Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Songs from the Cat Pod #WafflesWednesday

KATIE:  Uh oh. I'm sensing that Waffles is about to break out into song. Be scared. Be very, very scared.

WAFFLES:  And a 1, and a 2, and a... what comes next, Boss?

KATIE:  I'm exercising my right to not answer that question on the grounds that what we're about to hear cannot be unheard.

WAFFLES:  ♩♫♩♫♩♫  It's my pod and I'll meow if I want to–

WAFFLES:  ♩♫♩♫♩♫  Meow if I want to–


KATIE:  Really? That's what you're going with? 

WAFFLES:  How about "It's my poddy??"

About Today's Photos
Waffles is addicted to his Sleepypod. Not a day goes by that he doesn't hang out, nap or play in his pod. We call it 'podding.' Even Katie gets in on the fun, in her own pod of course. It never ceases to amaze Glogirly how Katie and Waffles love these mobile pet bed carriers so much despite the fact that every six months or so, they end up podding their way to the vet.

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Monday, March 28, 2016

We Wear Short Shorts - A Happy Birthday Surprise

WAFFLES:  Ok Boss, is this where the H goes?

KATIE:  Hurry it up, Waffles. Gloman's coming down the steps any minute. We've got work to do.

WAFFLES:  He's going to be SUPER surprised, isn't he! I bet he doesn't even know I can spell Happy Birthday. 

KATIE:  You can't, Waffles. The sign came already spelled.

WAFFLES:  So how many pairs of shorts did we get him for his birthday?

KATIE:  Enough that we're going to string them all up on this clothesline. Now where's the end?

WAFFLES:  I got it! I got it!

KATIE:  Waffles, it's not a toy. It's a clothesline. Now hand it over.

WAFFLES:  I got it! I got it!

KATIE:  Waffles?!

WAFFLES:  Uh, Boss? I thought you said it wasn't a toy.


* 60 minutes and an untold number of shorts later*  ...can you find Waffles?

He Wears Short Shorts ♩♫
Before this ear worm is firmly embedded in your heads, we want to thank you SO much for all the warm and wonderful birthday wishes you left last week for our resident Cat Daddy. Gloman was incredibly touched, as were we.

So you're probably wondering what's up with all these shorts and what looks like laundry day at the Townhouse, right? Well Gloman REALLY needed some new shorts. And you see, he has this thing about shopping. He hates it. So instead of bringing Gloman to the store, we brought the store to Gloman. 

Glogirly went a little crazy and bought a BUNCH of shorts for him to try on. Lots of styles, colors and sizes. This way he could try everything on in the comfort of home in front of the windows for the neighbors to see. Once he chooses his favorites, Glogirly will just return the rest. 

Though we're getting kind of used to having a 100 foot clothesline strung though the house.

We set all of this up early in the morning on his birthday, before he got out of bed. When he came downstairs from the bedroom... SURPRISE!  

So how many pairs of shorts do YOU think he had to try on? 

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Friday, March 25, 2016

Freshpet® Select Dinner Date & Giveaway

WAFFLES:  Check it out, Boss. I have arrived. 

KATIE:  I was sort of hoping for different kind of Freshpet® actually.

WAFFLES:  What? I can be fresh.

KATIE:  Yeah, that's what scares me. 

A Special Freshpet® Select Dinner Date
WAFFLES:  So the Boss and I are having a dinner date tonight. Glogirly says I have to treat her like a lady. You know, let her order anything she wants. Be romantic and stuff. Not lock her in the powder room.

The nice people at Freshpet sent me everything I need for our dinner date. They have these new food cups I think the Boss is really going to like. 

GARÇON:  Chicken and Pumpkin, for the lady and gentleman.

KATIE:  Waffles, you're eating off my plate again. Don't you know anything about date etiquette?

WAFFLES:  I'm just trying to be romantic and stuff.

KATIE:  Well go be romantic with your own plate.

Fresh From the Fridge
Recently we had a chance to taste test Freshpet Select. We're always on the lookout for food we think our friends and readers might be interested in, so of course we told them to bring it on!

