Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Merry Christmas!

Hi everyone, Katie here.

It's a picture perfect Christmas here in Minneapolis. Nearly two feet of softly falling snow, yummy food to eat, warm blankets to nap under and the people I love. What more could a kitty ask for!

Even Gabe the Marine came home for Christmas. I haven't seen him in over a year! So I made this really cool sign for Glogirly and Gloman to greet him with at the airport. Gabe and I have a special relationship. Even though a lot of time passes between our visits, I don't hiss at him at all. We have lots of great conversations about girls and catnip.

Glogirly (GG), Gloman (The Other One) & Gabe (The Marine)
I'm hiding upstairs

As Glogirly and I count our many blessings, we want to especially thank all of our friends in the blogosphere for their friendship, kind words and laughs this year. It's our first year trying out this whole blogging thing and we had no idea how many wonderful people, cats, and even dogs we would meet from all over the world. From the bottom of our hearts...

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!
May the new year bring all you wish for.

This is my "I Love Portraits" expression.

On a side note... I am being abandoned. Again.
Glogirly, Gloman and Gabe are going up north skiing for a few days. Between you and me, I'm fine with that. I'll have full run of the townhouse, a giant food bowl filled to the brim and all the uninterrupted naptime I could possibly hope for. I'm a little worn out from the holidays and need some quality R&R. But let's keep this quiet... The more guilt I can pile on Glogirly, for the abandonment and all, the better. Keeps me in the driver's seat.

XOXO, Over and out.
2009 was super fine,
But 2010 will be tasty as chick-hen!

So I may be gone for a few days, but I'll be...



  1. I love your "I Love Portraits" expression, Katie. Of course, all your pictures are so good. The family picture is a really nice picture of your humans. It sounds like you had a perfect day. I'll miss you while your family is away, but I'm glad you'll get some quality ME time.

    Take care!


  2. Your picture with Glogirly is beautiful and the last one with you alone is stunning!
    Enjoy your R&R.
    And you have it right about the guilt trip when they get back!
    Merry Christmas to our new friends!

  3. Hi ya, Katie! We can see that you're having a great Christmas! That's a wonderful picture of you with Glogirly! We hope Glogirly, Gloman and Gabe have a good ski trip...and you are able to get some R&R (but we think you're gonna miss them all just a little bit...)!!

  4. Have fun housitting Katie. Why the beans would want to spend their money falling over on the cold stuff is a mystery to me.

    Your fambly portraits are super, everybuddy looks snazzy.


    Poppy Q

  5. Merry Christmas, Katie!! You are so creative to make a posted for Gabe the Marine! And hey--why weren't you in the family portrait?? You're the STAR!

    Enjoy your R & R!

  6. Merry Christmas to all of you! I love all your family pictures. Welcome home to Gabe! I hope they have a great trip. Rest up, Katie, so you can really lay the guilt trip on them when they get back.

  7. Katie, we hope you enjoy your staycation without parental supervision. We're glad we met you this year too and hope that we see more of you in 2010!


  8. Hmmmm, if you want some company while everyone is away, have you given some consideration to having us on over for a house trashing party??

  9. Love your Christmas portrait! Merry Christmas!

  10. Please give our thanks to Gabe for his service to our country. We are glad he was able to be home for the holidays!

    Meowerry Christmas with prrrrrrrrs and tail wags,
    Zeke, Sushi and Tiger Lily

  11. Happy New Year, Katie. I hope you and your family have a great 2010. And I hope you'll be back soon.

    Feline kisses from Gotchi

  12. Oh sweetie, it's a fabulous portrait!You and Glogirly are adorable!
    So nice that Gabe is at home!You have a beautiful and blessed family!
    I will be here thinking of you okay!
    purrs and love

  13. Those are great pictures, Katie! And we're happy that you get some down time. We luff our hoomins but.. sometimes we need them to go away.

  14. Fabulous pics! Our mom said your mom looks beautiful! Have a nice rest ~ and we'll see yoo when they get back.

    Smoochies. We love yoo.

