Monday, February 24, 2020

Are the Deer Talking Behind Waffles' Back?!

WAFFLES:  Hey Boss, those weird looking neighbors are back. They're hanging out in our driveway. And I think they're talking about me. 

KATIE:  Those aren't the neighbors, Waffles. Those are deer. And I sincerely doubt they're talking about you.

DAISY DEER:  What the heck? There's that orange cat again. 

DELILAH DEER:  He just sits there and stares at us. 

DAISY DEER:  I know. It's very unsettling.

DELILAH DEER:  Not to mention, impolite.

DOLLY DEER:  Don't worry ladies. He's completely harmless. Probably a big chicken.

WAFFLES:  They're totally talking about me, Boss. And chicken! They're talking about chicken. I can read their lips.

KATIE:  Do deer even HAVE lips???

DAISY DEER:  Do deer have LIPS??? Of COURSE, we have lips. What kind of lady deer do you think I am?! 

Just Another Day in the Mountains
With so much fresh snow on the ground, our resident deer have been making frequent visits looking for snacks. Believe it or not, Katie and Waffles actually get more excited spotting a bird or a bug. But the herd of ladies definitely get their attention.

It's pretty fun sharing this beautiful canyon with the wildlife. We never get tired of seeing them.

Special thanks to our Cat Daddy Gloman for his dreamy deer photos!

Monday, February 17, 2020

Waffles and his Mancat Cave - Plus a Katie Girl Dental Surgery Update

WAFFLES:  Welcome to my mancat cave, everybuddy. I've been hanging out in here on account of the Boss smells really bad. She smells like the vet on account of she had a bunch of dental surgery stuff last week. And Glogirly says I need to leave her alone until she feels better and doesn't stink. 

WAFFLES:  So here's my mancat cave. I've got windows for whiffies and bird TV and food dishes and my litter box and toys and stuff. I have my Sleepypod AND the Boss' Sleepypod too. 

WAFFLES:  But her pod still stinks like the vet.  

WAFFLES:  My mancat cave used to be Glogirly's office. And this used to be where she keeps her papers and stuff. 

WAFFLES:  But now it's my stage for when I sing my favorite songs.

WAFFLES:  And here's where I take my baths. Gotta make myself handsome for the ladies.

WAFFLES:  If I can figure out how to turn on the big computer, I can Facebook my girlfriends.

WAFFLES:  Someone's coming! Whoever it is doesn't smell like the vet. Maybe it's Glogirly coming to visit and get some of my Waffley handsomeness. 

Waffles and his girl during one of her visitations.

Katie-Girl Update
If you're friends with us on Facebook, you probably saw our post last Wednesday about Katie's dental surgery. Katie began showing signs of dental issues a couple of months ago when she was diagnosed with pancreatitis. We wanted to get that under control with the appropriate medications and monitor her progress through bloodwork in order to make sure she could be cleared for the dental procedure. It requires general anesthetic, and we needed to make sure she was heading into that with the least amount of risk possible. Katie will be turning 15 this May and any procedure of this magnitude calls for caution and care.

We're very happy to report everything went well and Katie is recovering nicely. It was pretty extensive though and she's still getting used to what probably feels like a completely different mouth. About a year ago, Katie had a few extractions, including three of her four canines. (her front fangs) Sadly she lost her only remaining fang, as well a number of other teeth.

Fortunately, cats are incredibly resilient and can easily adapt to even having no teeth. The only teeth that Katie has left now are her little corn teeth on top front, the ones that look like tiny baby teeth, and her lower back molars and premolars.

Waffles' Displacement Aggression
One of the most challenging aspects of Katie's surgery is the aftermath at home with Waffles. Waffles has always had a very hard time when either he or Katie come home from a vet visit. He'll hiss and growl at Katie, and in very extreme circumstances can even lash out at her. The stronger the vet smell, the more extreme his behavior is.

Katie still isn't feeling quite well enough to be thoroughly grooming herself, so she still smells like the hospital and all the medications. While she's recovering, Glogirly has sequestered Waffles into the office.

In an effort to help the situation, though much to Katie's disapproval, Glogirly gave her a bath yesterday. She's such a good girl and even though the last thing she probably wants EVER is a bath in our kitchen sink, Katie was very cooperative.

A Bath???!
Sweet Katie right after her bath. 

Once she was dry enough, Glogirly helped get her furs all sleek and beautiful again by brushing her. It must have felt good, because Katie couldn't get enough of the brushies.

Waffles will still likely spend a couple more nights in the office mancat cave, but we're very hopeful with some careful reintroduction time, life for the mountain cats and their girl will return to normal very soon.

Monday, February 10, 2020

Waffles and the Valentines Fairy

WAFFLES:  Don't tell the Boss, on account of it's a fur-prize– I got all dressed up and stuff to give her a valentine. 

KATIE:  FUR-prize??? Valentine??? Waffles, you know I have no interest in frivolous stuff like Valentines Day. And the last thing I need is a bunch of your fur. There's already plenty around here, so that's certainly no prize.

WAFFLES:  Awww, c'mon Boss. It's Valentines Day this week. That means we're supposed to say how much we love each other and stuff. And presents. There's supposed to be presents. 

KATIE:  What, you mean from the Valentine fairy? 

WAFFLES:  There's a FAIRY??? 

KATIE:  If I can keep him wondering about the Valentines Fairy, maybe we can avoid a repeat performance of this tabloid embarrassment–

This just in–

A FIRST for Katie and Waffles. In the nearly 8 years since Waffles joined the family, Katie has never let him sleep this close to her. Maybe a couple feet apart for about 5 minutes on a very rare occasion. But this was the scene just the other night while Glogirly was watching TV.

Maybe there really IS something to this Valentines Day thing.

Monday, February 3, 2020

Hut, Hut, What??? - Super Bowl Recap

Yesterday was the big game here in the US. Truth be told, we've always been way more interested in watching the commercials than the actual game. In honor of Super Bowl LIV, we're bringing you one of our very favorite football conversations between Katie and Waffles. Hut, Hut, Hut!!!

KATIE:  Orange-23, Pink 32, HUT, HUT, HUT!

WAFFLES:  Hut, hut, what???

KATIE:  Hut, hut, HUT, Waffles. Get ready for the snap!

WAFFLES:  Ready for what?

KATIE:  The SNAP, Waffles.

WAFFLES:  Snap? You mean like ginger snaps? Licorice snaps? Oh! West Side Story snaps!

KATIE:  The BALL, Waffles. Get ready for the ball.

WAFFLES:  You said snap.

KATIE:  I'm going to SNAP the BALL.

WAFFLES:  Boss, this doesn't look like a ball. It's not even round. And look must have gotten in a fight or something. I mean, just look at all these stitches! I'd hate to see the other ball.

KATIE:  Seriously, Waffles. It''s a football

WAFFLES:  No way, Boss. This doesn't look like a foot. 

KATIE:  Waffles, it's a good thing you weren't playing in the big game yesterday.