Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Who Yawned it Better?

WAFFLES:  Hey Boss! Let's have a yawn-off! 

KATIE:  A yawn-off??? What's a yawn-off?

WAFFLES:  You know, like a contest. Like, who can yawn the best. 

KATIE:  I'd rather just skip to the nap-off. 

WAFFLES:  Aww, c'mon Boss. It'll be fun. 

KATIE:  Fine, Waffles. Show me what you've got.


KATIE:  Is that really the best you can do?


WAFFLES:  I need a do-over, Boss.

KATIE:  Seriously? This whole thing was your idea. I told you we should have just skipped to the nap part.


KATIE:  Wow, Waffles. I don't think any of us needed to see that.

About Today's Photos
Glogirly has been busy working outside on our wildfire mitigation project. Trimming wild grass and trees, she's turning into a regular lumberjack. Or would that me lumberjane?

Meanwhile, Katie and Waffles are working hard at napping the day away. When Glogirly came inside for a break, she found them completely crashed in the bedroom. Waffles was snoozing on the chair and Katie was fast asleep in a blanket on the bed.

They each gave her a look like, "So? As a matter of fact, yes, we have been napping all day.

So, who do YOU think yawned it better?

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  1. I gotta give the yawn award to Waffles. Great try though Katie!

  2. I thought Katie had won until Waffles' redo!

  3. Your team do a good job at relaxing and yawning.

  4. Katie ALWAYS wins on style points alone.

  5. Waffles won with his redo. Otherwise Katie before that.

  6. both were impressive, but we may have seen Waffle's brain in that last one

  7. Katie there are some red edges around the tip of your tongue. Mama wants to know if you are sleeping okay because sometimes people who have tongues like that have insomnia... (it's Waffles, isn't it?)

  8. Waffle's yawn was definitely the LARGEST, but Katie's tongue had the purrfect curled end, so we are voting for both to win! Two thumbs up!

  9. Katie won the first round, but Waffle's re-do was amazing ! Purrs

  10. Whoa! Waffles...we didn't just see your tonsils...we saw clear into your belly!

  11. We think Katie's yawn was more refined and elegant and she nailed it on the first try so we give the yawn off to her.

    Waffles second try was impressive if a little disturbing, like Katie said we didn't need to see that.

  12. We have to give Waffles the prize here--impressive!

  13. I need a nap after those yawns. See ya!


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