Friday, December 27, 2019

Lap Parking Rules

WAFFLES:  Hey Boss, where's Glogirly's big camera? How come she's taking pictures of us with her iPhone? 

KATIE:  Perhaps because she's trapped under that blanket you've parked yourself on.

WAFFLES:  What, is Glogirly's lap a no parking zone??? Since when?

KATIE:  Well there are limits to how long you can stay parked in the same spot. You don't want to get a ticket, do you?

WAFFLES:  Ticket? Like to a rock concert? Who's playing?

KATIE:  Not that kind of ticket, Waffles. Anyway, it's a good thing you moved out of that spot. Better to be safe than sorry.

About Today's iPhone Photos
We don't often post iPhone photos since Glogirly usually has her big camera within easy reach. But she and Gloman have been busy Netflixing over the Christmas holiday, which means lots of sofa snuggling for the cats.

Waffles was firmly parked on her lap and she was trapped. When she made even a subtle move, like she was going to get up, Waffles pushed even more firmly into lap position.

Her phone was an arm's length away, so she did the best she could. Desperate times call for desperate measures.


  1. MOL Katie, looks like you got Waffles to move on along.

  2. It sounds like you are having a nice, cozy holiday!

  3. Beautiful photos no matter what device you used. Those expressions are just priceless - enjoy your snuggle time all!

  4. We get phone photos too. It sure is nice to be laxin on the sofa

  5. You stay right there, Waffles. You've earned that lap time. :-)

  6. Hey’re gonna have to pee sometime.

  7. I love to trap mum and if she has the laptop on her lap...I invade and sit on her boobities!

  8. I-bones take pawsome pics. The pics from Pop's phone are amazing only there's no depth or field and stuff that TW hardly knows about.

  9. Such a hardship, being pinned down by Waffles! Then, of course, Katie took advantage...

  10. Squatter's rights, Waffles. That spot is yours until it's not!


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