Monday, August 31, 2009

Townhouse Under Siege

Hi everyone, Katie here.

I must explain my absence from the blogosphere. Believe me, this was not my idea. The townhouse has been under siege. Glogirly has been entertaining out of town guests, all the while ignoring me and my blog. I guess she thinks she's the only one living here. The world revolves around her, yadda, yadda. I've been under a great deal of stress with these visitors, I mean intruders, coming and going. She apparently couldn't care less.

I heard today that the last of them will be gone this coming Friday. It's about time. The one that's been sticking around so much has tried very hard to win me over. She asks me questions, so many questions, in her sing-song tone. It's gotten to the point that I'm just sick of the whole game so I throw her a cute mew or two here and there. This makes them all thing that she's "made progress" with me. As you well know, I'd much rather hiss and I'm proud to say I do get at least a quick one in under the radar every day.

So please friends, bear with me. And just blame it all on Glogirly and those pesky trespassers.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My Relationship With Water

Hi everyone, Katie here.

It's raining today. My love-hate relationship with water dictates that I stand guard by the window and watch it. Kind of like when Glogirly takes a bath and I have to walk the edges of the tub, get close enough to touch the water with my paw, yet not fall in.

A wet cat is the epitome of embarrassment. Any cat that allows him or herself to become wet on over 20% of their body is too stupid to be a cat. What about baths, you ask? The kind that some dim-witted owners find necessary to subject their pets to? It's called simple hygiene, my fellow felines. Take charge of your own destiny with a daily spit and polish.

Keep yourself clean and coifed and your human will not find it necessary to strong arm you into the tub. If that doesn't work...RUN.

I don't know who this cat is and I don't want to.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Power Napping

Hi everyone, Katie here.

I've been power napping. As much as I love helping Glogirly make the bed, I 'm quite thrilled when she's too lazy to tidy it up. Nothing like a gushy, messed up down comforter to nestle into for my three hour nap. Works for my five, six and seven hour naps too.

I'm laying low and saving up my energy for what lies ahead. Houseguests. Glogirly has been totally ignoring me, running up and down the steps, bringing bags of stuff in and taking bags of stuff out. The girl's got a lot of stuff. She's cleaning corners that have been hoarding dust for years. The door to my room is once again shut and despite me break-your-heart mews, she won't let me in. Something about my hair and the clean sheets on the bed some stranger will be sleeping in soon.

So for now I'll conserve energy and do what I do best.

Friday, August 14, 2009

The Ice Man Cometh

Hi everyone, Katie here.

I love ice. Ice cubes that is. Whenever Glogirly gets a glass of water from the fridge door, she pushes the magic lever and the cubes clunk into her glass. She's pretty clutzy and almost always loses one to the floor. Whenever I hear this delightful noise I come running. Nothing like a cold slippery cat toy on the hardwood floor. If the NHL would let cats play hockey, I'd really have a future.

Sometimes when I'm hiding and Glogirly can't find me she'll turn on the magic ice machine and let a couple cubes drop to the floor. She does this to ease her paranoia that I've gotten locked in a closet or figured out how to open and close the front door and am laying dead in a ditch. So usually I come running, even though it's obvious she has no intention of drinking a glass of water. I like to let her think she's clever.

I love ice. I know, I said that. But I hate the ice man. Whenever there's trouble with the magic ice machine, the ice man cometh. Glogirly has had an ice man out to the townhouse three times in the past couple of weeks. Still no more than a couple cubes. So today a 'master' ice man is coming. Sometime between 12:00 and 4:00. So now I've got to be on guard this whole time. When he's here I'll have to keep my eye on him, from a distance of course, because even though he's an invited ice man, he's still an intruder and can't be trusted or even approached. He better make it snappy though. My food dish is right next to the magic lever and I may need a snack.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Foiled Again

Hi everyone, Katie here.

Aluminum foil is the enemy. It taunts me. It haunts me. That horrible high-pitched tinny sound, and then the rrrrrip. It sends me running for the steps.

