Thursday, December 17, 2009

Party At The Townhouse

Hi everyone, Katie here.

The holidays can be hard. For many, Christmastime is filled with ups and downs. Just when I think it can't get any better... the excitement of a fresh tree, the twinkle of sparkly lights, tempting dangly ornaments, and PRESENTS with my name on them... I hear the word I wish Glogirly would just banish from her vocabulary.


Don't get me wrong, I'm all for parties as long as the venue is somewhere OTHER than the townhouse.

There are warning signs, that's for sure. It generally starts with a thorough townhouse cleaning. I'm fine with that. I'm a very neat cat. I like order. I like clean. Everything in it's place means less time wasted on my daily rounds and more time devoted to napping.

When the vacuum comes out though, I know she means business.
It's no accident that Glogirly's vacuum is a Dyson Animal.

And when the microfiber cloths come out, well... it's beyond serious. All stainless appliances, including the ham safe, ham cookers, and the ham plate washer, are going to get a once over with that nasty, smelly cleaner that sounds like a snake when Glogirly squirts it.

Dust will be considered the enemy and Mrs. Meyers our friend, as every mirror, every window, EVERY surface imaginable is wiped to a sparkling shine.

Mrs. Meyers and I, we have the same eyes.

Still there is time.
One, maybe two days.

Time enough to take the Christmas decorations over the top. Much like cleaning, I believe the more decorations the merrier. But even so, underneath all that glitter lies a warning. Party guests.

So when the dining room table is set with all the tall sparkly breakable stuff and yummier than normal smells start wafting their way from the kitchen, I know that invasion is imminent.

Now only a few hours stand between me and the smelly doorbell-ringing strangers... er, I mean party guests.

Music and candlelight. Romantic? I think not. More like T minus 30. These two final warning shots occur approximately one half hour before the doorbell alarm sounds, announcing the arrival of the first intruder.

It's important I make sure I'm well hydrated and fed. Litterbox needs should have already been attended to. Favorite toys stashed. It may be a while before I can refuel or safely use my box again. Of course it's not impossible, but I run the risk of a close encounter with one, two or even a gang of these strangers.

When the doorbell rings, I'm off. I dash upstairs and under the bed. Meanwhile, Glogirly & Gloman make lots of noise entertaining these so-called strangers. There's lots of loud shoes, annoying laughter, even an occasional shriek. I think they're drinking. They better stay away from my dish.

Finally, after what seems like days, I hear the front door shut for the last time. It's about time. I come trotting down the steps with my nonchalant "What? Did you have a party or something? I hadn't noticed" look on my face.

I instinctively know that my townhouse is once again mine.
All mine.


  1. Ugh, I don't like parties either. Lots of strange humans, who don't know how to behave with a cat = not much fun!

    I also like to spend most of the human parties under the bed, it's a very nice place!

  2. Our Mom luffed the pictures. We don't like people in our house either though. And to think they might drink from YOUR water dish!!! Scary.

  3. I don't like to have new people in my house but mum and dad don't really have parties so it's mostly okay. I like your last picture Katie!

  4. Hello sweet Katie,
    Oh my gosh, I’m always afraid of those stuffs to clean the house.
    But I agree with you I also like order and clean rooms.
    Sweetheart, I’m so impressed with the charming place that you live! I asked mommy to “enlarge“ the picture of your room and it’s so elegant, I loved the table set in an elegant style, candles ( mommy also loves candles!), that adorable Christmas tree,and so on…
    However I need to agree with you because I’m always afraid of every time the bell rings here and I run under mommy’s bed.
    I hope you enjoyed your nap while the party was happening and thanks for sharing such magical beautiful pictures!
    purrs and love

  5. My Mom and Mrs. Meyers have a close relationship and I hate it when they do their thing!

  6. We don't like when the humans entertain either...too much noise for us!!!

    (and we don't like anytime when that animal comes out...whether there's gonna be a party or not!)

  7. I definitely agree with you, Katie! I like to hide in the bathtub when Mommy has a party to surprise the wobbly strangers when they're relieving themselves. On the other paw, Delilah is a social butterfly and flits around getting scritches and cheese doodles.


  8. Katie just think of all those extra cuddles and scritches you might get!

  9. What a lovely home you have, beautifully decorated. I love the look on your face after the intruders leave.

  10. It is OK to hide during parties, my sisters do it too. Me, I'm to nibby and just have to see what is happening. The townhouse looks wonderful though!!!

  11. Katie you have a lovely townhouse no wonder it's the party destination! *falls* Tygana here gotta kick the moms off. I don't allow parties at my hoouse, good thing mom is too nervous about people breaking her stuff or making a mess she has to clean up after. Muahhaha hope your ok after the party.

