Friday, December 6, 2019

Cat Daddy Love

WAFFLES:  Hey Boss! I call firsties with Gloman! 

KATIE:  Nice try, Waffles. But I had firsties with Gloman WAY before you ever did.

WAFFLES:  Ok, then I call firsties headbutts with Gloman.

KATIE:  Headbutt all you want, Waffles. Gloman and I have important things to discuss. 

WAFFLES:  What kind of important things? 

KATIE:  You, love, and how to keep your paws out of my food dish. 

WAFFLES:  So if I can eat your food without my paws...

Thanksgiving with our CatDaddy
We had so much fun over the Thanksgiving holiday with Gloman. Waffles and Katie have their own routines with him and each took full advantage. Quality Cat Daddy time is what Thanksgiving is all about!


  1. How fun! I wish I had someone like Gloman... not too sure about my human's pick so far, although she seems to like him!

  2. That's so sweet ! It looks like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving ! Purrs

  3. We bet you guys can't wait until Gloman is there forever.

  4. Hmm, I think The Gloman's heart grew three sizes bigger, just having his loves to snuggle with!

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  6. Great to see you working cat daddy Waffles. Katie he sure is a lot to manage


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