Thursday, September 23, 2010

My Townhouse, My Life

Hi everyone, Katie here.

I know. Don't even start with me. Certainly you must know it's not my fault. My girl suddenly gives up a life of servitude to me (a.k.a. "unemployment") and takes up a job. A job! The nerve. All the salmon in the world can't make up for this mess.

Well I believe she's finally crumbling under the pressure. My fans, Cod bless them, are a persistent bunch. We've been receiving countless emails asking if all is ok at the townhouse. Are we well? Are we still alive? Are we going to blog again?

We are well.
We are still alive.
We ARE blogging again!

But alas, all is not well at the townhouse. Just look at the place! We've been sealed up like leftovers in a zip-lock bag all summer long. I can't even see out my windows. I have no idea if the bunnies are still alive and kicking outside. I can't even make out the birds.

See that scaffolding? Imagine having to eat in front of noisy, smelly construction workers who are standing right outside the kitchen windows. Right outside my dish for crying out loud.

Why the mess and destruction? Mold. I don't even know who or what Mold is. I'm still a cat you know. But according to glogirly and gloman, this Mold-guy is the one responsible for stealing my summer bunny and bird viewing away. Strange men in work boots coming and going...I swear, I haven't gotten a moment's rest.

Thank Cod for the internet or I'd have nothing at all. Except for now. I have my blogging friends and fans again.

That is if you'll have me.


  1. Katie! We missed you! Yes, we'll have you, but give your mom a whap from us for not assisting you as she should. That mold sounds kind of scary.

  2. glad your back . . . even though i don't know you, katie. your master speaks very highly of you. you should read my blog. i write about fat kids things like funnel cakes and corndogs.

  3. Good to have you back. We are having a new shower put in, and everything is torn up in part of the apartment. We had mold and fungus. Mushrooms were growing! The noisy men tore up the floor and fixed the pipes and now they are tiling.

  4. Katie!

    How exciting to hear from you! We have missed your wry observations and sage advice.
    Try not to be too hard on your girl...but GET HER BLOGGING!

  5. Oooohhh Mold, we wonder what Mold is? .....

    Love, Lucky & Co.

  6. Oh Yippee!! We wondered what had happened to you!! Mold is yucky!! Hope it is cleaned up soon!!
    Howdy from your TX furiends,

  7. Of course we'll have you back. Do you want me to start a petition insisting glogirly give you the appropriate amount of blog time?

  8. Oh no, it sounds like you've been having a terrible summer! No bird or bunny TV?! I would have complained loudly to the management. In any case, I am glad you are back blogging. It will give you something to do since your view has been so rudely curtailed.

  9. Hi, welcome back! We hope that scaffolding goes away soon ~ it's such an intrusion.

  10. so happy to have you back! we will have you and your human back of COURSE!

    hope you get rid of that nasty mold!

  11. I am so glad you are back. I was wondering how you have been! I hope your home is all fixed up again soon.

  12. Awww Katie - it's awful having everything sealed up and workmen all over the place. I do hope the bunnies are okay and will come back tof visit when workmen leave. (We has workmen here too, so we understand your turmoil.)

  13. Yeaaa!!!! We're so glad to see you again, Katie. Has been too long.

  14. Katie Thank Cod you're back and well!! I can't tell you how much we've missed you. Oh yeah GG and Gloman too.

    Now back to you! This is awful! This Mold guy has his nerve! I had construction people in my house once for a whole week and it was no picnic, so I can only imagine! Poor Katie!

    Mom says she hopes GG likes her job, whatever. At least she is blogging again for you!!

  15. Hi Katie,

    Welcome back. I've missed you a lot.

    Purrs from Gotchi

  16. Glad to see you back, Katie! Sorry about the mold and lack of views and smelly, noisy contruction workers. I'd be impossible to live with if I had to deal with all that.


  17. Katie...welcome back!! We've missed you.

  18. Welcome back, Katie and Glogirly! We were so worried that you guys were having so much shopping with the employee discount at her job that you'd forgotten about us!

    Anyway, who the heck does this Mold person think he is, interrupting your Feather Channel like that? We hope it all goes away soon!

  19. YAY KATIE~!!! we've missed you and your quirky blog! We're glad to hear all's good with you and your people, but that MOLD man is NASTY! Good thing they're taking care of can give you some big sickies! Hope to see you soon!

  20. Well, welcome back, Katie!! Wow! Your townhouse is in complete disarray!! We're sorry about that mold stuff. Hope it gets fixed soon!

  21. That Mold stuff is serious business. Speaking of serious business, could you please put in a good word to the employment people so that my human will get a job soon. Thanks. Glad you're back.

  22. Hi Katie!
    We've missed you terribly.
    So glad you are back.
    You'll have to fill us in on everything that you've been up to.


  23. Glad to see you back Katie. We have missed you.

  24. Katie, we just can't believe she is blaming the townhouse construction on her being lazy...just like our mom
    Snuggles & snorts,
    Benny & Lily

  25. So good to hear from you. I hope things settle down quickly.

  26. Hey! Good to have you back! And my goodness Mr. Mold is really making some havoc for you. Were the construction workers interesting to watch at all? Probably not even comparable to rabbits and birdies though?


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