for about 2-3 weeks, or until we get a nice rain, the pine cones release their pollen into the air. Last year, our first in the mountains, we noticed a little yellowy-green dust for a couple of weeks, but it wasn't really a big deal. This year though, the pine pollen was EXTREME. Longtime residents in our canyon have said it's the worst they've seen. 

Picture a yellow dust storm coating the sky and everything else in its path. Including everything in the house. The pollen usually comes with some pretty warm weather, so it becomes a choice between opening the windows for the cool evening air, knowing you'll wake up to a fresh coating of pollen on everything, or leaving the windows shut and having the house feel too warm and stuffy.

We're extremely lucky that no one in the house, including Katie and Waffles, suffers from allergies and is bothered by the pollen. 

Now that we've finally gotten some desperately needed rain which has washed all the pollen away outside, Glogirly is working hard to clean up the house and get ready for some summer visitors. 

Imagine her surprise when she was left the dining area to rinse out her floor mop and returned to find both Katie and Waffles sitting ever-so nonchalantly on the bottoms of the dining chairs on top of the table. 

All she could do was giggle. And grab her phone to snap a picture.

Friday, June 22, 2018

Ready for My Cat Closeup

WAFFLES:  I'm ready for my close up! How do I look? Is this my good side, or–

WAFFLES:  *thud* Zzzzz...

KATIE:  60mph to 0 in less than 10 seconds. What a rookie. THIS is how you get ready for your close up.

About Today's Photos
It's true that Glogirly's iPhone is somewhat glued to her hip. But when it comes to taking photos, she's quick to grab her Nikon. Not today though! Each of these pics was shot with her phone. She really didn't have much of a choice, what with Waffles sleeping on her camera strap. 

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Jelly Bean Toes & the Meaning of Life

WAFFLES:  Everyone says pink ones are the best. Did you know pink ones are the best, Boss?

KATIE:  I'm busy, Waffles. Either explain yourself, or leave me to my nap. 

On second thought, let's just go with the nap option.

WAFFLES:  When Glogirly buys candy at the store, she always brings home the pink ones. And when Gloman is eating his Starbursts, he takes all the pink ones and gives the yellow and green ones to Glogirly. So that pretty much proves pink is the best.

KATIE:  Have you ever heard of licorice, Waffles? Glogirly happens to love black licorice flavored anything. In fact, Good & Plenty's are her favorites. Some of them are pink on the outside, but the yummy black licorice part is on the inside. 

WAFFLES:  So they're pink. 

KATIE:  On the outside. As in all things, it's what's on the inside that's important. 

WAFFLES:  But they're pink. 

WAFFLES:  You've got a lot to learn about life, Waffles. And jelly beans.

About Today's Photos
Today's pics caught both Katie and Waffles showing off their jelly bean toes in the midst of their post-breakfast naps. Lucky for them, Glogirly's favorite jelly bean flavors are pink cotton candy and black licorice. Though when Gloman is here, she seems to get stuck with the lemon and lime ones. 

But when it comes to kitty toes, she loves them ALL.  

WAFFLES:  Especially the pink ones.

Monday, June 18, 2018

Happy Cat Daddy's Day from Afar - And a Special Remembrance

WAFFLES:  Us men have to stick together. 

You know, to do man-stuff like online shopping for, well... man-stuff.

KATIE:  Yeah, well don't blow your allowance all at once, Waffles.

WAFFLES:  Allowance? What do you mean, allowance? You get an allowance, Boss?

KATIE:  What do you think, Gloman? Should I tell him I get an allowance or not?

WAFFLES:  So, Gloman? Does the Boss really get an allowance?  Because I'd really like to have an allowance too. Does KFC take allowances? For chicken and gravy and stuff? 

KATIE:  What's that, Gloman? I couldn't agree more. The less he knows the better.

WAFFLES:  The less I what???

Happy Cat Daddy's Day
Today's photos are some of our past favorites of Gloman with his favorite kitties. Although he couldn't be with us to officially celebrate Fathers Day, he's going to be here very soon. Everyone, including Glogirly, will be getting in their snuggle time with our favorite Cat Daddy.

For all of you lucky cats with Cat Daddies in your life, we hope you enjoyed a wonderful Father's Day. And to all those Cat Daddies out there - thank you so much for sharing your hearts and homes with your furry family members.

A Special Day of Remembrance for Glogirly
31 years ago today, a very special woman left our family and this world. Despite all these years, it still can feel so fresh. It heavies my heart to think of all the milestones she's missed. And all the everyday, ordinary moments that make a life.

