Monday, December 7, 2009

The Party Outfit

Hi everyone, Katie here.

Well you boy cats out there may as well tune out now. This one is strictly for the girls.

Thank you for all those great comments on my Choo Choo post! It seems all girls speak the universal language of SHOES.

Many of you have asked to see the rest of Glogirly's party outfit and I have managed to come through with advance photos of the entire ensemble. It hasn't been easy. The dress is still at the tailor's shop. Jewelry is still somewhat of a question. Pearls or rhinestones, silver or gold... decisions, decisions. But I promise not to disappoint!

Let me first tell you that this is a very special outfit for Glogirly. You see, she'd never admit it, but she's not felt comfortable in anything really "pretty" for many, many years. Like lots of us, she's seen the numbers on the scale get bigger and bigger each year. And each year she's worked harder and harder at hiding her figure underneath very plain clothing. She hasn't been able to even wear a pair of heels for about 10 years because of weight related problems with her feet.

Then, almost a year ago, everything changed.

That's when her doctor called her and gave her the news. You have diabetes. It was last New Years Eve. The doctor called while she was at the grocery store picking up some last minute items for a special dinner she was making for Gloman. Staring at the beef tenderloin and carrot cake in her cart, she could hardly believe what her doctor was saying on the other end of the phone. She came home and burst into tears as she told Gloman what had happened. I tried to stay out of it, but was of course concerned. Glogirly doesn't cry often. She cried when her dad died. I was there. She cried when I ate the ribbon and had to have emergency surgery. Obviously, I was there. The only other times she has cried is when Gloman gives her a really sweet card and writes something inside about how much he loves her. That's a very different type of cry though. I get the impression she loves that kind of cry.

But this time, Glogirly was crying because she was scared. Scared that she would die a young woman and leave her sweet Gloman and wonderful cat behind way too soon. She was scared that she'd lose her sight or her foot. She was ashamed that she may have done something to cause this to happen. Too many donuts, too little exercise. Turns out it all boils down to genetics. It was only recently that she had found her birth family and learned how prevalent diabetes was in her genes. That's why she went to the doctor and asked to be screened for it.

So the very next day, New Years Day, she changed her life.

She learned how to eat correctly. She started exercising everyday. She tested her blood sugar a gazillion times a day. I'm still a little peeved that she won't let me play with her test strips.

She looked at each day as an opportunity to learn how her body reacts to everything she puts in it and everything she does to it. Very quickly she started to feel so much better. And I could tell there was a little less of her too. After just a couple of weeks she said she had lost me. What? I was still there!!! But what she meant was that she had lost the equivalent of me in pounds. Phew... had me scared she was losing more than just weight.

9-ish pounds of me.

Soon she had lost as much as the gigantic box of cat litter.

Then an even huger bag of dog food.
...not that I'd ever allow any dog food into the townhouse.

After a few months she had even lost as much as the big missle that her stepson, Gabe the Marine, has to carry on his back. It's BIG.

And now, after losing 9 of me, she's only
about one more of me away from her goal.

So that's why this party outfit is a pretty big deal. The party itself is this Friday at Gloman's ad agency. Glogirly will be going there by herself because he'll already be there. He doesn't even know that she's going to show up in something other than her usual black pant suit. In fact, he's never even seen her in a dress. Not even when they got married. (they had a super casual outdoor wedding and she wore linen pants.) Her goal is to make the guy who is never, ever at loss for words, completely and totally speechless. I think she can pull it off.

Ok, here are the details... I'm sure that Gloman will have his camera with him and there will be many photos taken. Don't worry... I'll share! Oh, and no need to worry about Gloman seeing my blog. He rarely reads it. Hmmph!

Black stretch satin by Kay Unger.
Glogirly is taking the hem up a couple inches to just above the knee.

Donna Karan Waist Embrace Body Shaper.
Just a little non-surgical tummy tuck.

Pearls & Rhinestones.
Post earrings, classic necklace & cocktail ring.

Glogirly's hairstylist is going to recreate this glamourous Hollywood look for her. She found it on the cover of W.

And of course. The SHOES.

It's always begins and ends with the shoes.


  1. omc! I luf that dress... um Mom made me say that. but duz giv hur reezon to work on shedding the winter wait...

    Now she wants me to exercise! Mom, its cold and Ize gonna keeps warm and chubby... -Katie Too

    (well u iz going to the vet. u drink too much water... it better be the tapeworm pills)


  2. concats and stuffoms on reechin ur goals!

    Da Katie Katz Gang

  3. We're soo proud and happy for your human. She's going to be just beautiful at the party. We just hope dat da Gloman recognizes her.

  4. What a great story, Katie! We're so happy for Glogirly, and we're sure Gloman will be blown away by how pretty she'll look. Looking forward to an after party report!