  12. You sure have a pretty house! I do not enjoy having guests over at my house either. Whenever my dad hosts a poker game, I spent the evening hiding under the bed.

  13. Katie, you photograph so well. Raymond doesn't like anyone in the house, not even one extra person. Me? I love people. When the doorbell rings I go TO the door. I like all the extra attention.

    Katie, we noticed those great photos of the Golden Gate bridge in your dining room. Next time Glogirly & Gloman are in SF they must come down and visit us in Capitola. Well, at least they can visit me. Ray will be under the bed.

    xo, Busby

  14. Acutally, we kinda dig partied. That means dumb, tipsy beans dropping morsels of food, for our hoover mouths to find and suck up! And, we don't get yelled at when there's people over, as our post clearly states today!

  15. We just luffed this post. It made us larf and larf. And we loved the photos, and the descriptions, and the informashun. BUT most of all we love yoo and Glogirly!

    Smoochies xxx

  16. What a beautiful place you live in! Mama is jealous. We hide under the bed, too, but Connor eventually comes out to greet the strangers if they're quiet and civilized.

  17. Our "choice" of hiding places is under the bed... We don't like people in our house, either. Why can't these humans understand that it is OUR house & we LET them live with us! All parties should be conducted elsewhere!

    Katie, you seem to have survived that ordeal pretty well! ...better than we would, we'd probably start destroying stuff after the peeps left just to show our displeasure!

    Nico, Austin & JayJay :)

  18. Oh Katie, how I hate the Evil Dyson! How it seems to chase me, thank Cod my parents have it on a leash.

    The place sure does look nice, makes me almost wish we had a party. Nah. Mom Laughed at your worry over being seperated from your dish, she's cruel.

  19. mom did a good job decorating for the party. Yep..a sure sign is all the cleaning junk. But its over...we know the feeling! BOL
    Benny & Lily

  20. Hi Katie

    All my fursisters and brothers go scrambling when anyone comes into our home. I on the other hand size them up and decide which one I want to taste...yep I like to let them know who is boss around here. I will parade right up to them and pretend I am being coy and stretch my tiny back and offer up my fur for scritches and the moment they do I whip around and *nip* I taste them to make sure they are safe. Then I go off and nap. Mission accomplished.

    purr on

  21. Wow Katie! You certainly are very observant -- nothing gets past you -- except of course when the guests actually arrive because then you're hiding upstairs! Maybe one of these times, you should come down and join. I guarantee you'll get lots and lots of attention.

  22. Katie, do you EVER take a bad picture? So good looking you are! love you next to the cleaning products, up on your back legs against the chair and the last picture of course! Was that picture of the table from you actual home? Looks like something from a magazine shoot!

  23. Hi T, Katie here.

    Yup, we live in a magazine here. That's the dining room table here in the townhouse. One of many surfaces considered "off-limits" to me. hrmmph. If it were anything other than glass I could get away with an occasional wall-over. But my paw prints are a dead giveaway.

  24. I believe you made the right decision, Katie. Strangers are never to be trusted, 'specially ones that invade our homes!


    PS. Mom says, "nice decorating".

  25. We don't like strange noisy people tramping all over our house either. Mom has to shut us in a bedroom(though she will put a spare litter box with us). A couple times when people have been over I jumped on the counter & table, just to be charming.......

  26. I'm with you on this one. I don't even like company let alone a party. I must say that the townhouse really looked nice. Your mom did a great job.

  27. I don't like visitors either and hide in the bedroom. Eric has to go and say hello to everybody though. Your house is lovely.

  28. Humans! Honestly! And when do you get to have your pals around for some tunas? When do you get to have the girls over for niptinis? Where is the Hoover Human Vac?

  29. what a pretty set up! we like mrs. meyers too=o)

  30. Oah My God!!
    You guys are just did wonderful set up for Christmas, so so so beautiful~!
    I am so touching by the spirit!!

  31. Your place looks so festive! A perfect party spot! The PM had a bunch of girlfriends over on the weekend but it was a pretty tame bunch. We were all pretty social.

    The PM has a Dyson too, now THAT makes us run and hide!!

    Purrs Banshee

  32. Love it! My momma Ellie wants an invite. She's the social butterfly and will run to greet guests and spread her fur all over every inch of their clothing. She'll work the crowd for you.

  33. Katie that sounds a lot like our house - although with different degrees of hiding from the kitties. But all the warning signs - they know those well!

  34. What beautiful decorations. It looks like a page out of a magazine. Your expression at the end of the party is priceless :)


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