Monday, August 6, 2018

Freckly Nose Waffles

KATIE:  What's that on your nose, Waffles?

"The Nose Knows"
WAFFLES:  There's nothing on my nose except for my nose, Boss.

KATIE:  And about a gazillion freckles.

WAFFLES:  Freckles? What's a freckles? 

KATIE:  Freckle, Waffles. What's a freckle? Freckle is singular, not plural.

WAFFLES:  But you said I have gazillions. 

KATIE:  Ok then, what ARE freckles?

WAFFLES:   That's what I SAID, Boss. What's a freckles???

KATIE:  Clearly today's grammar lesson is going nowhere fast. Suffice it to say that Waffles has more and more freckles every day. Pretty soon he's going to be one big freckle.

Waffles and his Lentigo
It's super common for orange kitties to have freckles. They may not have them as kittens, but as they grow older, the freckles can seem to multiply. It's a condition called Lentigo. It's not a bad condition, in fact, it's perfectly harmless. It's just something that's rather unique to many orange and calico cats.

"Freckles and Fangs, Oh My!"

Waffles didn't have a single freckle when he was a kitten. But now he's not only got them all over his nose, but he's also got them in his mouth.

If you didn't know better, you'd swear he had bits of his breakfast stuck to his lips and nose.

"The Dynamic Duo"
Katie doesn't have freckles, but she does have a very interesting color pattern of pink and black inside her mouth and on her lips. She's had these markings ever since she was a kitten. It's especially apparent at mealtime. LOL!

Do your kitties have freckles or other interesting markings?


  1. My Rags has a few of them, and yes, more as he ages.

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  2. Parker is white around the mouth, with a pink nose. Most of her lips are pink, but she does have a black spot along one lip. But her most interesting markings would be her evening gown (her little black dress is off one shoulder) or her pink toes, which are not her pinky toes.

  3. yes, my 3 orange kitties have freckles on their nose and mouth.. now I know why.. thanks for the lesson on 'orange' kitty.

  4. How cute! Yes, our Fiona, 13, looks exactly like Waffles. Her once-pink nose is now almost completely black from all the freckles getting together and holding hands. Her vet always comments on Fiona's "cute little nose." 🐱

  5. Oooh so THAT's what our Jack has!!!!

  6. I've developed a single freckle right in the center of my nose! I didn't have that as a kitten. My human says it's the equivalent of finding your first gray hair... I'm not sure I like that analogy.

  7. Your freckles make you look even more handsome, Waffles. Eric had a lot of freckles on his nose, lips and gums, but Flynn never had any.

  8. I have to check my orange kitty sister for freckles now!

  9. Oh yeah, I've got oodles of freckles. Leia has none. But I'm an orange so it's just how we roll. PS: thanks for your good thoughts about our mom.

  10. Ham has a pink lower lip with a single black dot on it...

  11. I'm a ginger too and have freckles all over my mouth. Nose so far is clear. Derby had a two toned nose! Sort of a stripe through it.

  12. When we got Rufus the Red, the shelter vet estimated that he was just a year old. Then we brought him to our own vet and she looked in his mouth. She said, because of the freckle development, that he was at least two years old! Kinda like counting rings on a tree stump.

  13. I'll have to be on freckle watch as my kitten Archie grows up. His sister Rosebud already has a smudge nose so freckles will be hard to see. They're rolling around on the floor and chasing each other at the moment. The big guys are nowhere to be seen (though Felix and Lugosi take care of the babies).

  14. Yep, I've got those freckle things too. ~Wally

  15. Tubby's freckles have turned into a big one as he has got older. I love freckles.
    Sue B

  16. Waffles has different colors of whiskers too...that's so cool! Angel, a cow-colored kitty with black and white splotches, has a dark-colored splotch inside of her mouth, on the roof.

  17. Our Angel Hercule had those freckles too. Purrs

  18. We love Waffles freckles. Katie made us laugh with one day Waffles is going to be one big freckle. That is such a cool pattern of pink and black inside Katie's mouth. Really great photos of these two lovely kittys. Thanks for the share. Have a great day.
    World of Animals

  19. Lucy has freckles on her nose and in her mouth. I think it's so neat!

  20. I once had a kitten develop a freckle before leaving, I felt so bad when I realized because I had just spent five minutes trying to clean the food off her nose

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