Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Hunted

Hi everyone Katie here.

It's been quite a week here at the townhouse. Parties and intruders. Intruders and parties. I had glorious plans of participating in Hunt Week, sponsored by my good friend Fin over atHousecat Confidential.

I had the photo shoot all planned, right down to the most intricate details. I made sure Glogirly's camera was all charged up and ready to go. I was going have her photograph me in a series of classic hunt poses. Hiding around the corner of the staircase with my eyes on Black Cat. Crouching low to the ground as I stalk Red Dog.

Instead of enjoying the thrill of the hunt,
I have become...
The Hunted.

Smelly strangers wandering the townhouse, calling out "Here Kitty!" "Where are you Kitty?" "Kitty! Come out, come out, wherever you are!" Yeah right. Would you like fries with your nice big glass of Hiss?

Last night's guests didn't leave until late this morning for crying out loud. They brought pajamas AND toothbrushes. Sheesh! One slept by my food. The other by my box. It was a dicey night, I tell you.

So I've spent most of the week crouched not as a Hunter but as the Hunted. I've checked the calendar and it appears there will be no more "planned" intruders prior to Christmas. I'm not breathing easy yet though. You can never be too careful.

Pee S: Thank you so much for your encouraging comments. I know many of you have been advising me to give these intruders a chance. You know, six laps are better than two, etc... Well that's all fine and good, but it's not in my Cat Handbook. I've re-read the section on hissing and visitors. As far as I can tell, it's no accident that hissing and visitors are addressed in one chapter. They go hand in hand.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.


  1. Oh noes I knew it once pajamas was mentioned they would be there much longer than invited. Hope you got your litter box duties done

  2. Someone slept by your CATBOX??? These guests have no manners. They could really throw off your timing. Like the time Kramer got mugged in Central Park. (ask Glogirly about it)

  3. This is something you need to discuss with your Attorney-at-Claw.

  4. Oh Katie, you are so cute hiding under the bed! It's a perfect place to stay but you stayed there all day long, it's so much time girl!
    Anyway you are safe now!
    That book looks cool, I'm curious about!
    purrs and love

  5. Drat. We don't like introoders either, Katie.

  6. We think you should have a talk with Glogirly. The dresses and the shoes and everything: that's for going out, not staying in and having guests over. What good is a fancy hairdo, if you are cleaning up after a party?

  7. I knew you were done for when the jammies were mentioned.
    At least you get a break and now the only intuder is Santa - and that's a good visitor!

  8. Oh you poor kitty! Trapped in your own home!PJ's and toothbrushes are always a bad sign. Hopefully you will have a nice quiet week, and Santa brings you lots of goodies.
    Luv, Lucy (Woof!)

  9. We always hide when we hear PJ's mentioned by introoders. Our last introoder had a blurpy with them - talk about scary!!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  10. Geez, Katie...when did your name get changed to Kitty?? We mean, if they want to call you, why don't they use your real name?? We hope the introoders are gone now and things can get back to normal for you....

  11. The beans owe you, precious Katie! And they owe you BIG!
    You've tolerated being made a prisoner in your own home, people sleeping around your food and keeping you away from your box! And calling you "kitty"; lets not forget that one.
    (Didn't even bother to use your name! No social graces at all.)
    We will back you up on this matter. You deserve the most bountiful Christmas ever.

  12. Poor Katie! All your plans were thwarted and overtaken by Glogirly's plans. Those nasty introoders! It's pretty bad when a kitty can't even get to her own food dish undisturbed!!!

    Well, at least it seems to be over for now, so relax and enjoy your Sunday, and the rest of the week until the big day.

  13. They slept by your food and your box?! What a horror! Poor hunted kitty! Did they bring you gifts? It really eases the pain of having them underpaw.

    I have introoders coming this week, but I do like them.

  14. I think it is so trying to have intruders in your world. I can't see why that can't stay home and leave your perfect world alone. I probably is similar to having invading soldiers in your country. Maybe you can rest more now that they have retreated.

  15. You had intruders and they slept by your BOX?! What the heck kind of people does your mama associate with?

  16. I'm glad to hear they've all left although sorry to hear they stayed so long! The horrors! I'm very interested in your cat handbook. It is very wise to have have hissing and visitors in the same chapter and also addressed in the first chapter.


  17. We had to laugh at the fries with the glass of hiss!! What do you mean, they slept by your litterbox. You should have used a coat or something else of theirs. That would show them.

  18. Hi Katie
    We think Santa better leave you LOTS of purrsents this year...oh my to think those introoders slept by your food and your BOX!!!


    purr on

  19. Oh...PJ's and introoders make me purrr...but Nigel can relate to you Katie. We definitely think that your experience means you should get extra treats and presents for Christmas. Introoders sleeping by your box really did cross the line.

  20. Hello Katie..the hunted..very cute.Careful of those strangers in the townhouse. Stay in hiding
    Benny & Lily

  21. Katie, you are just TOO smart! hmmm...i wonder what you will think of my most recent are featured...i hope you like it....

  22. You're wise not to trust those strangers very much, Katie. A cat never knows when one of those big furless creatures will accost her.

  23. Wow, I'm glad they lost the hunt since you were the hunted...good idea you had there Katie, hiding under the bed works for us too!

  24. We don't blame you, Katie - we don't even give our visitors a chance to make nice either... How'd you go without your food or litterbox for a whole night? We would have made our staff (aka Mom) move those very important necessities closer!

    Nico, Austin & JayJay :)

  25. Oooooooo! I don't like introoders with PJs.

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