Monday, December 2, 2019

These Snowflakes Taste Like Chicken

WAFFLES:  Look, Boss! I'm catching snowflakes on my tongue! 

KATIE:  Do they taste like chicken?

WAFFLES:  Chicken??? Do YOURS taste like chicken? 

KATIE:  Of course not. They taste like snowflakes.

WAFFLES:  Chicken snowflakes?

KATIE:  There's no such thing as chicken snowflakes, Waffles.

WAFFLES:  EEEEEK!!! These chicken snowflakes are COLD!

KATIE:  The only chicken around here is Waffles. 

Snow Days
It snowed like crazy here last week. This photo was taken way before the snow even thought about stopping. Based on our calculations, we got about 4X as much as you see in the photo below!

Most of the day was spent cozying up to the fire. But for a few minutes, Glogirly opened up the doors to our deck to give Katie and Waffles a whiff of the fresh snow.

Katie is a gamer. She's fascinated by the snow. She'll touch it and let it blow in on her. She's even stepped in it a number of times. You'd think Waffles would be all brave and curious given he's the polar (pun intended) opposite of Katie. But we call him the snow chicken. One little paw touch and he hops the other way. He only lasted a few seconds by the open doors. Fortunately, it was just enough time for Glogirly to snap off a few photos.

Mr. Sun has been paying us regular visits so it shouldn't be too long before the white stuff is completely melted.


  1. I'm with Waffles about the snow! I could do without it.

  2. Ichiro ran out in it once, turned around and ran back in and refused to go out ever again... He's certain it was a horrible trick played on him!

  3. Wish the snow that falls in Michigan would melt quickly; sometimes it stays for MONTHS...EEK!

  4. We don't blame Waffles for not wanting to go out in the snow. That stuff is cold!

  5. We have no desire to put our paws in snow!

    The Florida Furkids

  6. We will take a pass on the white stuff

  7. No snow here. It looks amazing but way too cold for us.


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