Thursday, December 24, 2009

Indie Kitty

Hi everyone, Katie here.

I'm an Indie Kitty! I'm an Indie Kitty! What's an Indie Kitty you ask? Well to answer this we must first uncover the many meanings of Indie.


The Urban Dictionary defines Indie as "Cooler than Emo." Now I don't know who this Emo guy is, but I'm going to assume he's very cool. The Urban Dictionary goes on to note that Indie is an informal version of Independent. Here's where it gets even cooler: Indie has come to symbolize originality and forward-thinking.

So as an Indie Kitty, I am an independent, original, forward-thinking, cooler than emo CAT. Now how cooler than emo is THAT!!

How did I earn my Indie Status?
Why, Indie Smiles of course.

My good friend Linda G. Jones is an artist, writer and blogger who frequently contributes articles to She decided it would be fun to do a story on blogging cats. After diving head first into our blogosphere, Linda stumbled onto my blog and has gotten to know me over the past couple of months. ... and since to know me is to love me, she included me and two other great blogging cats in her latest article. She put together a fabulous slide show for each of us as well. There's music, captions, the whole nine yards.

So be sure to click on over to Indie Smiles and take a peek at Linda's article and the slide shows.

for Segment 2 on Katie

for Beginning of Article

Thanks, Linda! You're the best.

Just call me Indie Kitty Katie.

Pee. S.
I know, I know... it's Christmas Eve. So where's the tree? Where's the presents? Where's my Christmas Eve post??? Well, Linda's article will only be up for a couple of days and I wanted to make sure I told you all about it. It's my Christmas present to her! Merry Christmas Linda!

Besides... there's more to come from me and my girl on Christmas! xxoo


  1. How furry exciting!!! I think being an Indie Kitty is much better than being an Emo kitty. You do have lots of black though, it is doable.

    We will go check this out!

  2. This indie thing is so totally you: independent, original, forward thinking.
    We loved the slide show, are you gliding through the house now, humming the tune?
    Indie kitties rule!

  3. Wow, that's pretty neat. Merry Christmas!

  4. She did a fine job with your blog and your story!
    Merry Christmas!

  5. You are Fashion and beautiful dear Katie!
    Also you are famous! :)
    Merry Christmas!
    Now we are going to visit Linda's blog!
    Thanks a lot!
    purrs and love
    your friend

  6. Oh Katie I saw are famous, and to think I knew you when...don't forget us little kitties! My sisters and I wish you the merriest Christmas!!!

  7. We saw the article that Linda did! That's very cool, Katie!!

    Merry Christmas Eve!

  8. We knew you were an indie kitty the first time we read your blog. You family is probably the coolest family in Minnesota.

    We're off to read Linda's article, xoxo.

  9. We just stopped by and read the articles that Linda did. How cool is that? We always knew you were a superstar.

  10. Hi Katie,
    We'll go check out the Indie article. Big congrats for being picked. It's no wonder really. You are an original!

    Also, I loved your Christmas package you got. That was so cool. I loved how happy you were. I hope you have lots of fun with Red Mouse!

    Merry Christmas my friend,

  11. Very cool! We visited Linda's blog too.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  12. HI Katie
    YOU are the cutest coolest little indie girl there is!
    Merry mews!


  13. WOW! Yoo are so cool! We visited Linda's site and read the article ~ it's pawsome! Yoo are a STAR!

    Happy Chrismouse to yoo all. Smoochies. xx

  14. That is so cool; congratulations and Merry Christmas!

  15. Hi Indie Kitty, it's an honor to meet your personally.

    We at Indiesmiles are great animal lovers, my cat Yingy would LOVE to meet you, she adores bing an Indie cat too.

    The Indie definition was the best yet!


    Anyone who metions this blog post will receive a free ad spot, just email me at:

    Put FREE in the subject line! And I'll send you the instructions.

  16. Katie, you are one of the very coolest kitties I know!

  17. We always thought you were cool and now we know you are. We are honoured to know you, Indie Kitty. We will go and see the article now.

  18. We always knew you were very cool! Happy Holidays!

  19. How exciting!
    You really are a true indie girl!

  20. We want to be indie kitties, too! Is that missing the point of being an one??

    Have a very, Merry Christmas!
    Nico, Austin & JayJay :)

  21. Excellent! Congrats. Your blog rocks! Have a Merry Christmas Indie Kitty ;)

  22. Wishing you very Merry Christmas!
    ~ The Bunch

  23. Whoa, whoa...whoa...Katie..we love your paw prints..BUT...blogging cats? Indie cats? What about us Frenchies, girlfriend?
    Benny & Lily

  24. Wow! You are famous Katie! Mom LOLd at your slide show.

    Thank you very much for the Secret Paws presents you sent us. Sushi just loves her stuffy and the rawhide chews. Zeke really enjoys playing with the soft balls and eating the treats ~ they are perfect for his old teeth. And I love love love the feather toys! You chose great gifts for us ~ we all thank you!

    Merry Christmas with prrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs and tail wags,
    Zeke, Sushi and Tiger Lily

  25. Huh. The description of indie sounds fairly similar to the description of cat. If you'd said "enjoys tuna" I swear you'd have been reading from the cat section.

  26. The merriest of Christmas' to one of the sweetest cats on earth! Hope Santy Claws brought you each and everything on your list.

  27. Merry Christmas. We hope your day is filled with friends, family and feasting.

    Julie and Poppy Q

  28. Concats you deserve it! Happiest of Holidays to you all!!

    Fin & Meg

  29. We think a story about you...well, it's the perfect Christmas tale, of course it's different than the rest...just like you, Katie Indiecat!

  30. Congrats KATIE!!! I love the slideshow! how cool! Now if they would give awards to cool single woman who live in NYC and blog about cats!


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