I can't believe I've lived more years without my mom than with her. But I am truly blessed with so wonderful memories that still live strong in my heart. And I will always be my mother's daughter. Forever.

And to my Dad...I'll never forget that Father's Day just three days after we lost mom. You'd lost your best friend, the love of your life, but your main concern was me. It was the beginning of our new normal and what would become for me, one of the most important and closest relationships of my life. You continue to influence me every single day. And I will always be your little girl.



Friday, June 15, 2018

Waffles in the Go-Bag

WAFFLES:  If I fits I sits. And I fits PURR-fectly in this one.

KATIE:  You may fits, Waffles. But you're sitting on the kitchen counter. Again.

WAFFLES:  Technically, Boss, I'm not really touching the counter. 

KATIE:  Technically, Waffles, I think you're pushing it.

WAFFLES:  I'm not pushing, Boss. I told you, If I fits I sits. 

About Today's Photos
It's wildfire season in the mountains and Glogirly is finally getting around to making emergency plans and preparations in case the unthinkable ever happens. Part of this includes having a Go-Bag packed and ready to go. 

Apparently Waffles is ready to go in Glogirly's new emergency backpack. 

We plan on sharing what we're packing and how we're preparing in a future blog post. These kinds of plans are so very important, no matter where you live. And they're plans we pray we never need to use. 

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Vanity and the Orange Mancat

"Hello There"
WAFFLES:  Hello, ladies. Welcome to Waffles Wednesday. 

KATIE:  So, Mr. Waffles Wednesday, you know you're not supposed to be on the counter, right?

"Who, Me?"
WAFFLES:  That's the KITCHEN counter, Boss. This is the bathroom, duh.

KATIE:  A counter is a counter is a counter, Waffles.

"NOT a Counter"
WAFFLES:  That's like three counters, Boss. You're kind of repeating yourself.

KATIE:  You mean like when Glogirly tells you to get off the counter, again and again? And again?

"Handsome Poser"
WAFFLES:  I can't hear you, Boss. I'm busy being handsome. 

"Kiss Me"
WAFFLES:  You know, for the ladies.

About Today's Photos
Every once in a while, Waffles tries to help Glogirly put on her makeup in the morning. And then Glogirly helps him off the counter. But today was a no-makeup day for Glogirly. She was just tidying up the house and happened into the bathroom. 

Fortunately, her camera was close by because that first photo at the beginning of today's blog post was exactly what she saw– Waffles looking like he was posing for a centerfold. When she started shooting, the mancat/supermodel started working the camera. He was twirling around the bathroom sink and faucet, totally showing off. A few trills and chortles were heard, then he finished the photo session with a kiss on the mirror. 

Pure Waffles.

Monday, June 11, 2018

Summer of Meow & Waffles

WAFFLES:  It's CatLadyBox day, Boss! It's like the best day of the whole MONTH!

KATIE:  So are you going to hog the box again this month?

WAFFLES:  What do you mean, "hog" the box? If I fits I sits. Mmmm...what's Glogirly been drinking in her big sippy cup?

Summer of MEOW
This month's CatLadyBox theme is Summer of Meow. Glogirly has already been beating the heat with her new favorite cat cup and t-shirt. And just like clockwork, Waffles has been quick to claim everything as his own. 

WAFFLES:  Cool! Now I've got a cat license plate holder for my ride! 

KATIE:  Your ride???

WAFFLES:  I told you, if I fits I sits. And I rides too.

WAFFLES:  Hey Boss! The box even had some clean laundry in it! 

KATIE:  Waffles, that's not laundry. It's Glogirly's Summer of Meow t-shirt. Now let everyone see what the cool design looks like.

WAFFLES:  Fine. Whatever. Looks like fresh laundry to me. 

KATIE:  Cute toys. Did you leave one for me, Waffles?


KATIE:  Very fishy...smells like Waffles.

In case you're new to our blog or haven't heard of CatLadyBox before, it's box of cool cat lady stuff that is delivered every month. Each month has a cool theme with goodies for the consummate cat lady and even a couple of purrfectly-pawsome toys for the kitties. 

FTC Disclosure: Cat Lady Box is one of Glogirly's design clients. She often creates packaging, hangtags and even contributes to some of their product designs. We also receive a monthly subscription free of charge. We only feature products and services we believe are of interested to our readers. CatLadyBox is not responsible for the content of this article.