  5. What an inspiring story! My Mommeh has been trying for a long time to lose one or two of me.

    The dress is a winner!

  6. Are you going to be there, Katie? The drees, the shoes: we predict a stun that will last for at least an hour. And coherent speech may not return for longer than that.

  7. Our Mom speaks: WOW! Glogirl is going to look stunning, really stunning. I love the frock, I love the shoes, I love the hair style, I love the jewelry. WOW! Do we get to see a photo in the outfit?
    Also congratulations on taking control of the diabetes. My sister was diagnosed with it this year ~ so I know it's not easy. She lost a lot of weight before it was diagnosed and went so thin she looked anorexic ~ she's had to work on putting weight back on. Apparently it can effect you either way.

  8. We're so sorry to hear of your hoomin's condition. But that outfit looks stunning - it will be purrrrfect, we think so!

  9. The entire look is amazing!! Mom is going nuts over the dress! We all want to congratulate Glogirly! Wow, what an amazing story!!!

  10. ***paws clapping***

    Glogirly will steal the show in that number for sure!!!!!!

    We shouldn't really say anything but the PM has been trying to lose the same amount for quite awhile and she too has feet trouble that makes it hard for her. We are hoping she has a life changing year as Glogirly has.

    Your Mom is an inspiration and will be the belle of the ball.

    Maybe your Mom can sneak you in in her clutch.

    Purrs Shade

    ps~ I have informed Goldie that he is no longer allowed to make comments on your posts regarding girly items. That snowshoe comment left me speechless. We may live out in the woods but I used to be a city cat and we are NOT hillbillies!

  11. How exciting to be part of the surprise for Gloman - Glogirly is going to look fabulous in the dress, hair, jewelry and of course the shoes! The story about how she turned things around and took charge of her health is very inspiring indeed. Congratulations to her, and to you, Katie, for being an important part of her support system.

  12. The big reveal is going to be amazing!!!! We definitely want to see the photos...and yes don't forget to show the shoes! That dress is amazing!

    Your mom has lots to be proud of. We are glad that in the process of losing 9 of you, she didn't lose the real you.

  13. Glogirly, congrats on losing a whole 9 of Katie! (Mom has to start up that exercise stuff for new years!). Bet you'll look so beautiful in your dress! We want to see pics of the whole ensemble together! Hi Katie, thanks for the comment on my blue eyes - you're a cutie, too!

    Nico, Austin & JayJay (& Mom, too). :)

  14. I know I'm Man Cat and everything, but I can't wait for this reveil! You GO, Glogirly! Tommy says she gets you about the diabetes--it runs in her family--and says the Hollywood hair-do is YOU! We can't wait--and CONGRATS!!

  15. Congrats on the lbs lost.
    The dress is gorgeous.
    The shoes are too.
    And, do you get to sit on it for a while before she goes to the party. To leave a few hairs so she won't be alone ...

  16. oh noes...gettings kicked off the keyboardss.......mooommm...Oh man love the outfit it has such an old school glamour to it! So your mom lost 9 of you huh...whats her secret!?? I must know!!! Oh and congratulations!!*gets back on* moms, you just cant go takings the keyboards from mees like thats!

  17. MeezerMom here: Congratulations GloGirl!! I am in the midst of trying to get my diabetes under control. I've lost 30lbs and my glucose levels went UP. ::SIGH:: the genetic pool I'm from must be mucked up.

  18. Glogirly, you rock our world! Congratulations on the weight loss, that's hard work. You have two fans out here in California that are cheering you on every step of the way.

    PS, we have a crush on Katie too.

  19. WOW! What a post! First, we're sorry to learn that GloGirly has the Diabetes, but are happy that she is well and knows how to take care of it. She is going to FLOOR GloMan! That dress, the hair, shoes, jewelry is stunning! We really hope that she'll pose pictures of her in it! Our mom;s ALWAYS complaining about her poundage. She WAS a size 5 when her and dad met, but she's nowhere near that now. So, New Year's, she's made a pact with herself to get back to that!

  20. Wow! Congratulations to Glogirly.That dress is stunning and the hairstyle will go with it perfectly, and as for those shoes too! What more can I say! You are going to look a sensation.
    Eric and Flynn's mum.

  21. Chez Cat mama here: Way to go! Not everyone has that drive to change. You will look fabulous at the party, and feel so much better, too. Can't wait for the pics!

  22. Hello sweet friends!
    Mommy is crying here right now.She loved your BRAVE heart, your story is beautiful because this story teach us about to have courage to change things for good in our lives!
    And I'm so glad that you are strong and feeling better now.
    wow that dress is awesome!
    Girl, it is really outstanding!
    Congratulations for your goals!
    And thanks a lot for this positive post!
    purrs and always love
    your friend
    Luna ( and mommy Léia )We are your fans!

