Friday, October 26, 2018

Cocktail Lounges & Minibars: Part 3 of Katie & Waffles' Grand Hotel Adventure Flashback

KATIE:  Ooooh! A swanky cocktail lounge.

KATIE:  Nothing like the soft touch of velvet under my toes. Perhaps I'm a bit early for happy hour. Still, I'm sure they'll open the bar for me.

KATIE:  I'll take my Kitty Cosmo by the fire, please. With a twist of catnip. Hold the fruit.

KATIE:  What do you suppose Waffles is doing back in the hotel room right now?

*Meanwhile, eleven floors up...*
WAFFLES:  Who's got the minibar key?


WAFFLES:  Still. Need. Minibar key.

WAFFLES:  Be very, very quiet.


Day 3 of Katie & Waffles' Grand Hotel Adventure 
This whole adventure started because of the big dishwasher flood. We had to temporarily move out of our townhouse while all the floors were replaced. Once Glogirly returned from her daily progress check at the Townhouse, she and Katie took the Waffle Wagon for a spin down to the hotel lobby. There's a beautiful seating area adjacent to the cocktail lounge where pets are welcome. People too. *wink* It was midday and very quiet which gave Katie a chance to stretch her legs and safely explore the space. 

She even had a chance to meet some of the hotel staff. Cat lovers, of course. They were both admiring Katie's harness bling. 

It's always fun traveling with cats because it's just so unexpected for people to see them out in public or at a hotel. It catches them by surprise. The Waffle Wagon is often mistaken for a child's stroller and when someone realizes there's a kitty on board, the smiles get even bigger. People LOVE to talk about their cats. 

Meanwhile back in the room, Waffles was up to his usual antics. He's fascinated with anything that opens and closes. Doors and door frames, drawers, cabinets and yes, the mini bar fridge. The bathroom has a separate toilet room (can we say that???) with its own frosted glass door. So far we're up to a count of about 12 times that Waffles has closed himself in behind that door. It's now permanently propped open. So much for modesty.

Please join us next week for more of Katie & Waffles' Grand Hotel Adventure Flashback
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  1. I am really aching to go to a nice hotel now! We are in a hotel for this weekend's cat show... but it is an Extended Stay America. Not exactly posh, or even anywhere close.

  2. Katie and Waffles look like they’re at home.

  3. Waffles?? Closed himself behind a door?? hahaha

  4. We love Waffles but Katie was a better choice for an elegant hotel bar, fur sure.

  5. Waffles, seriouslies boy...what would you do it you'd gotten into that minibar, huh?!?

  6. I'm loving this flashback!! Except for the reminder of the flood. That was awful!!

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