Saturday, September 25, 2010

Shower Caddy Terror

Hi everyone, Katie here.

Now that I'm back in the blogging game again, one thing is for certain. I have much to say.

So many grievances. So many challenges. So many intruders, annoyances and infractions against me and my domain. Glogirly began her new job back in May. To say she travels (a.k.a. abandons me) is an understatement. If it weren't for my resourcefulness and resolve, Cod only knows what would have come of me. There are simply too many harrowing events that have occurred during the last few months to list. But I simply cannot keep quiet about the incident I choose to call "Shower Caddy Terror."

First, a little background. I have my own bathroom. It's tastefully decorated and appointed with all the necessary amenities.

My Bathroom

Glogirly converted a walk-in shower into a lovely little stall for my litter box. The curtain provides privacy while I take care of my daily "needs." She has covered the drain so as to not create any litter clogs. The shower enclosure allows me to dig with fervor yet avoid spraying the entire bathroom with litter. She says clean up is much easier for her. I say she should clean up a bit more often. But that's a whole other story.

The Caddy

In an effort to have a place for everything and everything in its place, Glogirly hung a shower caddy inside my enclosure to house my litter essentials. Ziplocks & garbage bags. Paper towels, Dawn & Windex. Air freshener & my scoop.

Those of you that have read my most recent blog post know that the townhouse is currently under siege. Construction, scaffolding, and men with tool belts slinging sledge hammers into the side of our home all the live long day. Often, the pounding was so hard, the whole townhouse shook. I'll give you one guess what happened to the above mentioned shower caddy. That's right. It flew off the shower head and landed right on top of my box. Blocked the whole thing.

Exhibit A: Pre Trauma

Exhibit B: Post Trauma

Glogirly was off in Idaho someplace. Gloman was home but oblivious.

For what seemed like a month, I was forced to do my business whilst balancing my little kitty feet atop the metal rungs of the shower caddy. I had to do #1 AND #2 right through the metal grate. And I couldn't even reach my litter to bury. How embarrassing is THAT!

It was Gloman that finally discovered my plight. I could tell he was biting his lip to keep from laughing though. I heard him on the phone with Glogirly too. There were a couple awhhhh's, then laughing and cackling. I'd like to see THEM balance barefoot on top of the equivelant of a chain link fence while squatting over THEIR toilet!

Fortunately Gloman did eventually come to my rescue...but only after much inappropriate laughter.

I have questions, many questions.

What if I had been IN my box when this whole thing came down? What then? Would they have found me dead under a shower caddy? Buried in my own...? How would the obituary read? What would be engraved in my headstone? I'd be an embarrassment to cats across the globe.

Beware Of The Evil Shower Caddy


  1. Oh Katie that is hiss terical! Maybe it was suppose to catch the poop or maybe a game or something. Thank goodness the lady is back
    Benny & Lily

  2. Hi Katie!
    It's nice to see you after such a looooonnnnngggg time!
    My kitty sisters have an enclosed litter box, so if a wayward shower caddy were to fall it would land on the lid, thus saving two cat funerals!
    Happy to see you back!
    ♥ Lucy (Woof!)

  3. I guess it started out as a great idea, but that shower caddy was dangerous.

  4. So glad you wasn't using it when tha horrid shower caddy fell.
    Love & Purrs,

  5. Wow that was really dangerous. We're glad that it didn't hit you.

    We're sooo happy that you're back blogging again.

    da ozark Mtn clan

  6. Ohh no.... that was just terrible! And for them to laugh about it! Just wow.

  7. Glad you are back to blogging, Katie. This story about the shower caddy is really very alarming. I am so glad you were not in the process of doing your business when it came down. I do wish Gloman had been able to get a picture of you balancing on it while you did you pees and poos, though. He's lucky you didn't decide to bypass the box entirely and use the bathmat.

  8. Wow that was a close call. We never understand why Moms and Dads think things like that are funny. We would have used the mat!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  9. OHC - how very humiliating for you not to mention how scary it must have been. The lady is back now so perhaps things will go more smoothly.

  10. Katie, what you went through is just not right!! Gloman is really falling down on the job, isn't he?? He needs some more lessons on how to properly take care of you and your needs.

  11. oh wat horrors! Somthing must be dun to be sure this nevar happenz again to pore innocent kittehz teh werld ovar!

  12. We can see the lurid headlines: "Pussycat Perishes in Pile of Poop!"

  13. Oh Katie!! So traumatising!! I think you should go scratch the hell out of something precious just so they understand that you have suffered deep and everlasting trauma!! Poor, poor you. We are with you in go scratch!! Purrs, Lautrec and Tiny

  14. Oh Katie, that is just devastating! I'm mean, how horrible...hahahaha...I mean you must be scarred for life...::snicker::...just terrible.

  15. Oh, dear, what a traumatic event! You were very lucky not to have been hurt, Katie. What's with your humans, anyway, laughing? Insupportable!

    BTW, it's very nice to see you again!

  16. Oh goodness, what a nightmare! Thanks for the heads-up Katie. I have my own bathroom too, and guess what? My litter box is in the bathtub! It's a great spot since the shower curtain hides it and it's easy to sweep the litter up.

  17. OMC that is a nightmare! Maybe your hooman needs to get you a litter box cover in case that evil caddy decides to fall off again, I would be traumatized OMC OMC! Glad you made it through alright PURRS!

  18. OMC! How terrible! You could have been scarred for life by this terrible trauma. You are very clever to manage to aim your pees and poos through the metal bars.

  19. Terror indeed.
    You poor kitty. I am so sorry you had to suffer such a predicament with Glodaddy no less. My daddy is also clueless, so it must be some innate - deep-rooted manflaw kind of thing.

    I am glad he called your mommie to get instructions.

    Well now, I hope you are recovering nicely from your trauma. Your bathroom is quite girlie fancy too


  20. Katie, I wish I could have been there to help you out! Oh, the indignity!! The hilarious indignity, but the indignity nonetheless!!

  21. Oh Holy Cod! What a nightmare!! Poor thing!

  22. oh my cod, you coulda been pulverized!

  23. Holy Geez! That was a truly frightening and horrific story~!!! We are happy to know that, thank cod, you weren't IN there! WOW! Maybe a covered box would save the day.

  24. We love your private loo dear Katie! If only we had someplace sophisticated like this to use. Well that plus we have to have multiple loos that would mean we would need at least 5 bathrooms. Hey Mom you need to call a contractor and build us some bathrooms!


  25. Well wot worries us is that on top of the INDIGNITY, and risk to yoor life and health ~ Gloman didn't discover the mishap for ages! Doesn't he know that he shud be checking yoor tray and scooping it REGULARLY (like every half hour)? He shud be put into detention and re-trained. Nuff said.

  26. Poor sweetie! You are a very strong kitty! Yes, I like @sunny's idea - maybe you need a litterbox cover? Men are SO clueless!


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