Friday, August 3, 2018

Cutest Cat Glass EVER

WAFFLES:  I'm the cutest cat EVER! That's what the headline says, Boss. Cutest. Cat. EVER!

KATIE:  Cutest cat GLASS ever, Waffles. Not cutest cat. Which clearly you are not. ALL cats are cute.

WAFFLES:  That's not what Glogirly whispers in my ear. She says I'M the cutest.

KATIE:  She whispers the same thing to me, Waffles.  She's just being nice when she whispers it to you.

WAFFLES:  Hello cutest cat glass. I can totally see why you're the cutest on account all the orange cats painted on you.

KATIE:  Clearly a design oversight. No black and white? Coco Chanel would not approve.

WAFFLES:  Mmmmm, the cutest cat glass tastes really good too!

KATIE:  Yeah, tell me how it tastes later when your lactose intolerance kicks in, Waffles.

WAFFLES:  Lack toes what???

About Today's Photos
Glogirly was doing a little online retail therapy a few days ago and found these totally adorable juice glasses at Anthropologie. She knew they'd sell out quickly, so bought a set right away. 

Waffles probably thinks it was all about the orange cats, but truth be told, she got them for visiting guests to enjoy their morning juice or milk in. She loves finding unique things to make our visitors smile. If the glasses had come graced with tuxedo cats, she would definitely have bought two sets. 

After Glogirly took the glass of milk away from Waffles, he realized the best part of the whole thing wasn't the glasses at all.


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  2. I have these same glasses - aren't they the best! I practically bought out my local Anthro store when they had them, and ordered a few more online - because obviously, they make great gifts for cat loving friends!

  3. Those cat glasses are purrfect! - Tom x

  4. oh - packing paper :) those glasses are cute!

  5. Waffles, you just make every day stuff more two ways about it! But I'm with & white cats rock too!

  6. Those glasses are so cute! Probably too late for the mom to order some.

  7. The glasses are definitely cute...and so is Waffles!

  8. My cat is NOT lactose intolerant and she steals milk from glass ALL THE TIME!

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