Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Party Time at the Vet Today

WAFFLES:  Where are you going, Boss?

KATIE:  Where do you think, Waffles?

WAFFLES:  You're not going to come home all smelly again are you?

KATIE:  Not if I can help it.

WAFFLES:  Good, because the last time you went to the you-know-where, you came home smelling like you-know-what. 

KATIE:  Well buckle up, Waffles, because you're coming too.

WAFFLES:  Wait. What??

KATIE:  You should know the drill by now, Waffles. Whenever I go, you go. So you don't get all hissy afterward. 

WAFFLES:  I better not have to play the Where's the Thermometer game!  

KATIE:  Heated seats, classical music. Nice try, Glogirly, but I'm not buying it.

KATIE:  Perhaps I can create a diversion and locate an escape route. Or just hide. 

KATIE:  Senior wellness visit? SENIOR blood test? SENIOR?????  That is no way to talk to a ladycat.

Katie's Six Month Senior Wellness Visit
Katie is going to the vet today for her senior wellness visit. Despite the health concerns that Katie has, like her IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease), Glogirly is very confident that everything will check out just fine for her tuxedo girl. 

We manage Katie's IBD with a biologically appropriate raw diet. Lately Katie is favoring chicken over her usual turkey. And whenever she has an IBD flare-up, Glogirly has everything she needs to give her a low dose, fast acting steroid injection right here at home. 

About a year ago when Katie started her new diet, she was having flare-ups about once a week. (For Katie, a flare-up means throwing up a meal. Usually, breakfast) Now, she's gone as long as 2-3 months without any symptoms. Our vet was thrilled the last time we saw her and we're hoping she's thrilled again! 

Regular wellness visits are incredibly important for cats, in particular, senior cats over the age of 10-12 years. Cats are masters of disguise and do a great job of hiding symptoms of what may ail them. So despite the fact that Katie isn't going to be super happy about visiting the vet and having some blood work done, it's a very important part of keeping her healthy. 


  1. Binga and Boodie get regular senior checkups... they're at the age when there's often something going on, so the checkups usually coincide with treatment of some sort.

    Me? I just get regular regular checkups, 'cause I'm in the prime of my life!

  2. good luck Katie....we have our paws crossed for good test results

  3. We hope that you pass all your tests with flying colors, Katie!

  4. Paws crossed for a good report, Katie.

  5. purrs for a good report and that Waffles doesn't get his hiss on.

  6. Hey Katie, I'm so old that I get check ups every 8 weeks! I'll trade ya? Signed, Benny

  7. Katie, hope all of your vet news is good! I mentioned to The Hubby that it was time to take Angel in for a check-up, but he just rolled his eyes. He'd better stop that, or I'll take HIM in for a check-up!!!!

  8. Hope everything is good. I am taking my senior on Monday for a check up.
    Sue B

  9. Hope everything went well with the checkups. When one goes so does the other. We hope Katie gets a good report and they diet she is on is working just fine with her. Where's the Thermometer game. That's one game you sure don't like. Thanks for the share. Have a great day.
    World of Animals

  10. Ha!! Cody is going for his 6 month wellness visit tomorrow (He was in 3 months ago though when I thought he was sick), he is also getting his rabies shot tomorrow. Hoping all went well for Katie!

  11. We hope everything went well ! Purrs


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