Foil hurts my sensitive cat ears. Give me fingernails on a chalkboard. Give me Gloman needlessly banging an empty pop can on the steel end table just to make me look. Give me a screaming kid, ok don't give me a screaming kid, that's just another unwelcome intruder.

But please, please, please keep the Reynold's Wrap in the drawer.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Bedtime Story

Hi everyone, Katie here.

Today was a lazy Sunday. Gloman is still out of town so I've been able to hang with Glogirly almost all day. We finished up the red box chick flicks. Nothing too great. Passengers with Anne Hathaway was a cheap rip off of Sixth Sense. Milk was okay but waaay to long. ...I was looking forward to a story about milk?? Revolutionary Road was booooring. Had to just turn that one off. No cats in any of the movies. No wonder they lacked originality.

Oh, we also saw The Soloist. That one was pretty good. I love cellos. And I like that Beethoven guy's music. If I had picked out the movies though I'm sure we would have come out much better. But once again, my opinion was ignored.

So I'm finishing off the day curled up with a good book on Gloman's side of the bed. I'll be leaving him a nice pile of welcome-home cat hair.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Movie Night

It was a close call today. I saw duffle bags, garment bags and camera bags all packed and ready to go. These are sure signs of certain abandonment and caused me considerable stress. I was extremely relieved to see Gloman drive off alone, leaving my girl at home with me all to myself. I'm not sure where he went. I really don't care. When it's just me and Glogirly, life is good. I don't have to worry about doing anything wrong, I can sleep all night on his side of the bed, and best of all it's movie night.

Glogirly walked to the neighborhood grocery store and brought home some movies from the big red box. She says she loves the big red box because the movie disc things that it gives her are only $1 each. If the movie stinks, she just turns it off and starts up another one.

I got pretty excited when I saw the cartoon preview. I love cartoons. But then the movie started and it was one of those things that Gloman calls a chick flick. Snore me a river. (Gloman says that too.)

There's still hope though...I see two more red box discs. This could be promising. I'm going to think positive for now, kick back and get comfortable on Gloman's side of the bed.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

P-Touch Katie

Hi everyone, Katie here.

Every cat should have their own label maker. After all we are neat, clean and orderly animals. We like a place for everything and everything in its place. Glogirly brought a P-Touch home today and I've been prying it out of her hands ever since she pried open the plastic blister package it came in. She used some pretty questionable language getting it out of that package and rustling through the spanish and french instructions. I've been working hard to identify all things in the house that are mine so as to alleviate any confusion over whose stuff is whose.

The P-Touch keyboard is very similar to the computer's. My typing experience on my blog has prepared me well for this labeling task. It's a lot of work though to label all things that are mine in this townhouse. There's my food, my water, my poop box, my room (actually rooms.) There's my frog, my fishing pole, my windows, my chair (actually chairs.) Maybe I should just label the few things that aren't mine. Like the shampoo and shower gel.

On second thought, I really just need one label for the front door. Katie's Townhouse. That should cover it.

Monday, August 3, 2009

My Girl Is Home

Hi everyone, Katie here.

Glogirly and that other guy FINALLY returned from their vacation. You know, the vacation they took without me. The vacation they took while abandoning me. The vacation they took while leaving me in the care of some stranger.

While they were gone, Glogirly had the audacity to send me little notes on my blog, telling me to be nice to the cat sitter. The nerve. And to top it off, as soon as she got home she made me write a thank you note to the cat sitter. She even made me give the cat sitter AND the cat sitter's cat a present. Flavored shower gel for the cat sitter and a toy for her cat.

I have many questions. But at the top of the list...
"Where's MY present?"

Glogirly insisted the thank you note be hand-written. Quite a challenge considering I have no thumbs. My paws are still all cramped up from the experience. The following note was indeed written by me, however the words are not necessarily representative of my own feelings. I was under duress.

Dear catt siter deb:

Thank you for looking after my food & poop needs while my girl and that other one were vacationing without me. I'm sorry for not being particularly nice or friendly or appreciative. I'm sorry I called you a smelly stranger. You'r not a stranger anymore. I'm sorry I called Hakeem (her cat) a beast in my blog. The toy is for him. NOT the shower gel.