You may have seen the Freshpet refrigerator in your local market or even at some of the big box superstores. We did a quick store locate on their website and found 25 spots within just a 10 mile radius of our Minneapolis townhouse that carry it. They shipped ours to us in a nifty zippered cooler inside an even niftier box. ...hence today's lead photo.

We received an assortment of their new resealable food cups as well as a slice-and-serve pate loaf.

This is the Chicken and Pumpkin Recipe, with small morsels served in a light gravy. Glogirly wanted to add a fresh herb garnish for the photo, but that probably would have been a little too over the top. 

Though dinnertime is often heated here, what with all the pre-meal wrestling sessions, Katie and Waffles called a truce and actually shared a plate. Or rather, raced to see who could finish faster. Looks like the chicken and pumpkin was a hit. 

The Chicken and Beef Recipe Pate Roll is super easy to slice and serve. The package comes pre marked so you know just how much to slice for a serving. Once sliced, the wrapper slides right off. 

Waffles was particularly enamored with the pate slice. So much so that moments after this photo was taken, he launched into the whole piece, grabbed it and ran. Apparently he wasn't in the mood for sharing.

...So What's the Verdict?
Katie and Waffles can be pretty finicky when it comes to new food. And Katie has special dietary needs due to her IBD. Despite all that, they both loved the food and gobbled it up.

We enjoy trying out different foods like these and using the ones Katie & Waffles like as special treats. As you can probably guess, we take a lot of photos here and having a small plate of something tasty can be a photographer's best friend.

The convenient packaging makes it easy to serve and to reseal if necessary. Because the food is refrigerated, it's important to be aware of expiration dates. Each of the cups we received had a July/2016 sell-by date. They probably won't last a week around here, but we bring it up because it's different than the usual canned food you may have in your cupboards.

The Chicken and Pumpkin and the Chicken and Beef individual cup recipes do contain whitefish. Though we don't suffer from any food allergies that we're aware of, some cats have sensitivities to fish and would therefore not be able to eat any of the cup recipes.

The Chicken and Beef pate loaf contains carrageenan, which can also be problematic for cats with allergies or sensitivities. It's a very common ingredient that's most often used for thickening and gelling. Many foods contain it, even human foods. But we feel it's important to point this out in case it's something you are trying to avoid.

Three lucky GLOGIRLY readers will receive a Freshpet Select Gift Pack including,

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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

We're Going to Need a LOT of Candles for This One

 KATIE:  Eleven times five plus one, two, three–

WAFFLES:  What are you counting, Boss?

KATIE:  Candles, Waffles. We're going to need a LOT of candles.

WAFFLES:  How many do we need?

KATIE:  Sixty.

WAFFLES:  Sixty? You mean like, 60??? Can you even count that high, Boss?

KATIE:  Well according to Gloman, 60 is the new 50. 

WAFFLES:  I can't even count to 50. 

Tomorrow's the big day! We'll be celebrating this year with a staycation. Gloman and Glogirly are taking time off from work to stay home and PLAY WITH US! 

KATIE:  Ok, so maybe they'll squeeze in a movie or two and a special dinner out. Ahem –there had better be a couple kitty bags of leftovers in our future.

WAFFLES:  Leftovers??? Like beef tenderloin leftovers??  *remembering beef tenderloin incident*

KATIE:  I thought you'd be jonesing for chicken, Waffles.

 WAFFLES:  Gloman and I say beef tenderloin trumps chicken. No offense to my chicken friends.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Our Favorite Cat Harnesses

WAFFLES:  Happy Spring, Boss! Are you ready to break out our harnesses? I'm thinking a picnic in the park. Just you, me and a bucket of chicken.

KATIE:  I had something a little fancier in mind. Fine china and crystal perhaps. I'm not going to be seen eating out of a bucket. 

WAFFLES:  That's not what you said when you got caught on the kitchen counter with a KFC drumstick in your–

KATIE:  WAFFLES! You did NOT just say that. 

Ready for Spring with our Favorite Harnesses
Just recently we've received a number of messages and comments on Facebook asking for our recommendations on the best cat harnesses. We've tried a LOT of them! But our absolute favorites are the Puppia harnesses. 

It's true, these are actually small dog harnesses. But the design and fit is perfect for most cats. We've tried harnesses that were made specifically for cats, but unfortunately none of them fit nearly as well as the Puppias. 