  15. Skiing in Minnysoda?
    I did not know you had mts. there! Have a good reat while they are gone - naps are wonderful after so much excitment!

  16. That is such a sweet picture of you and your mom. We wish you a very merry Christmas. We hope your family has a wonderful time skiing.

  17. What a sweet pic of you all!!! Hope Glogirly has a wonderful trip and gets back to you pronto!!

  18. We wish you a very Happy Christmas! Tell Gabe thank you from all the kitties and beans he helps to keep safe. God bless him. We hope Santa was very good to you.

    Make sure your mum leaves you 2 bowls of food. Our mum used to leave one big one until our brother threw up in it. UGH!

  19. Oh that was great! Hope they all have fun and get to enjoy some light reading.

    I'd offer to teleport over but I know you run a pretty tight townhouse Katie.

    We loved meeting you both and look forward to lots of fun and laughs in 2010.

  20. Katie, it has been so much fun getting to know you! I'm looking forward to seeing what the new year brings. Happy Holidays!

  21. Katie, being that you are always in charge anyway, a little down time would be great. We figure our dogs watch tv while we are gone and one watches to know when to get it turned off before we come back into the house. Gabe looks like a fine young man to have around the house. He looks like he would give you a little quality time. I didn't know you had Gabe but I am glad you shared him with us. Take care now Katie and don't eat up all of your food on the first day.

  22. Wonderful photos! Give Glogirl lots of guilt.

  23. Welcome home Gabe the marine. Merry Christmas and Happy New year to all of you.We are very glad we met you and we look forward to seeing you again when the skiing trip is over.We hope they all have a fun holiday. If you want company we will teleport over and visit you.

  24. What a beautiful portrait. You both are so photogenic.

  25. This is an awesome blog...I'm glad I found it...:)

  26. Katie we hope you are enjoying the house to yourself, and that Glogirly and Gloman are having a fun and safe skiing trip. We can't wait to hear from you again after your vacation.

  27. What great pictures. And it looks like you have a wonderful family Katie. And the marine came home too. That must have been a really happy reunion. Glad you had such a good Christmas

  28. Those are super pictures! It sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas and now you get to nap all you want too!!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  29. What a beautiful family you have, Katie!

  30. Katie, we hope that you and your wonderful family had the best Christmas ever!

  31. We hope that you and your family had a lovely Christmas! It must be very exiting to have your wonderful Gabe home:) We're thankful for his service! Now...since the beans will be gone, how about a house trashing party? Hee Hee!

  32. You had a super Christmas. And the going away seems more like a giving you some much needed time to rest (and the guilt piling is very useful). And we hope all your hopes and dreams for 2010 may come through.

  33. Katie, I hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas.

  34. Purrrfect Christmas! All that snow, family, and your Gabe coming home from the Marines for a visit. Please let Gabe know that my family really appreciates all that he is doing to serve this great country that we live in.
    Congrats also on your winning bid at the auction last week. Please email me because I need your email address sor KC can make the arrangements on getting your stuff to you.

  35. What a wonderful Christmas you all had! Please, thank Gabe for us! We are truly thankful for him and others like him, protecting us and giving us our freedom! Enjoy your "alone" time Katie!!!

  36. That is an absolutely goregeous tree ..
    The pic of the two of you is Purrfect ...

  37. Merry Christmas, Katie! (sorry for being a bit late) And I hope you get some good rest while you're humans are gone!

    P.S.: I must convince my human girl to get a Christmas cat like Glogirly has. I bet it's fun to play with and chew!

  38. You are so cute Glogirly and Katie on this pictures !!It was very nice to meet you.
    Blogging friends appreciate your post, it is good.
    thank you for your wishes
    Happy New Year for you, your family and the adorable Katie
    Whish that 2010 brings you joy and beautiful moments, peace, more and more.......

  39. A belated Mery Christmas to you all and a Happy New Year.

  40. Saw where you came to my site. I love your kitty Katie. I'm a Blk & Wht. cat lover. Some of my best kitties have been Blk & Wht.

    Happy Holidays to you.

    Love your kitty. I will be back to visit Katie.


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