Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Scenes From Our Mountain Thanksgiving

Stacy was loving on Waffles ALL weekend!
WAFFLES:  Thanksgiving is the BEST!!! Everybody wants ME!

Katie and her #1 love.
KATIE:  Frankly, I don't much care about everybody, Waffles. I just care about Gloman.

Scenes From Thanksgiving
Katie may share her love to Gloman while Waffles shares his with, well...everyone else. But sharing our love is what Thanksgiving is all about. 

Top: Waffles giving Justina a new hairstyle.
Bottom: Tom the turkey, Glogirly's 1st mountain turkey.

This year we hosted Thanksgiving for Glogirly's son and daughter in law, Gabe & Justina, and two of our very dear friends from Minnesota, Stacy & Dan. 

Everyone arrived just in time for the roads to clear from our 2 feet+ snowstorm and for the sun to shine on the snowcapped mountains and trees. We thought you might enjoy a few snapshots from our snowy mountain weekend. 

Top: Stacy, Dan, and Glogirly conquer the driveway.
Middle:  Gabe clears the deck.
Bottom:  Dan, Stacy, & Glogirly on a snow hike.  


  1. What a lovely holiday!
    Hope Waffles paces himself with the women, he may be spreading himself a bit too thin. MOL!

  2. Beautiful place....Waffles is just a love man kitten,xx Speedy and Rachel

  3. There's absolutely NOTHING more beautiful than a Cat Daddy and His Tuxie Girl.

  4. It looks like you put Gabe to work! And it looks like everyone had some Waffles time!

  5. guyz....we dunno bout de hole BURD in de cook stove... but de rest oh de photoz rox !!! wear ewe livez iz total lee awesum....BRISK !!!...but awesum :) ♥♥

  6. That Waffles...never met a human he didn't like!

  7. It looks like everyone had a lovely, snowy time!

  8. oh what a wonderful time! You look amazing and that turkey looks extra scrumptious!!

  9. Wow! What a beautiful setting for your holiday!

  10. What a wonderful holiday ! It looks like everyone had great time ! Purrs

  11. Looks like fun and lots of lovin' on the Waffles!

  12. That looks like a wonderful holiday! how on earth do you hike in the snow without seeing all the footholds in the mountains?

  13. Glad everyone got there and that you all had a good time.

  14. Wow what a fun time. Thanks for sharing with us all. Waffles you go you orange wildcat


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