There's just enough fabric and coverage for a secure fit, without being super bulky. Those skinny harnesses made from thin straps are a little too loosey-goosey for us and very easy to wriggle out of. The bulkier vests that almost look like a jacket are a bit constrictive. For us, Puppia is just right.

Size Matters
It's all about getting the right size. When we purchased our first Puppia harness, we bought three sizes to try out just to be sure. Katie and Waffles both weigh approximately 10 pounds and regardless of the style, wear a Puppia Small. We recommend taking some measurements too. 

It's very important the harness not be too big. You definitely want to make sure kitty can't squeeze out of it. For cats in-between sizes, we really love their Rite Fit style. It has two adjustable buckles positioned at the shoulder that really help to ensure a snug fit. Of course, you want to make sure it's not too tight. Just keep in mind that many cats are master escape artists.

Neck (base of neck)
Chest Girth
7.5 (inch)9~13 (inch)
9.8 (inch)12~18 (inch)
12.5 (inch)14~21 (inch)
14.0 (inch)19~29 (inch)
15.7 (inch)21~32 (inch)
19.0 (inch)26~39 (inch)

Style Matters Too!
With so many colors and styles to choose from, we have a harness for almost every occasion! And of course a coordinating leash to go with each of them. 
This is Puppia's Rite Fit harness in Sky Blue. In addition to the adjustable chest belt, this harness has adjustable buckles at both shoulders. These extra buckles help to create a more customized fit. The Rite Fit harness comes in nine pretty colors.

Puppia's Soft Harness is their classic. It comes in even more colors– 12 solids and a camouflage print. It's incredibly soft and comfortable. There's a matching leash for every color too. Though all of our harnesses are smalls, we prefer the medium leashes. They're not heavy at all but offer just a little more length which is nice.

We customized Katie's pink harness by removing the Puppia chest label and replacing it with a fun hear shaped patch. We also added some pretty flowers and bling to the back of her harness. This was a super popular DIY project we featured on our blog last year: Katie's DIY Cat Harness Makeover

Puppia also has some really fun fashion harnesses. This is Waffles' Hunter Harness in brown. It's made with an ultra soft camo-print fabric and has an stylish and hip hoodie attached to the back. The fashion harnesses are a great way to have some style-fun without dressing up your cat in clothes. 

Practice Makes Purrfect
Harnesses take a little getting used to. It's best to take some time and introduce the harness to kitty gradually. Taking the time with these simple steps can help cats to accept and enjoy their harnesses.
  1. Let them get used to the smell of it before you even put it on. Leave it out for them to explore for a couple of days.
  2. Use treats as a reward when putting it on and taking it off. 
  3. If you can't get it on the first time, don't worry. Just give them a treat and try again the next day. It might take a couple of tries for both of you to get familiar with it!
  4. Once you have it on, distract and reward with interactive play. Wand toys are perfect for this.
  5. Keep the harness on for only a few minutes the first time. Gradually work your way up to keeping it on longer and longer. Again, use play and treats as both distractions and rewards. 
Where to Buy
We've bought all of our Puppia harnesses and leashes through Amazon. We've shopped around, even went to Puppia's website, and have found the best pricing and return policy on Amazon. We have a Prime membership so our shipping is always super fast (2-day) and free. ...we get free streaming movies too! But if you buy enough, shipping is often free even without Prime.

Our shopping links today are affiliate links which means we 
receive a small commission when you make a purchase. 

Friday, March 18, 2016

Chicken Fricassee With a Side of Waffles

WAFFLES:  Hey Boss, can you hand me the flipper? 

KATIE:  What, are you going swimming?

WAFFLES:  The channel flipper, Boss. They're making chicken frickin-sea on the food channel.

KATIE:  You mean chicken fricassee? 

WAFFLES:  That's what I said, Boss. Chicken Frickin Sea.

KATIE:  Waffles!!! You're not supposed to say that word! You know how Glogirly feels about HBO words. 

WAFFLES:  Since when is chicken an HBO word???

About Today's Photos
Yesterday Waffles was king of the couch. In fact, we might have to consider changing his name to Potato. He huddled under Glogirly's blanket– All. Day. Long. While some may call it lazy, Katie calls it bliss.