Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Rocky Mountain Bathroom High

WAFFLES:  Hey Boss, what's that John Denver song again? 

KATIE:  Please tell me you're not going to start singing.

WAFFLES:  Oh wait! I remember. ♩♬  Colorado rocky mountain high... ♩♬

WAFFLES:  I've seen it raining chickens from the sky. ♩♬ La la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la-la,  something 'bout a lullaby...

WAFFLES: Uh oh. I don't think the next verse has anything about getting down from here. 

About Today's Photos
Locking himself in the powder room was Waffles' thing when we lived in the Minneapolis townhouse. Since we don't have a powder room, he's had to find a new bathroom thing. 

He's now taken to scaling the door frame between the bathroom and the closet. The first time Glogirly discovered him up there, she couldn't believe her eyes. The door was swinging and Waffles didn't seem to have a plan. So she grabbed a stool and rescued him. Only for him to do it again. And again.

In just two swift leaps, one onto the bathroom counter and the next to the top of the door, he was teetering on top of the door. And she was up on the stool again, lifting him down.

Let's just say there's now a stool within very easy reach of that doorway. And it gets used a LOT.

Our Rocky Mountain High
Pretty sure this is what John Denver was singing about. 


  1. Waffles! How did you ever get up there! 'Cause I want some tips. (Don't tell my human!)

  2. We had a cat that used to jump on top of doors also. ��

  3. There are a lot of door gargoyles around lately!

  4. Mom says if you can get up, you can get down

  5. I used to like jumping onto doors too. Used too Waffles Used too MOL

  6. Oh, that Waffles...always inventing something new!

  7. Claire says like Random Felines'mom... We're glad you could have some help, Waffles ! Purrs

  8. Stellar job training your GloGirly, Waffles !

  9. Don’t fall, Waffles! You don’t want any Rocky Mountain lows.

  10. Waff, you need to ask her to put a cushy ottoman next to that door so you can self-evacuate. That's what our human does when Cupcake gets stuck on top of the outhouse-shaped cabinet in our living room.

  11. Yikes! I like to be up high but never went for the top of the doors. Glad Glogirly is there to rescue you.

  12. that's taking the phrase "climbing the walls" to an entirely different "level" MOL!! That would terrify me!


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