Monday, October 22, 2018

Katie & Waffles Grand Hotel Adventure Flashback

It seems like only yesterday we were living the city cat life in downtown Minneapolis. It was actually 2015 when the dishwasher valve in our kitchen failed, resulting in a major 2-floor flood, we found ourselves living amongst soggy floors and sagging drywall. When it came time for the last leg of the repairs, we all had to move out for a little over a week. Who knew there'd be a swanky pet-friendly hotel just blocks away. We had such a great time in the hotel, we chronicled our stay and turned it into a fun blog series. 

We hope you enjoy our adventure flashback through the eyes (and photos!) of Katie and Waffles. 

KATIE:  Welcome to Day One of Katie & Waffles' Grand Hotel Adventure.

WAFFLES:  What's with the announcer voice, Boss?

KATIE:  Waffles, it's just a kick off for our week-long blog series. 

WAFFLES:  A whole WEEK??? We better call room service, Boss. Your dish is empty. How am I going to steal your food if your dish is empty?

KATIE:  Mitts off, Waffles. Just because we're not at home doesn't mean you get to nose around my food. Townhouse rules still apply.

WAFFLES:  So how do I call room service again, Boss? Which button do I push?

KATIE:  The room service button. 

WAFFLES:  And then what? 

KATIE:  You tell them what you want. 

WAFFLES:  You mean like ANYTHING???  Even –

KATIE:  No, Waffles. There's no KFC at the Grand Hotel.

WAFFLES:  But you said anything.

KATIE:  This is going to be a LONG week. 

Day One of Katie & Waffles' Grand Hotel Adventure
After a full day of packing up the Townhouse and packing our bags, we finally checked into our hotel late last evening. Today's photos are just some quick snapshots we took before heading off to bed. Tomorrow when the light is beautiful (and we are too) we'll show you just how cool our swanky suite is while we explore all it has to offer.

Everyone is settling in nicely. Gloman is already fast asleep. Katie and Waffles have found some favorite napping places and Glogirly is tap tapping away on her laptop. Just like home! 

Please join us Wednesday for Day Two of our Grand Hotel Adventure Flashback
For a peek at our digs, check out The Grand Hotel Minneapolis HERE.


  1. My human says that if we ever visit Minneapolis, we are gonna stay THERE!

  2. Wish I'd known that you were a Minneapolis expert, Glogirly! When my friends and I visited a couple of years ago, we flailed around a bit, but having a tour director (even one who is now in Colorado!) would have been fun!

  3. That was like a mini-vacation for you all.

  4. We remember the dish washer cat-astrophe ! Purrs

  5. I have never been in a fancy place.

  6. We think it is super cool that you guys went to stay at a swanky hotel! We love this flashback!

  7. That's an awesome hotel!! I looooove hotels! Especially the pets ones ❤


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