Friday, December 11, 2009

Let's Make A Deal

Hi everyone, Santa Katie here.

It's here. Glogirly's big party day. She came home yesterday with the dress and all the accouterments. Even some crazy looking eyelashes. Humans. What are you gonna do? Last night we made a deal. In exchange for not hairing up her dress or slobbering on her shoes.
I can't believe she said I slobber. SLOBBER! ... maybe just a little glistening if you ask me. Anyway in exchange for leaving all her
party stuff alone, she let me touch the tree.

I even got to make nose contact with one of the shiny balls.

I also got to show the tree who's the boss... Actually I was getting bored with the whole photo shoot thing after the thrill of the ball wore off.

So here is Glogirly's official Christmas portrait of me.
She says it brings out my true personality.

And here is Gloman's official Christmas portrait of me.
He says it brings out my true personality.

As long as Glogirly doesn't slip on the ice in her Jimmy Choo's, there will be a party-update blog coming soon. And as long as Gloman has an ounce of sense in his head, there will be photos to share. So stay tuned! This is Santa Katie, over and out.


  1. We just know that GloGirly and GloMan are going to have a spectacular time tonight! Looking forward to seeing her all dazzled up! And we like GloMan's Christmouse portrait!!! MOL!!!

  2. Yay! I'm glad to see you with the tree Katie I can see the christmas spirit in you! Also, I wish your mom luck with the elements on the ground in her new shoes! I'm sure she will be the belle of the ball and your Gloman will take many pictures!...or maybe he wont because he'll be so taken by the moment he can't think of anything else but basking in your Glogirly! Either way it sounds like fun!

  3. It feels like the finale of Project Runway! We hope your Mom has a great time at the party, makes a grand entrance (even better than George & Kramer did at the Yankees party) and has a terrific time tonight.

    We are looking forward to hearing all about it. xoxo

  4. ohmigod, oh my cute Santa Katie! :)
    I think the agreement is fair, I loved your poses by the side of that gorgeous tree!Wow how many lights all around it, for sure it fits you well, with your positive, brilliant personality!
    Loved it!
    And about the contact nose...hummm you gave me an idea sweetie, I will ask about it for mommy Léia here as well.
    Now...I'm completely curious about Glogirly new look! We want to see more pictures pleaseeeeeeee!
    And of course more pictures from you with the Christmas decoration in your place!Cool idea!
    Hugs, kisses, purrs and love
    your friend

  5. Wow!!
    Katie you are a puurfect "Santa"
    Love you so ....
    All the Xmas pictures are amazing :-)
    Kareltje =^.^=

  6. Fabulous holiday portraits, Katie! I'll bet your mom will be the belle of the ball tonight. I can't wait to see the pictures!

  7. Those holiday portaits are the best!!! I love the one where you are telling the tree who is boss!!

    Good luck to Glogirly on her big day. How very exciting!! She will look ravishing for sure!

    Can't wait for the post party update!!

    Purrs Banshee

  8. I must say that both portraits of you are quite stunning indeed. Tell Mom to have a wonderful party night too!!!

  9. Well, we think it's only fair that Glogirly let you do something fun like touch the tree in exchange for not furring up her party dress! We love both of your "official" Christmas portraits!

    We hope Glogirly and Gloman have a good time at the party...we think Glogirly is gonna be the bell of the ball!!

  10. We love both of the pictures--you look fabulous! Good luck top your mom not slipping in her jimmy Choos and we look forward to the party report.

  11. Love your Christmas photos! The one of you screaming at the tree is our favorite!

    We are sending Glogirly lots of comforting vibes too!

  12. Great pics, Katie! And our Mom really wants to know how the party went. :) BTW, we luff your Christmas header.

  13. You don't look too happy on Gloman's portrait of you. Did he not give you treats?
    Anyway we can't wait to hear about the party. We think glasses might be dropped in admiration and ooh's and aah's will be heard.

  14. Parker's Mom 'rent here...this evening, as my hubby and I enjoy the glow of our tree (and the glow of some wine) and as we enjoy our "kids" screwing around with the tree ornaments, I'm going to think of you and Gloman and smile.
    Have a GREAT time tonight!
    ps - Hi Katie! your photos rock!

  15. Have a great party glopeople. We love your pictures pretty Katie, and look forward to the party snaps.

  16. Great pictures of you and the tree, and as Santa. The suspense is killing me regarding the party!

  17. Katie, You photograph well in all poses. I like the tree shot when you yawned. I suppose you are right, boring if you can't eat it. Both of your official portraits are superb. Take care, and go take a nap.

  18. Awww...Santa Katie, you're so cute. Can I send you my list? You cannot wait to see the photo of the party.


  19. Yay for a party! We hope Glogirly has a fun time.

    You're screaming photo is incredible, Katie.

  20. Your portraits are wonderful! We are hoping for a full report AND photos from the big event. Maybe it's too much to ask, but we'd love to see a picture of you posing with Glogirly in her party dress. I'm having a hard time figuring out why she didn't get you a matching dress.

  21. Hi Katie,
    I will make sure the chimney is clean for you...oh wait...never mind!
    You do make a cute Santa though.
    Luv, Lucy (Woof!)

  22. We like both those portraits of you Katie. We can't wait to see the party photos. Knock 'em dead Glogirly! You're going to be the Belle of the Ball.

  23. Those portraits are awesome!
    Good job posing Katie!

  24. I love your portraits! They both show different sides of you. And of course the lovely picture of you shouting at the tree is priceless!

  25. Hi SantaKatie!
    What great potraits of you Katie. YOU rock!
    And we can't wait to hear and see updates of Glogirl in her outfit!


  26. We're so excited for Glogirl and Gloman! We can't wait to see the pics. We loved your photos! You really showed the tree who was boss!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  27. I love that you have so many sides to your personality Katie! Authoritative, contemplative...! All the pictures are lovely! And you are a very lucky girl to have gotten to touch the tree! Now i hope you keep up your end of the bargain!

  28. I love how they both see you Katie. Don't eat those balls.

  29. Santa Katie, if that red ball ornament where rolling on the floor, I'll bet you wouldn't be yawning! I'm not trying to give you any ideas....ha ha.

  30. We adore your Christmas portraits. Mom won't put up a tree because we would not behave around it and it would crowd up our small apartment too much. We want to sniff the shinies too!

  31. We like all of the pretty photos of you, Katie! Our Mommy doesn't put up a tree either, it wouldn't last long with all of us. MOL

    We sure hope the party went well and can't wait to hear about it!

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

  32. My, what a long nose you have, all the better for nosing pretty Christmas balls. You look so pretty by the tree.

  33. We don't have a christmas tree. I'm not sure why. I can't wait to see the post party photos!

  34. Hi new friend
    We stumbled across ya somehow. You sure are a cutie and what a lovely outfit.
    Benny & Lily

  35. Those are some pawsome Holiday photos, each one shows a part of your purrsonality! We will be waiting for photos of Glogirly and Gloman next...

  36. Katie--how are you with long distance relationships....? I like the photos of you--showing the tree who's boss and everything! I think you're quite pretty and festive!


  37. Those are great pix of you and the tree Katie! They show that you have a very well-rounded personality.

    Now we will try to be patient until the party pix are posted.

  38. I think Gloman has run away wif Glorgirly. I hope he brings her back soon wif some great pictures.


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