Friday, August 17, 2018

The Houseguest Aftermath

KATIE:  The houseguests are gone and once again the blue chair is mine. All mine.

WAFFLES:  I kind of liked hanging out with the Fairy God Kitties in bed. 

KATIE:  Seriously,'ll sleep with anyone. 

WAFFLES:  That's not true, Boss. I haven't slept with YOU.

KATIE:  In your dreams, Waffles. 

And my nightmares. 

About Today's Photos
Before Glogirly even got home from dropping our visitors off at the airport shuttle station, both Katie and Waffles had already settled into the now-empty guest room. While Katie was claiming her territory back, Waffles was wondering where his new sleeping pals had gone.

WAFFLES:  Where'd everybuddy go??? 


  1. I'm starting to feel like maybe Waffles isn't discriminating

    1. Hey now! Don’t you disparage my Waffles good name. He’s just an outgoing, friendly guy who wants to make all of Glogirly’s guests feel like one of the family. Besides, who doesn’t arrive at the Waffles Resort in the Mountains hoping to get to sleep with that handsome mancat with the luxurious tail?

  2. Peace and quiet! At least until next time.

  3. Katie girl, I’m happy that order has been restored for you. Waffles, I’m sure Glogirly is looking forward to having you to herself again!!

  4. Poor Waffles....glad Katie got her chair back

  5. Katie, the slow pace at which The Hubby is putting the house back together after the plumbing upgrade, we'll never have visitors again!

  6. I only snuggle up with my own mum. House guests I leave alone.

  7. Katie, we are so glad order has been restored, and you are in your proper blue chair now.

  8. Waffles, you're such a nice guest ! Purrs

  9. Does that chair smell like sausage, Katie??

  10. Glad you had a nice visit.
    Sue B

  11. We are glad you got your chair back, Katie!

    Sorry your new snuggle buddies had to go back home, Waff.

  12. Aaaaaaawwwww Waffles, I’ll sleep with you! You’ll have to invite me over! ❤️


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