    "We can only be said to be alive
    in those moments
    when our hearts are conscious of our treasures."
    (Thornton Wilder)

  23. Thank goodness Glogirly found the problem and improved her health, and life. You don't want her sick. She will look smashing for Gloman.

  24. Interesting, but Katie, I see there is no mention of YOU attending this holiday soiree. The least she could do is let you wear the pearls!!

  25. What a great and inspiring story! Glogirly is going to look spectacular. We wish you could get a picture of Gloman's face when he sees her!!! ConCatulations to Glogirly!!!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  26. Oh my cat. That outfit is gorgeous. Just make sure there are lots of pictures.. Hugs GJ x

  27. Abby: Momma says I have to keep quiet for this post and let her talk to your Glogirl...

    Bravo for all you've done. Like you I got the dreaded news that I too have diabetes. My doctor had tried to warn me for several years as my sugar levels increased. But, did I listen?

    So when I finally went over the being a diabetic I thought life was handing me a BIG message. Get your life in order and NOW! So, all the things I had learned along the way and a few things I soon learned about a "diabetic diet" changed me totally. Finally after having to do the bloody testing I saw first hand what food did to my body.

    *light bulb moment*

    Wow -- I knew I could do this. I knew I could undue the damage I had done. And now two years later I have. My Endocronologist told me they no longer need to see if, all of my numbers are perfect and of course the one number that is extremely important to me is having lost over 100 pounds.

    And I actually for the first time in my life Glogirl -- you go girl and keep on going and you'll look fab in your beautiful dress and shoes and more importantly your inside will match your outside!

    And isn't it nice to finally be able to wear those heels after all those years of only being able to wear flat shoes?

    Congrats and keep on going!
    (Abby's Mom)

  28. Good for Glogirly to lose so many of you, Katie!! And she is gonna look fabulous in that dress!! Gloman will probably be staring so much at her he'll forget to take pictures!!!

  29. OMG, Glogirly, we did not know about your condition. Nanny's father is diabete too! Nanny is also afraid that she might at risk if she doesn't lose weight. Nanny has tear in her eyes, she doesn't know you but she is very happy to hear that you have changed your life. GO GIRL!! We cannot wait to see your photo! We know for sure that you will look amazing!
    Love the dress!

    Big hugs,

    Loki & Nanny

  30. I CANNOT wait to see you Friday night, Glogirly!!! You're going to look stunning, more than you even do normally (which is a lot)!!

    Rock it, lady!!

  31. Can't wait to see the pics Katie!

    Mom to Mom: Congrats on making and keeping such a big change to your life GG. You have achieved a big goal and the best is that you are healthier. You inspire me to one day wear a fancy dress to a fancy party. You are going to look lovely and make GMan cry with joy.

  32. A big tip of all us Good Cats' hats for your big accomplishment! Enjoy your new body and your new wardrobe!

  33. My mum is cheering for GloGirly. That's such a wonderful achievement. And of course the shoes are going to look amazing with that beautiful dress.

  34. My Mommy made that exact same journey about 6 years ago. AND she's adopted as well, but knows nothing about her birth stuff.
    Good for Glogirly - rock on!
    ps - don't forget, a little cat hair makes that outfit complete!

  35. Congratulations Glogirly. We are so happy for you, it brings a tear to our mom's eyes. What an accomplishment! You took back control of your life and health. We know that it is a daily struggle because our dad is a diabetic.

    When you go to that party in that dress and those heels, you will turn every head in that room.

  36. Hi Katie - thanks for stoping by our blog and for wanting to join our new Naughty Kitty Club! We think it will be fun.

    That is a great story about Glogirly - I am very impressed she lost nine of you. I need to do that too - not for the same reason but still, I know how hard it is. It is great that she can wear a great dress like this one to show off her hard work!

  37. Psst Katie! I have featured you in my post for today. Some tips you can use to help GG get ready.

  38. Wow, that's impressive that Glogirly has lost 9 of you! We're sorry for the reason why she had to, but good for her that she could and did. She's gonna knock Gloman's socks off at the party!!

    And we're sure you've been giving her plenty of motivation, tips and exercise training to help, Katie. ;)

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

  39. Good for Glogirly! She'll look wonderful in that outfit. Make sure you get a picture of yourself with her in her new look.

  40. I am so proud of your Mommy Katie! That's such an inspirational story and you do a wonderful job telling it! We cannot wait to see the pictures of her all dressed up! She is beautiful and she should take you along as her crown jewel accessory don't you?:)

  41. Wonderful post, Katie! You must be so proud of your Glogirly! She is now my mom's inspiration. We can hardly wait to see the pictures!

  42. Thank you for sharing your moms special story. We can all understand your moms struggle, well done Glogirly. You are going to look gorgeous, and we are sure you will know gloman clean out of his socks.


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